Swaragini “I’m yours” (chap23…. Light of love )


Ragini gets shock it was pix of Sanskar’s birthday:”swara! You and sanskar!” Swara:”right ragini, I’m with sanskar” she told her everything from start to end. Ragini:”I’m very happy for you, finally you’ll get your love” Swara:”no ragini! I’ve no hope in my heart now, when he refused to accept our marriage, that time I was broken down badly, from that time I lose all hope” Ragini:”swara! You’re going on right path, give a chance to your life” Swara:”no ragini, I’m just doing it for uniting sanskar’s family, not for my sake” Ragini”you’ve right on your happiness and this is not a bad thing to pursue your happiness” Swara:”I know ragini, but I don’t think so that I can force him to love me, and without love this relationship is useless for me. Specially after his refusal to our alliance, I dont think so I’ll give chance to our Marriage” Ragini:”ok swara! I can understand, take your time but please never ever do anything which hurt yourself and do what you want for the sake of your happiness, not for the ego” Swara:”ok ragini sure baba! Now I’ve to leave home for office, ill take to you later, take care” Ragini:”take care swara” Ragini cuts the call and goes down.

In evening at swara’s apartment: Swara is laying down on bed and continuously starring to ceiling. Swara to herself:”why I’m here? Life is really not that seems to be like, we think that we defeat sorrow to get smile on our face but at the end, this sorrow is remain in our heart, how to get rid of sorrow?” Sanskar who comes to her apartment says:”after eating something,” Swara gets up and gives him disappointed smile, Sanskar:”I bring gulab jamun for you, I thought you like….” Suddenly he notices her mood. Sanskar:”what happened Shona? Are you ok?” Swara:”yeah I’m totally ok, just feeling sad” swara in her heart”I wish I could hug you Sanskar, don’t know why but, I need your hug so much” Sanskar comes to her and holds her hands:”tell me Shona! Why you are feeling sad” Swara tries to compose herself but tear rolls down from her eye. Sanskar wipes her tears from his hand. Sanskar:”you always teach me about hope in life, so now why are you behaving like that” She suddenly burst tears:”sanskar! Don’t know why, I’m feeling so sad, I m not able to see any path of my future life, what should I do” Sanskar suddenly hugs her:”don’t say anything Shona, I’m always with you in every thin and thick of life.” Swara:”you left your family, how you support me in your future life” Sanskar:”I realized my mistake Shona! And now I’ll correct everything in both of our life” Swara:”both?” Sanskar:”nothing, do you want to take dinner?” Swara:”no, I dont feel hungry” Sanskar in amazed and teasing mood:”oh my god!!! What the day is today? Shona doesn’t want to eat something, specially she didn’t take dinner”

Swara hits him with pillow:”sanskar!!! Don’t pull my leg please” Sanskar:”then you’ve to take dinner with me” Swara:”ok! But I’ve a condition” Sanskar:”order me Madame only” he bow down to her. Swara in teasing mood:”I wanna eat non-veg” Sanskar coughs:”what???, are you non-veg” Swara:”actually not completely, but I sometimes, eat non veg too.” Sanskar:”ok Madame, if you want yo eat.n then you’ve to come with me to any good restaurant because I’m sure it’ll not good to eat non-veg at home” Swara:”ok! You go, im just coming to bring my bag” Sanskar:”I dont remember, you ever paid bill” Swara hits her, both laugh and just forget that they’ve a teary moment before sometimes.

In raglak’s room: Laksh is doing work and ragini is reading magazine, suddenly Ragini notices his work. Ragini:”Laksh! On which project, do you working?” Laksh:”ragini! We’re launching our winter collection on market, so I’m selecting design” (they’ve textile mill) Ragini:”may I help you dear” Laksh:”what will you help me? You’re an artist and this work is of business” Ragini keeps her magazine and goes to him. :”you forgot Laksh Maheshwari, that you’re selecting designs and I’m an artist” Laksh got her words and says:”bingo!!! I wasn’t think like that” Ragini:”because you haven’t wits like me” ragini checks designs and says:”these are goods but actually there colour theme is so dull” Laksh:”but we commonly select dark color for winter” Ragini:”you’re right, not dark color dear, warm color which gives us relaxation in the cold days” Laksh:”I didn’t get you” Ragini:”ok! Close your eyes” Laksh:”what’s the childish thing is that” Ragini:”no arguments” and put her hand on his eyes” Laksh:”ragini… What’s this?” Ragini:”just a minute naa! Do what I’m saying to you” Laksh:”ok sweetie! Now tell me what should I do for you Madame?” Ragini:”good boy!! Now imagine about winters, first think about outdoor places” Laksh:”yes I’m imagining” Ragini:”what you can see?” Laksh:”at the name of winter of outside, I think about snow, snow man, fallen leaves…” He’s also thinking. Ragini:”and…..?”

Laksh:”and coldness, little bit darkness and dim sunlight” Ragini:”now comes to inside the home, what you get?” Laksh:”I got, coffee, silence, blanket….” Ragini”and….?” Suddenly Laksh holds her and says in her ears:”a kiss…” And kisses her on her neck. Ragini pushes her:”don’t be so naughty please! This is work timing” Laksh:”ok sweetie, I’ll do whatever you tell me! But I’ve a condition” Ragini:”what!” Laksh holds her and closes to her. :”that you’ve to sit too close to me” ragini blushes and avoid eye contact. :”ok my dear husband! But please do some work” Laksh:”now tell me what’s the purpose of imagination” Ragini:”now check all these colors, these are all dull, typical colors of winter, do you feel relaxation after watching this color on winter” Laksh suddenly got his point:”oh yes! We didn’t feel any relaxation, but now I’m feeling relaxation because you’re so close to me” Ragini hits her:”I’ll recommend you some good colors and print” Laksh turns to her:”why don’t you take the responsibility of our designer? Your project is complete naa?” Ragini:”yeah I’ve completed my last project” Laksh:”ok! I’ll talk to papa tomorrow regarding this matter, now I want also some relaxation” He says and hugs her tight.

