Swaragini “I’m yours” (chap20…. Deep as ocean)

Swara gets up early as usual, nowadays she is loving sun rise scene. She gets up and then realizes that she’s in sanskar’s apartment. She looks here and there to find him but he’s not there, she comes out from room and finds Sanskar on the floor of kitchen, after watching him in this situation, she gets shocked. She immediately goes to sanskar and pats his face. “sanskar!!! Are you alright” Sanskar wakes up and sees her in wonders. “Shona! What are you there?” Suddenly he recalls night’s incident. He gets up and says:”sorry dear! I didn’t know when I fell asleep” Swara with all concern:”why are you sleeping on the floor”
Sanskar:”I said you, I didn’t know when and how I fell asleep” swara nodes and helps him to to get up. Sanskar goes to bathroom and takes a fresh bath.

Swara is just observing the lounge condition and got know that what was happened in last night. She wants to control herself but a cheater tear comes out from her eyes.
She gets and cheers herself:”swara! That’s not a time to sitting crying, you’ve lots of work on today, you’ve to clean all these mess, goes to work, comes early from office and do preparation for sanskar’s birthday.”

She’s talking to herself while doing work. Sanskar comes from bathroom, he again wear night dress. Swara sees him in that dress and says:”why were you not change?”

Sanskar with embarrassment:”actually I wasn’t have enough time to wash clothes so, it’s only nightdress I’ve” Swara with amazement:”what! Do you wash your clothes yourself?”
Sanskar:”actually yes, I’m not familiar to laundry man, I sometimes give my clothes to laundry but I always fought with him and that’s why, I started my clothes with my own”
Swara:”this is amazing, I cant believe that you already do your all work with your own, even wash your cloth too” Sanskar:”not often but from one month, after my last fight of laundrymen.”
Swara smiles and looks him with concentration.
Suddenly sanskar boggles and says to swara:”Shona! I don’t know, but I feel something in your eyes”
Swara touch her eyes:”what?” He comes to her and bind his hands and sights her with his all interest. “I means to say, I feel something in your eyes, your eyes are so unique, no! Unique isn’t a right word, may curious, I can’t explain but there’s something in your eyes which boggles me and….”
Swara holds her breath and asked:”what…”

Sanskar raised his hand and turned opposite to her:”something like your eyes wanna say something to me, I don’t know why I feel this thing, maybe this is just my allusion, but I feel it” Swara’s eyes are lighten up with his words. Sanskar:”see! That’s thing” She looks him with confused expression. He answered:”when I said you all this, I feel the shine of your eyes is increasing, I thought, I should say your eyes…” He stops and collects words to make her understand his conception. Swara:”I don’t know what are you talking about?’ Sanskar:”yeah! I got what should I say, your eyes are speaking to me, your eyes are so expressive. your feelings, emotions, every expression, first comes into your eyes and then from your expression, you know if you tell lie, you’ll caught by your eyes, because your eyes is mirror of your soul, you know what’s it mean?” Swara in deep but slow voice:”what it means sanskar?” Sanskar:”it means you’re a pure girl, you cant betray to anyone” Swara surprisingly looks him

And she is listening him and feel his words get into her heart. Sanskar comes to her and starts helping him to clean out all mess. After some times, they clean all apartment and goes to kitchen. Swara:”I feel hungry, did you complete your gajar ka halwa?’ Sanskar recalls night incident and feels pain in his heart but just compose himself. “no, I didn’t, I’ll complete it after coming to my office” Swara:”no, I’ll make for you, off course you’re birthday boy and one more thing, you wont lock the apartment, if you wanna lock this, you’ll must give me a key for arrangement” She is beating coffee for them while talking. Sanskar take out the bread and put it in a toaster, one by one. Sanskar:”I’m not a kid Shona! I’ll give you a key but please don’t do anything”

Swara:”this is not your matter, this is my matter that how am I manage special day of my friend” Sanskar:”but Shona!” Swara raises her hands:”I said! You don’t need to say anything” Sanskar beheaded to her and put toast on a plate. Swara pours coffee in cups and sets the table. They both sit down on chairs and start taking breakfast. Swara:”don’t you think that you should talk to your family” Bite stuck in sanskar’s throat. Sanskar:”Shona! I don’t wanna talk about it” suddenly his expression gives her angry and painful look. Swara stares him. Sanskar notices and asks:”why are you starring me like that? Swara:”I’m thinking about your eyes too” Sanskar:”what about your eyes? These are not expressive like your eyes” Swara:”I know these are not expressive, but your eyes change its expression very fast, these are so deep like ocean you know what it means?” Sanskar:”what it means Shona?”

