Swaragini “I’m yours” (chap21…. Hope in a Sorrow )

In Maheshwari’s house:

AP:”where were you gone sanskar? Didn’t you miss your maa?”
Sanskar with wet eyes:”maa!! I’m sorry, I know I’m very bad son of you, but I cant stay there, why couldn’t you support me when i was in pain, I thought you’re my mother, no one can understand me except you but broke my pride on you, but I didn’t angry with you, because you’re my mother, but why didn’t you support me”

Dp comes to her and snatch receiver from ap’s hand and says him:”you’re dead for us sanskar! Dont call us again” and then he disconnect the call.
AP gets angry and goes to her room, dp said raglak to have dinner but laksh also goes outside the room and ragini is still standing there in a confuse expression that what should she do and what should not. She observe that dp doesn’t take dinner also and goes from there. She doesn’t understand how to control this situation.

She decides to first console ap but suddenly she got an idea and she goes upstairs to ap’s room. AP is crying to see sanskar’s photo.

Ragini comes to her and says:”sanskar will call you again maa, don’t you wanna talk to him?”
AP:”ragini! Says swara to forgive sanskar, he’s not bad at all but because of his bade papa’s ego, arrogant attitude and his pain of lose of love, these things make him like that”
Ragini:”swara already forgive him, because she loves him so much! You don’t worry, sanskar will realize his mistake soon. And good news is that maybe he realizes his mistake, that’s why he called you, you should talk to him, I’ll redial his number”

Suddenly ap wipes her tears and says:”no ragini! If he realized his mistake, he must first come here, but he didn’t it means he hasn’t any sense of his mistake, and your papa is right, I shouldn’t talk to him to encourage him in his mistake, it’s his punishment to give us much pain”
Ragini:”but maa…”
AP raises her hand:”no more argument on this”
Ragini:”if Swara forgive him and accept him, then?” AP:”maybe we’ll forgive him but he’s not only sinner of swara, he hurts all of us” She cries again and ragini console her.
Ragini:”ok! Do what you want but please stop crying because I feel there’s hope in my heart that everything gonna be ok”

AP wipes her tears and gives her strong smile.
Ragini:”that’s like my strong maa” and gives her a tight hug.
Outside the Maheshwari’s house:
Laksh is sitting in the garden to take fresh air and calling swara but she isn’t picking his call.

In sanskar’s apartment:

Sanskar gets angry to dp’s reaction and hits his phone on the wall hardly.
Swara gets shocked to his reaction. Sanskar(in strange tone):”Shona!” Swara:”yes!”
Sanskar:”may you please leave me alone ?” Swara gets worry about him so she hurriedly says:”nope”
Sanskar:”ok! Then I should go from there” he takes his cars key and gets outside from apartment. Swara follows her:”sanskar! Stop please” Sanskar:”Shona please I need some fresh air”
Swara:”ok! I also want fresh air” they’re going to porch.
Sanskar hurriedly walking and swara tries hard to follow his footsteps.
Sanskar turns to her and gives her furious look.

Swara smiles and compose herself (because she’s scared in her heart but doesn’t expose it):”I’m not afraid of your anger” Sanskar with sorrowful smile:”yes, you should not be”
Swara comes to her and holds his shoulder to console her:”sometimes, we think that there’s no hope, we will dying in this pain, but after the course of time, we’re getting normal, hopes are taking in our life and after some time, maybe few days, months or years, we forgot about our all pain, because we would happiness at that time”

Sanskar with disappointment:”I don’t think so,This will happen to me” Swara:”this will happen, you should take hope”
Sanskar:”do you have hope?”
Swara:”yes I’ve hope that everything gonna be right” Sanskar:”do you have hope that you’ll find your happiness to get your lover”
Swara gets speechless.
Sanskar:”this is all easy to say to others but at the time of implements, we can’t help ourselves.”
Swara:”I know I don’t get my love, but I’ve hope to get my happiness to give happiness to my family and friends”

This time sanskar gets speechless:”lets go home” Both again goes to their apartment. Sanskar:”it got lock, give me a key Shona”
Swara in shocked:”I don’t have a key” Sanskar:”ok! We’ll go to your apartment”
Swara in nervous and embarrass tune:”actually sanskar my apartment’s key is also inside your room”
Sanskar:”oh gosh! Now where we stay at today’s night?” swara also get worry and main thing her phone is also inside the apartment. They’ve only sanskar’s car keys.
Swara:”do you have money”
Sanskar:”I don’t put money in my night dress’s pocket”
Swara:”yes! you just put cigarette and lighter into your night dress pocket” Sanskar:”dont taunt on me and think something” Suddenly sanskar looks at his car’s key. They both shares eye lock and Sanskar says to her:”no! No Shona! I’ll not stayed at car, specially with you” Swara:”I’m not thinking this, I’m thinking something else, ok come with me, we will find a place to stay”
Sanskar:”tell me what’s in your mind, I dont believe, you’re such an idiot and you’ll must stick me in a problem”

Swara:”just come with me, if you don’t wanna stay in car with me” Sanskar nodes and goes with her.

In Maheshwari’s house : Ragini consoles ap and gives her dinner and forces her to eat. Now she goes to laksh. She hold his shoulder, he turns to her and suddenly hugs her:”when will everything be ok and normal? When we’ll get our happiness?” Ragini:”very soon naa” she hugs her back and smiles to her. Ragini drags him to their room and brings dinner for him.. Laksh:”I’m not mood of eating anything” Ragini:”you’ve and no arguments” She goes to him and makes him eat with her hands. After dinner, they go for sleeping but laksh doesn’t feel comfortable. Laksh:”last night I got peaceful sleep on your lap, may I? But it will uncomfortable for you? He comes close to her “may I hug you while sleeping ragini?” Ragini in half shock and half surprise:”ok you can! But only hug naa” laksh nodes, hugs her and closes his eyes. She’s caresses his hairs with love and affection and sinks in beautiful dreams.

In sanskar’s car:

Swara drives a car and goes to small and old house. Sanskar:”whose house is this and why are you bring me there?” Fb shows that when swara was coming Mumbai, during the travel, she got panic attack, that’s time an old couple console her and brings her in theirs home, from that time, she often meets with them and called them maa baba because that old couple don’t have child fb ends. Swara told everything to Sanskar. Sanskar nodes and they get inside the house. Old couple gets happy to see Swara.

Swara hugs her get blessing from there sanskar also follow her. Old lady:”who’s he Shona?”
Swara:”he’s my husband maa” Sanskar get shocked.

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