Swaragini “I’m yours” (chap17… Love blows in the winds )


Hey guys! Thanks all you for supporting me, today is my birthday so I think, I should give you some special moment of swasan and raglak. So today ill give you two ff. Thanks for support, lets go to our story.
In restaurant at night:
Ragini is still in shock, laksh looks at her and smile. Laksh:”actually you’re not gf type material,..”
He comes to her and takes her hands into his hands. “you’re perfect to become my beloved, my love, my life….”
He comes close to her that her breathing is touching to his face. “you deserve better seat than gf, because I had never seen a girl like you before, you’re perfect to deserve my love instead of any affair”

Ragini is mesmerized by his words and keep his head on his chest.
Ragini:(with deep voice)”do you love me Laksh?”
Laksh”honestly say! I don’t know but I feel amazing when I come close to you, seeing you during your work and you often mistakenly touch your face, and paint’s color is touch to your face, this was often experience of me, you cares about all, listen to them carefully but when you see anything wrong, you play trick, this is what I like you most, you’re at a time clever and innocent, how cant I control myself to fall in love with you.”
He’s saying all this in her ear with deep voice.

Ragini feels herself drowned in his words. She wanna say, that she feels same for him but her shyness stops her to say any word.
Laksh cups her face:”now tell me, will you be my beloved? My love? My life?”
She blushed but nodes her head in yes.
He close to her, their breathing is entangled with each other, he’s about to kiss but she pushes him back.
Ragini:”what are you doing laksh? This is public place, lets go to home”
Laksh in a teasing way:”it means do you wanna take kiss in private place”
Ragini blushed and hardly said:”laksh! Nonsense, lets go home, everyone is starring us.”
Laksh pays bill and hold her hands and again tease her:”you’ve so hurry to get back home, I think you need more than me”

Ragini:(can’t control her shyness and heartbeat):”stop it laksh please” Laksh is surprisingly looking her, open the door for her, she sits down in car and while closing her door she whisper again in her ear”your wish will be fulfill soon my love, I know you eagerly waiting for going home, but you’ve wait for this reward”
She feels extreme shyness and lots of butterflies in her stomach. “Laksh please stop naa”
Laksh gets inside the car and takes starring wheel, and looks her:”ok! Ok! I understand you cant wait”

Ragini shouts:”stop it laksh” and hit him back to back with her soft hand
Laksh:”ok! Now I’m not teasing you, lets go home, because now I can’t wait” .
They went on home and found dp and AP went to their room. Both went to their room! Changed their cloths one by one. When Ragini comes to wear night dress. It was long silk pink nightie, she opens her straight and long hairs, her face is free of any cosmetic but love gives her glow. He comes near to him and cups her face”now this is your reward to accept to become my beloved”
He comes close to her so much, ragini feels butterflies in her stomach, she closes her eyes he keeps his lips on her lips, they shares a sweet and soft lip lock. Ragini combs her fingers in his hairs and laksh tighten his hug that she hardly takes breath.

They shares kiss for few minutes and then separate from each other. Both feels new but pleasure in their heart Both avoid eye contact.
Ragini goes to her bed and laksh goes to sofa. Suddenly ragini calls her:”laksh! You can sleep on bed”

Laksh with surprise:”oh! You need something more than kiss?”
Ragini:”oh shut up! I’m just saying for your sleep and I place pillow between us, so dont worry”
Laksh smiles and goes to bed:”it means I’ve promoted to sofa to bed” Both laughs and ragini says:”yes you can think that”
Suddenly laksh recalls something ha gets up and check his mobile. Ragini:”what happened laksh?”
Laksh hit head with tension:”oh gosh! How can I forget”
Ragini also got tense because to see him in a tension.

In sanskar’s apartment:
Swara enters in his room and feels smell of delicious food. Swara:”wow dear! You give me great pleasure, what are you making?” She comes to kitchen and uncovers the dishes to see what is he making.
Swara with scream of happiness:”
Wow yar gajar ka halwa!! This is awesome” she hugs him with excitement.
He departs her from himself and gives smile to her :”I think you’re living for food, That’s why you got mad, when you see food”.
Swara hits him and says:” I think you’re half right, I’m really a food lover but I’m not living for food, just this farness of home, make me “bhuki” like that”

Sanskar nodes and takes a look of recipe of gajar ka halwa. Swara is thinking something”I think, I should start my mission from now, this is best day”
Swara:”sanskar! Why are you making this halwa? Is anything special today or tomorrow?” Sanskar gets tense after hearing her words and said:”nothing special!”
Swara nodes and says him nothing but think in her mind:”i know Mr Sanskar Maheshwari, you won’t tell me but ill must derive from you that tomorrow is your birthday”