Swara:”it means there are lots of emotions hidden in yourself, there are something which you’re hiding from everyone, you know what to hide and how to hide and your eyes will help you to hides everything and gives empty and cold expression to other people” Sanskar recently avoid his eye contact with her:”I’ve to go, I should get ready for office, and you’re still eating bhuki? Aren’t you going office today?’ Swara:”nay! I’ve lots of work today at home, so you go, I’ll wait for you” Sanskar nodes and goes to take a bath, when he comes out swara start scolding to him:”why were you take bath again? You was slept at cold fresh yesterday and now?” Sanskar makes innocent face:”yar! I feel dirty, and dont worry, I’ll be ok”‘ Swara imitates her”I’ll be ok, please dont do that again” Sanskar:”ok baba! Now can I go?” Swara nodes and permit him. He’s about to go when Swara calls him:”sanskar!” Sanskar turns back and she says:”please come home soon and take care yourself” Sanskar nodes and says goodbye to her. Both smiles to each others without knowing that they’re just act like husband wife. ***********

After sanskar going of office, she goes to the washing machine, ties her hairs and says to herself:”now Mrs swara Sanskar Maheshwari, you’ve to wash dirty cloth to your husband” She suddenly recalls her mom. Fb shows that when Swara was unmarried, sumi always said to her to do some household works and she always deny, when sumi said to her when she falls in love with her husband, she’ll automatically do every work for the sake of her husband’s love, fb ends. Swara gets smile on her face, switch on the machine and separated his office work and night dress. She starts washing machine and washes and dries all clothes. She feels pain in her back but she ignores it. After washing all clothes, she goes to kitchen and start making cake(although she’s not used to do cooking but she’s expert in cake making). She makes beautiful cake for him, after this, she makes food for him, cleans his apartment, Even iron his clothes. At that time! She just forgot about that how much she’s lazy and how early she get tired after doing some little work. While ironing his clothes, she takes his blazer and hugs it to feel his fragrance in his clothes. She whispers to herself(imagining about sanskar in his arm):”how I’ll tell you sanskar that how much I love you? Even I want to get angry from you for your lie but I couldn’t, what a wizard you are! You just trap me in necromancy, yeah its sound weird but if your love is black magic then I gladly got trap in this magic.”

Suddenly she composed herself and takes a look on clock. Swara to herself:”oh shit! I’ve short time, I should go for change” She looks into mirror and laughs at herself. “swara! You became bhootni” She goes to her apartment and change her clothes. She wears patchy black long sequin skirt with flowing tank top of grey color with back color vest and she loosely ties her hairs into messy up dough. She wears only small earing at the name of accessories. She leaves bare her face from makeup just wear red lipstick on her lips. She goes to sanskar’s apartment and setting up the table. And start looking at the clock, when she sits on a sofa then she feels how much work she has done, she doesn’t get know when she falls asleep. She heard the sound and find Sanskar opposite to her. “When you arrive” she yawns and looks him with sweet smile. From about two hour. Swara:”what! Why didn’t you wake me up?”

Sanskar:” Because you were looking so cute while sleeping.” Swara blushes and drags him to dining table. Swara:”now make a wish and cuts the cake” Snsnar:”Shona! I’m not a kid” Swara:”I know youre not a kid, just make a wish and blow down the candle” Sanskar in his mind:”God gives lots of happiness to Shona” He cuts the cake and both dabs cream cake on each others face and takes lots of selfies. Sanskar feels surprise to see his all favourite dishes:”how do you get know about my likes?” Swara with sweet smile while serving him:”if you belong to someone then someone must get know to your heart wish, that’s why i get know” Sanskar:” You must know telepathy” Swara smiles and starts taking dinner. After dinner they both wash pots, clean kitchen and goes to their favorite spot(offcourse on loung sofa) Sanskar:”I feel so much happiness in my heart! Thanks alot Shona what you did for me” . Swara:”no need to say thanks, you can reward me for my deed” Sanskar:”how?” Swara:”by doing something what I’ll tell you” Sanskar:”ok done! What do you want? I’ll promise you I’ll do that” . Swara:”sure?” Sanskar:”sure” Swara:”please talk to your mom” Sanskar didn’t expect this from her and states her with strange expression. (sorry guys! There isn’t any raglak moment because of requirement of story, because it was all flashback of previous episode)

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