Swaragini “I’m yours” (chap22…. Happiness in a days of Sorrow )



Sanskar is in shocked, swara winks to her and he understands.
Old lady:”come here beta! Finally you got your love Shona, come both of you here” Both goes to her she gives them blessing. :”your couple is so cute and perfect… Oh I just forgot, I made some cookies, do you try? I just bring them” she’s about to stand up but swasan stop her.
Sanskar:”we don’t wish to eat….” But Swara cuts his words:”you sit maa, ill bring it and ill make special coffee with it”

And sanskar is thinking in his mind:”how bhuki is this girl, she already had dinner and cake and now want to eat cookies again” and smiles. After going swara to kitchen, old lady hold sanskar hands. Your uncle is sleeping inside, when they wake up, they’ll very happy to see you with Shona! You know Shona loves you so much, when we saw her in panic, we burst with tears and from that day we daily pray for her”
Sanskar with smile and looks to kitchen where swara is:”yeah she loves her love so much”
Old lady:”never ever leave her sanskar, otherwise she’ll die”

Sanskar gets shocked to hear her name because he remembered that Shona didn’t introduce him by his name.
Sanskar:”how do you know my name?
Old lady:”Shona told me”
Sanskar nodes but he’s still confuse that when Shona told his name to aunty because he was with her.
Sanskar takes only coffee but Swara is happily eating aunty’s homemade cookies and Sanskar tries to control his smile to see her eating. Swara told old lady about their problem. She said no problem, both stayed in guest room.
Both goes to their room and Sanskar starts teasing her:”you said, you’re not living for food, now I saw today” Swara:”dont make joke on me, I’m not tyrant like you” Both sit down on a bed, best thing is that there is two single bad.

Sanskar in serious mood”you’re right Shona! After kavita, I became tyrant , but you know what you’re changing me, I’m sorry I shout on you” Swara turns to him:”no need to say sorry, I can understand your pain, but this wasn’t your family fault, don’t accuse them”
Sanskar:”yeah I know, it wasn’t there fault, but if they support me then maybe I wouldn’t been in this condition, even my mom didn’t support me”

Swara comes to him:”sanskar! Maybe my words will hurt you, but your behaviour is also wrong , just keep yourself in their place, your mum has long time relationship with your dad, how she disobey him, your dad loves you so much, but because of their ego, he didn’t show it, and one thing, that their words are important for them then it wasn’t a bad thing because words means promise, you’re punishing your dad for the sake of his loyalty to his friend and his virtue to keep promise and you said that your brother was support you then why don’t you talk to him, these all are your mind’s figment, nothing else. Your family loves you, if you understand”
Sanskar is silently listen her and feels her goodness in his heart.

Sanskar:”maybe you’re right, but I’ll take time to understand this because I try my best to meditate my wound but there’s something must happens in my life which refresh my pain” Swara:”what pain sanskar? This is just self pity, nothing else. Look at me, I’ve also pain of loosing my love, at least you’ve some good memories of your love ones but I’m empty handed, but im living with this pain in my heart and smile on my face, because I know only my love isn’t there in my life, my family is also need and love me, so why I hurt my family for one person” she tries hard to stop her tears. Sanskar got guilty. Sanskar:”Shona…”. Swara in anger:”I don’t need your sympathy sanskar, just go to sleep, I’m also sleeping” Sanskar realizes that she gets hurt so much, he feels restless because of her anger on him and her pain because of him. Sanskar goes to her and finds her crying, he feels much pain in his heart to watching her crying, he sits down on his knee while Swara is laying on his bed. He joints his palms and bow down his head towards her, swara immediately gets up and hold his hands. Sanskar:”please forgive me Shona, I don’t know why but I cant tolerate your anger, after a long time, I start to learn smile and happiness knock on my heart door just because of you, and for this, I always hurt you and gave you pain” Swara:”I’m not angry with you, I just want to make you realize your mistake” Sanskar:”Shona! You’re right about my family, but I didn’t find any courage in my heart to face them” Swara:”I’m with you, your best friend is with you so you shouldn’t be worry about it, but I’ve a condition”

Swara:”I want dinner from you till I’m in Mumbai” Sanskar:”yeah offcourse, well how much time will you stay there?” Swara:”I think one and half month is remained of my staying. Sanskar gets sad to listen this but says nothing. Swara:”goodnight sanskar” Sanskar:”goodnight Shona” and again in his heart:”now destiny will snatch my dear ones again” A voice comes from his heart:”but she’ll remain your friend, you can contact her whenever you want” he tries to console himself but remains sad and restless without knowing the reason.

Next morning in raglak room: Laksh gets up and find him in ragini’s arm. He smiles on her and looks her lovingly. Laksh to himself:”I’m very lucky ragini that I’ve a life partner like, I dont know about Bhai, but papa chose perfect partner for me” Ragini gets up and says to him:”good morning! Are you ok now?” Laksh:”yes ragini, I’m obviously fine, I was just worried about Bhai” Ragini:”and I’m worried about swara! How will she react after know after phone call from sanskar” laksh avoid eye contact and says:”don’t worry my dear wife! You can call her and talk to her about it” Ragini nodes and both got fresh and came downstairs.

Everyone is taking dinner silently, ragini feels this silent very bad and thinks that she should do something for cheer up family’s mood. She thought that she should call maa baba to console AP and dp. Laksh notices her absence of mind. Laksh:”where have you gone?” Ragini:”nothing” Laksh:”ok dear! We gonna go” dp and laksh about to go for office but suddenly dp stops and turns to everyone.:”I know you all want to talk with sanskar! Ok you can but tell him that he may not return untill swara will forgive him” all get happy to listen it. Both lucky and AP go to their office. Ragini hugs ap and congrats them, she thinks that I should call to swara. She calls swara, but no one receive the call (swara mobile is in the apartment). She gets worried about her.

In swasan’s room: Swasan get up and greet each others. Sanskar:”I’m sorry Shona” Swara:”please forget about everything, every tear, every wound and every sorrow, from today’s, we start our new life to choosing our new path, to forget about ours pain, are you with me sanskar?” She brings her hand forward to him. Sanskar holds her hand and says:”I’m always with you” Sanskar brings key makers and they both goes to their respective apartments. After reaching apartment, she checks her mobile and saw raglak’s miss call. She gets worried and call ragini while opens her laptop too and email something.

Ragini:”where were you swara? I was worried about you, you know what happened yesterday” Swara:”oho…. Take a break sweetie, I’ve surprise for you” Ragini;”first listen to me” Swara:”ok!! Tell me what’s happening?” Ragini:”yesterday, mom gets a call from sanskar” Swara:”I know and now please open your email” Ragini with confusion:”how do you get know?” Swara:”first open your email please” Ragini:”ok” and goes to her pc and opens her email account. She has an email from swara, she opens and get shocked to see attached stuff.

Credit to: Saba

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    1. Dear I dont understand! Did you find my story boring? Or actual serial?

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    1. Thanks lucky, yes, You’re right

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  14. Thanks all of you guys, keep reading you’ll get know about Swara’s confession, sanskar’s repentance and reaction and raglak’s future. And Nanthini, ill try my best to give equal importance to both raglak and swasan but this is just a requirement of story to give some more details of swasan in some episodes. Thanks bhuvi, I’m preparing for my examination too! Must pray for me and lots of love all of you guys for support me

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