Swaragini “I’m yours” (chap18….memories)


Hey guys! Thanks for reading my ff and giving me your love and support. Sorry all of you for mistakes which I make in my ffs. I’m also blog writer and my exams are also become my headache, so I’ve not enough time to proofread my ff. So if you’ll find any mistake please forgive me. After exams In Shaa Allah I’ll proofread my ff before posting it. And last but not least, English isn’t my first language, so I often make mistake so I’m sorry for it. Ok! Lets start our story.

In sanskar’s apartment:
Swara:”it means, you didn’t marry with her?”
Sanskar with hesitation:”no! I didn’t !”
He ignores eye contact. Swara feels someone throw her on earth from sky. She hardly compose herself and give him a fake smile.
Swara:”I can understand your pain, i dont understand how should i console you, i know your pain is…”
Suddenly Sanskar puts his finger on her lips. Both share an eye lock and time has stoped for few minutes. They both looks into each other’s eyes.
Sanskar composes himself and says:”you don’t need to say anything Shona! I know it was past, I also know I cant forget that past, I also know that you have also been suffering from this pain of love, I can see this pain into your eyes which I feel in my heart” he stops and she stands up and tries to compose herself because sanskar’s lie about his marriage gives her a really hard shock.

Swara:”if you dont mind, I wanna go to my apartment, I feel dizzy”
Sanskar with concern:”are you ok Shona? If you dont have any problem, you can take rest in my room, because I’m afraid that you get panic attack after listening my story, I shouldn’t tell you about my pain”
Swara looks him with all her concentration and pain and asks her:” Don’t you wanna know my story?”
Sanskar:”no! At least not now because I don’t want to give you pain to recall your painful moment”

Swara:”but I wanna tell you” both sit down on sofa, sanskar keeps distance between them.
Swara:”I’ve the same story as you, you loved kavita after your school, I have been loving him from my school days and every night, I thought about him, I dreamt about him but when time arrived of fulfilling of dreams, he left me for dying, if you didn’t love me, at least he should tell me, instead of betrayed me”

Sanskar comes to her and console her, she says nothing just put her head on his shoulder. He caresses her hairs. Suddenly he realizes his position. He separates from her and holds her from shoulder” ok lets go to bed, you take some rest please” she nodes her head and her tears continuously rolled down from her eyes.

Sanskar doesn’t understand, but he feels much pain after watching her in pain. He makes her sit and gives her water. She drinks and lays down on bed and closes her eyes. He looks her with eyes of sorrow, her pain is giving him much pain more than his own pain. He switches off the light and goes to sofa. He cups his face into his hands, and looks at the wall with empty expression and eyes. Tears run into his eyes slowly slowly.

Abhi Mujh Mein Kahin Song plays in background. He hides his face from his hands and burst of tears flow from his eyes and he finds himself broken down.
He doesn’t understand why is he mourning of his love death after two years. He ignores his heart voice which is saying to him that he starts loving with this lovely girl but he neglects continuously.

He goes to kitchen for finish his gajar ka halwa but suddenly he starts missing his family very badly specially his mom. He switches off the stove and sits down on cold floor without taking the acute sense of cold. He starts crying and can’t control his pain.

Abhi mujh mein kahin Baaqi thodi si hai zindagi Jagi dhadkan nayi Jaana zinda hoon main toh abhi Kuch aisi lagan iss lamhe mein hai Ye lamha kahaan tha mera

He goes to his room and starring swara’s back, he wants to call her but control himself.
Ab hai saamne Issey chhoo loon zaraa Mar jaaoon ya jee loon zaraa Khushiyaan choom loon Yaa ro loo’n zaraa Mar jaaun ya jee loon zaraa

Inside the room: Swara feels same pain, she recalls her love for sanskar, ap’s tears and moments when dp hides his pain from others. And laksh misses his brother. She recalls the Sanskar’s pain and then she recalls his words which he used to deny of their marriage.
Swara in his heart:”how could you refuse our alliance sanskar? I wasn’t blame you anything but for this sin, I’ll never forgive you” she holds her mouth to stop her screaming and crying vigorously.
abhi mujh mein kahin Baaqi thodi si hai zindagi

On the other side laksh reminds that tomorrow is sanskar’s birthday, he recalls all their memories from childhood to young age. He starts crying, ragini tries to console him, he put his head on her lap and tears rolled down from his eyes. He caresses his hairs, when he falls asleep, she didn’t know, she looks at him with concern. Next morning ragini notices everyone ignoring eye contacts with each others. Dp and laksh are talking in a formal way. AP makes gajar ka Halwa and she often wipes her tears. Dp also feels pain but gives strong look to others. Laksh is keep silent, he didn’t show any pain or sorrow, but he doesn’t look like normal. After breakfast both dp and laksh have gone to office. Ragini and AP goes to kitchen. AP wipes her tears again and again and tries to console herself but can’t do. Ragini tries to console her but words are stuck in her throats. She also wants to call swara but she didn’t find any courage in herself to swara about it. At the night everyone is taking dinner for the sake of name. Ragini notices that laksh is looking to phone again and again. All stayed silent and this is not a sweet silence but horrible pin drop silent.

Suddenly, a phone ring breaks

this silent with it ugly voice. Ragini wants to go but laksh stops her. AP said”ill receive” AP receives call and suddenly burst of tears rolled down from her eyes and she just said:”Sanskar! Is is you my son?”
Everyone is looking her with shocked.

Precap: Swasan and raglak helps each others to support their life partner.

Credit to: Saba

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  1. How can he say that marriage nahi hua how mean he is….

    1. He is not mean he jus does not want to lose this new love found…sincce he thinks shona will leave him knwing his betrayal to swara

  2. Wonderful,emotions are nicely conveyed,and that song is one of my favourites,m gonna hear it now..keep writing yaar,all the best for your exams.

  3. nice….bt lots of confusion abt sanskar’s character..
    sorry bt i think sanskar k character ko tum justify nahi kar pa rahi ho….
    i mean tum yeh keh rahi ho wo swara k sath jo kiya uske liye guilty feel kar raha h and usko aisa laga raha h ki shona usse dur hogi to he will die again…..
    kuch jaldi nahi ho raha he yeh sab….????

    1. Thanks dear! Sanskar ka character justify hi hai, kuk use main ne shuru se hi heart broken dikhaya hai jise guilt to hai, commonly insan apka guilt Kisi Ko nahi dikha sakta so Isi liye woh bhi nahi dikha paya, specially usko jis k bare main use lagta hai k use kho Dain, sorry dear agar tum confuse hue, but just think a while humare society main kitne log ghalatiyan karte hai? Kitne log confess karte hai? Samjho sanskar bhi usi main se hai, use bohat arse bad khushiyan mil rahi hai to woh selfish horaha hai bus yahi bat hai.
      I hope now you understand his character, you can say it tragic flaw.

    2. Actually he is hide the truth because he don’t wanna lose her friendship… After all they are on same boat as they lost their love in his point of view … So usually ppl get attached easily wit those who hurt like them…n another things after kavi death he forgot to smile because of revealing truth he don’t wanna lose her friendship… He feel pleasant to be with her… Because of her presence his loneliness got broke… He felt he is being with his family Wen he is with swara…

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