Swaragini “I’m yours” (chap24…. Twilight of love )


Swasan in restaurant:

Sanskar is in thought that what to reply to swara for her confession of love.
Suddenly swara burst a laugh:”loook at you idiot!! I’m just kidding”
Sanskar feels that he lost something but don’t understand what. Sanskar is about to say something but they listen that manager of restaurant is announcing something. they move ahead to him.
Manager:”today is our restaurant’s 25th anniversary, so we called some singers for live concert and you all is invited to come on the dance floor, concert and dance arrangement are in garden, so we are invited all of you to please go outside to garden, we will glad to share our success with our customers” all customers claps and many of them is moving to garden. Theirs garden is beautifully arranged, it’s evening time, sun is not set yet so she can clearly seen butterflies and birds around the flowers. “disco diwane” plays bg and some youngsters perfectly dance on this track.

Swara gets happy to see the dance, she is whistling and clapping during their dance steps and sanskar wants that this time will stop here and she always remains happy as now.
Suddenly one boy come onto stage, he takes mike and announce(all audience concentrate on them) lights get off and flash light comes on one girl piya, and boy is amrit(you can imagine amrit and piya as amir and sanjeeda).

Amrit:”piya! When I met you, I understand the meaning of love, I understand the real depth and virtue of love, love is heavenly thing is in earth and you make me realized it! And now today, I’m confessing my love in front of hundreds of people, I love you piya? Will you live with me till our eyes will close permanently, and remember that I become best grandfather of your grandparent!” He comes to her and knees down to her, piya wipes her tear of happiness and says “yes”.
All laugh and cheer up them, swara shouts with happiness and sanskar stares her continuously.
Amrit:”This song is for you piya”

“kahin to hoga woh from JTYJN ” plays in background.
Sanskar:”beautiful lady! Will you dance with me?”

Swara smiles and gives her hand in his hand, both go to dance floor, although there’s evening outside but restaurant manager switch off main light, so there’s only the soft, diffused light from the sky, we can call it twilight.
Kahin To.. Kahin To Hoga Wo,
Sanskar pulls her towards him. He joints his fingers one by one and holds her waist. Swara feels her heart is racing with her breathing.
Duniya Jahan Tu Mere Saath Hai.. Jahan Mein, Jahan Tu,
Aur Jahan, Bass Tere Mere Jazbaat Hai,
She gives herself to sanskar properly. Both look into each others eyes.
Hogi Jahan Subah Teri,
Palko Ki, Kirano Mein,
Someone whispers in unicorn of time’s ear that it should be stop for few minutes, that world’s most beautiful couple is with each others.

Lori Jahan
Chand Ki, Sune
Teri Baahoin Mein..
Sanskar doesn’t know, when he starts caresses her hairs, her warm breath is touching his face.

Jaane Naa Kahan Wo Duniya Hai, Jaane Naa Wo Hai Bhi Ya Nahi
Sun is about to set but its rays are taking a glimpse of this wonderful couple through window.
Jahan Meri Zindagi Mujhse, Itni Khafa Nahi..
Winds comes inside and gambols around them, sanskar raise her hands with swara’s hands, both can’t break their eye contact.
Jaane Naa Kahan Wo Duniya Hai, Jaane Naa Wo Hai Bhi Ya Nahi,
Swara moves down, sanskar holds her, they’re still looking into each others eyes. Butterflies just forget to such flowers’ and start stares them with amazed.
Jahan Meri Zindagi Mujhse, Itni Khafa Nahi..
Saasein Kho Gayi Hai Kiski Aahon Mein,
Mein Kho Gayi Hu Jaane Kiski Baahon Mein,
They’re feeling to lost in each other, their they can hear each others’ heart beat which mingle to each others. They forget to breathing while looking into each others eyes.
Manzilon Se Raahein Doodhti Chali,
Kho Gayi Hai Manzil Kahin Rahon Mein..
Sanskar touches her face, he starts caresses her face.
His finger is touching her face, from hairs to eyes, chick to chin. She breathes heavily. Firefly forget their ways and looks these two diamonds.
Kahin To, Kahin To, Hai Nasha..
Ter Meri Har Mulaqaat Mein,
All audience forget their dance and holds their breath to watch them. He lowers then but she doesn’t afraid to fall, because she’s in his arms. He pulls her toward him stares her face.
Hoton Se, Hoton Ko, Chumti, O Rehte Hai Hum Har Baat Pe, Kehti Hai Fiza Jahan, Teri Zamin Aasmaan..
Both lost into each others, sanskar moves himself close to her. He rubs her lips from his finger.
Jahan Hai Tu, Meri Hassi, Meri Khushi, Meri Jaan…
They forget about audience, sun is setting outside but twilight is still theirs.