In restaurant: Swasan ordered their meal and now swara as usual eating continuously. Sanskar is starring her with all his concern:”no one can assume that you eat so much, after watching your figure” Swara with proud:”this is god gifted” (in his mind:”how am I tell you that I’ve eating disorder and when you’re with me, I can’t control my emotions”) Sanskar:”yeah! Because look at you! You’re just perfect and anyone can fall on you” Swara in teasing mood:”anyone means you too?” Sanskar knows her joke so answers her:”yeah I can also fall on me” Suddenly swara comes into serious mood and leave her meal:”then fall on me Sanskar because I fall in love with you” Sanskar’s eyes start blinking after listen her words.

In raglaks room: Next morning, they as usual get and take breakfast. After breakfast Laksh talked dp about ragini’s appointment as their designer post. Dp agrees and appreciates ragini’s ideas. Dp:”you can join our office from tomorrow” But ap objected:”I’ll not allow ragini to work in an office because you already go to office daily, swara is in Mumbai and now she’ll also go, then I’ll remain alone in home, I’ll not allow ragini to work, projects work was fine, because ragini visited office for few hours but not permanently” Ragini gets worried because she wants to do work and laksh gets her tension through her face. Laksh goes to ap and hugs her from back. :”my sweet mom! Ragini will not come for whole day, she just comes with us for discussion for two hours and she’ll work at home” Ragini also nodes in yes. AP:”ok! I’ll allow her only for two hours” Both agrees with her and laksh and dp goes to office. While working in office, she recalls raginis style of imagination. Laksh:”she’s just like a child, ok lets play this game” he closes his eyes and imagine:”food(all al his favourite foods come into his eyes), hmmm flowers(his favourite lily comes) ok!!! Love…” He gets shocked that ragini comes into his eyes. She comes to him, dancing with him, making food for him, make him eating, caress his hairs, hitting him, teasing him and he’s unable to stop her after imagining about love.

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  1. Awwww sanskar kniws about swara….. dont know why but i felt like this….

    1. Thanks Hayathi! Sanskar doesn’t know about Swara’s reality, but he’ll get know soon! I’m not telling you details because I dont want to spoil your suspense…?

  2. Awesome u nailed it especially swasan scenes

  3. What an episode yaar,….amazing…raglak scenes were also too gud,….?
    keep rocking

  4. Wow… How romantic it was..swasan seen was..I have no words saba .just beautiful..raglak also rockzz..u r one of my fav writer…like ur ff

  5. Again… Its amazing dear….

  6. I totaly luv ur story, its gr8 dr 🙂

  7. Ha swasan suspense..i can’t wait for next part..I’m eagerly waiting to see what will happen next..great imagination saba.?..you are rocking writer.?? awesome.?

  8. Saba dear u r too gud keep writing..
    N ha when will swara tell sans that her shona is none other than swara his wife ……?????

    1. She’ll never tell him that she’s his wife! Remaining incidents you’ll get know after some chapters

  9. Saba its awesome once again.. you have a great talent of writing.. waiting for 2morrow episodes..

    1. I don’t know why but ur writing skills (imagination, interest in writing) everything remember my long lost friend saba. She was my close friend.

    2. Thanks dear!! Maybe I was your friend!! But there is no chance. Because I hadn’t any male friend.. Well we all are friends now! I dont know how but I feel this ff and this site will bind us in new relation, even we don’t know about each others. Maybe it’s magic of swasan!! Well thanks dear! Keep reading

  10. I was a Silent reader of ur FF..i didn’t commented here till now ..But I wished u on ur b’day.Do u remember me..
    Honestly I have to say this u have an Amazing imagination and talent too…ur writing is Superb..
    Pls its a request from me..Don’t make Swara to forgive Sanskar so easily..he should have to pay what he did with her..pls don’t make Swara weak in front of Sanskar..
    Waiting for next part..thank u and take care ?..

    1. Thanks Aaliya! I remember you and swara is strong enough to face every problem and she’ll not forgive him so soon because he degraded their marriage which is worth for her

  11. First of all,awesome story line n wonderful imagination,much much better than original with scope for another 50 episodes minimum…then,somewhere got a feel that a fb scene will come where Sanskar clarified regarding Swara with the old couple n then with Laksh or Ragini or somewhere popped up in my head…bt waiting to read ur imagination,this is the only ff that I read now,not because rest are bad but because m a little busy and I am not getting time….

    1. Thanks veena for reading my ff!! Its my honor to take praise from writer like you!

  12. Awesome yaar plz upload your ff fast na 3 atleast a day can’t wait for next ff and best of luck for your exams and plz tell me when will your exams end and in which class are you studying.

    1. Thanks ibra! My exams will be start on starting of December and end on middle of December and I’m doing MA in English literature in previous year! Thanks again dear!!

  13. Awesome saba….ur writing skills n imagination r pakka…..

  14. Thanks alot guys!! Liya, Mary, krish, bhvi, harani and sethooty… Thanks all of you for your support and love!! Stay blessed and good morning to all

  15. yesterday I missed the real episode of swaragini and came to this site to read the written update. but that time my eyes fell upon ur ffs. and I read all of them in I go. u nailed it dear…. can’t stop myself from commenting… the suspense in ur ff makes it a wow factor.. person eagerly wants to know what’s next???? so do write as soon as u r free.. fabulous….

  16. awesomeeeeeeeee

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