Jaane Naa Kahan Wo Duniya Hai, Jaane Naa Wo Hai Bhi Ya Nahi, Jahan Meri Zindagi Mujhse, Itni Khafa Nahi..
Swara got her love but didn’t realize it, sanskar falls into love but unaware of it. Fairies of love is giggling and whispering to each others ears:”do you see them? They’re heavenly pair, made for each other”.
Jaane Naa Kahan Wo Duniya Hai, Jaane Naa Wo Hai Bhi Ya Nahi,
Jahan Meri Zindagi Mujhse, Itni Khafa Nahi..
Song is stopped but both dont able to hear outside’s voice because they’re listening each others heart beat whispering. Sanskar gets close to her that there’s no distance between them. His hands binds her into his arms, his lips come close to her lips, he’s about to touch his lips through his lips. All audience sinks in wonders, one of them start clapping, all audience starts parsing their chemistry through their clapping. Spell is broken down. Both get separate from each others and realized that what was they’re going to do. What an embarrassing situation it was! But what a beautiful condition it was! Every person in audience can understand the feelings between them, but they only unaware of it. In Maheshwari’s office: All day laksh feels allusion of ragini, he wants to get rid of it but cant help himself. At the evening, he about to leave office when his Pa came in his office and he doesn’t understand how ragini wear this mini dress in his office.
:”sir! I’m neha, your pa, MD (dp)

Sir is calling you in his office. He get embarrassed about to imagine ragini again and again. He put his stuff in his hand carry and moves to dp’s cabin.
He again finds a girl in dp cabin, who looks like exact ragini. He asked to dp:”who’s she dad?”
Dp looks him in wonder:”what happened to you laksh? She’s your wife ragini”
He goes to her and asks dp again:”is she original ragini?” Ragini hides her smile.
Dp:”I think you’re drunk” Laksh composed himself:”no no papa! I was just teasing her because she’s in new attire naa” ragini is wearing white long shirt with white churidar. She opens her long straight hairs with very light makeup. She only wears mangalsutr at the name of accessories. So laksh understands that she was her allusion and there’s another girl. Dp nodes and tells laksh that, their clients was very impressed to our designs, so they immediately arranged meeting in a hotel, they also want to meet with designer so I called ragini, if she’ll convince them and make understand them to her ideas, then definitely they give us this project” Laksh:”when she submit her designs?” Ragini:”actually laksh I was so excited about this project, so I made sample and sent it on afternoon.

Now papa called me that client wanna meet me, so I’m here” Laksh nodes and confirms about meeting. Dp:”now you both move to airport, ragini already brings your suitcase, tomorrow is your meeting with client” Laksh is surprised by them but says nothing. Both leave for airport, they’re going to Delhi in meeting. When they get inside the airplane, and plane is about to start, he notices that ragini is getting scared. She closes her eyes and prays to god. Laksh shakes her shoulder and asks:”what happened ragini? Are you ok?” Ragini:”actually this is my first by air travel” Laksh surprisingly looks her:”really?, that’s why you’re feeling afraid” ragini nodes. Laksh burst a laugh and starts teasing her. But after watching her scared face, he control his laugh and hugs her from shoulder. Laksh:”don’t worry! I’m with you”
Ragini puts her head on his shoulder, closes her eyes. Laksh caresses her hairs and suddenly she feels so protective and calm. Ragini in his heart:”why am I feel so protective? When I close to laksh?” She feels so better that she’s in arms of Laksh.

Laksh stares her with love and asks to himself:”why am I feel powerful and responsible to protect this girl maybe maa was right, after marriage we have to become responsible, but we will love that type of responsibility” he recalls ap words which she said on his wedding day. Sun is setting outside and twilight of evening is saying to them that it will come tomorrow morning and wishes them good evening.
leaves its arrow of love
Towards them, ragini opens her eyes, they both looks into each others eyes. Both smitten with love of arrow without any wound, they feel just sweet pain of love in their heart.

Credit to: Saba

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    1. Thanks pihu for liking my story! And sorry dear for confusion regarding sanskar’s character.
      Main koshish karungi k tumhara confusion door kar do aur tum san k character ko justify samjho, to phir agar tum comment parho to mujhe reply karna k tum clear hue ya nahi!
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      Usko wohi consider karo k usko guilt Tha mgr waqt k sath khatam ho gea! Ab woh sirf apne mutaliq soch raha hai. Aur yeh sirf ek moment Tha jis main woh dono kho gae the aur emotions main bah gae the! I hope k ab clear ho gea hoga

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  23. Thanks all of you guys for supporting me! I’ll try my best to upload next part soon, but I want to give you satisfactory episode, so you should wait for a bit!!

  24. Sanskar’s character is totally justified. What we are forgetting here is woh maryada purush raam nahin, he is a human being. And every human being has some or the other shortcoming. Yes, we have flaws, but viewers don’t want to accept that facet of our lives. Viewers like to see the picture perfect, ideal human who doesn’t exist at the 1st place. So Saba, I am totally with you. The way you portray Sanskaar’s character, it seems practical. I can connect with your ff only because it doesn’t look like a far fetched fairy tale. Yes, we commit mistakes. Yes, we have our faults. Yes, we lie. And we need to accept that. A person learns from his mistakes afterall.

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    so Saba, please continue as it is.. πŸ™‚

    1. A big thank you Abhi for supporting me! You reached at exact point what I’m trying to say about sanskar! Accept it as human being. Not any angel or devta type thing. Again thanks abhi!

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  28. Thanks all of you guys! I’ve posted next update, I hope you’ll like it, because of headache of exams! Its difficult to take time for writing ff, so it’ll bit long and sorry for it!

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