Fb shows that after her marriage, when ragini makes gajar ka halwa, ap becomes so emotional and starts to cry. Laksh console her but dp scold her that just don’t say anything otherwise go to your room. She angrily goes to her room and starts crying. Swara follows her and console her then she told her “sanskar loves this dish, he’s sweet lover but on his every birthday I made gajar ka halwa and both laksh and Sanskar makes cake of it and he just shares this dish only with laksh even he never asked me to taste. When I or your bade papa asked him for bite, he always angrily said that”badi maa! You make another simple gajar ka halwa for you and bade papa, this cake is only for me and lucky” She starts smile after recalls him but her eyes filled with tears. After a while she also see dp with teary eyes and he suddenly wipes his eyes and said to swara:”don’t worry beta! This is your home, I’ll not allow that betrayer at home” Swara nodes but didn’t say anything. She comes to lucky and asks for help. She says:”I’m so bad lucky, I’m the reason that sanskar leave house, he feels pain for losing love, I’m so bad naa” she’s crying hard. Laksh console her:”no swara! You’re very good girl, this pain was written in our destiny, don’t blame on yourself” Swara:”lucky! I wanna seek Sanskar! Not for myself, but for uniting your family again” Laksh:”yourself too swara! Because you love him so much” Swara:”yes I do, but I dont want to force him to love and specially for me, there’s no hope in my heart, I just want to get back, nothing else. I dont want him now” fb ends.

Swara:”you know Sanskar! I love this dish and on my every birthday and mum makes this dish for me and I wont give any bite to anyone”
Sanskar boggles on her words. But keeps silent, doesn’t make any remark on her statement. Swara:”well by the way! What is your birth date?”
Sanskar(with hesitation):”actually Shona! Tomorrow is my birthday” then he tells her about “gajar ka halwe wala cake” tradition. She looks inspired.
Swara:”so you should call to your mom for recipe, instead of searching it google”
Sanskar:”actually I’m not talking to them” he suddenly decides to tell everything to this little girl who makes reason for his happiness and whose face and words increase his oxygen then he doesn’t need cigarette more.

Sanskar holds her to her shoulder and drags her to sofa and makes her sit. Sanskar sits opposite to her and rubs his hands with nervousness
Sanskar:”I don’t know where to start. Maybe you’ll understand me or not but I’m not want to hide anything from you.

Swara goes to her and keeps her hand on his hand and console her, he looks into her eyes and feels that her eyes is saying to him:”believe me, I’ll always understand you”
He feels relief and starts saying:”actually my parents are passed in my childhood, when I was about 6 years old, that time, we were in India and wasn’t so rich” he takes gaps and looks at her, she’s listening him with all concentration. He continues:”after that time my bade papa and badi maa looks after me? Bade is elder brother of my papa, they’ve a son laksh, I called him lucky. From our early childhood, we both playing two girls named swaragini, they’re our best friends, but when we were 8 we moves to London. I was happy with my family so much, me and laksh were very naughty and tease everyone? We were lively and enthusiastic. My life will change after when we are at 10th standard…” He stops and looks her, she understands and brings water for him.. He takes water and keeps glass on side table and continues:”bade papa and maa told us that we’re engaged to swaragini. And I’m with my childhood friend swara”

swara close her eyes with pain. He continuously says:”it didn’t matter for us then, we said ok to bade papa but when I goes to college, my life will totally change, I met a girl named kavita, I tried hard to not to love her, but she was so sweet and lovely I couldn’t help to get rid of her love” she notices that his eyes are lighten up with her name. “we falls in love, I know that bade papa engaged me to swara but I couldn’t help myself in this matter, days was passed away and our love became more stronger day by day? Everyone called us love birds in our college but after our graduation, I decided to talk with bade papa and as usual they denied, I remembered that I went daily to him and tried to convince him but he makes his heart of stone in this matter.” He stops, Tears are rolling down from her eyes. Sanskar:”me and kavita meet daily to sought out this problem, lucky was also with us, one day, I was in out of town, lucky called me and tell me that kavita came to home and tried to convince bade papa but bade papa insulted her so much and said her that she’s on my money and he also told me that….” He stop because tears are stuck in his throat.

He drinks water and continuous:”he told me that kavita attempt suicide and she’s in critical condition, I went to hospital and found her struggling between life and death. When she got conscious, I got to meet her, I kissed her forehead, holds her in my arm, Dr stops me but I didn’t listen to anyone and then I find that she’s getting dying. Finally I felt her last heartbeat in my arms. That was so painful for me” He started crying, she also feels tears in her eyes and her heart filled with sorrow. Sanskar:”from that time, I wasn’t talk to my bade papa and badi maa, I thought bade papa was become change after her death but when he asked me to marry Swara and warned me that I’ve no option to deny, then I felt that he’s still love his ego more than his son” he completed and got up.

Swara:”what was happened then? Did you marry swara?” Sanskar looks at her, he feels ocean of love in her eyes for him, he doesn’t show, so much concern for her but know that she’ll leave him after getting know his bad deed. He’s continuously starring her, she looks him questionably. Theirs a huge conflict in mind, one says him that he should tell truth and one deny.

Swara:”what happened? I asked you something”
Sanskar suddenly realise that if she leaves him, he’ll die again.
Sanskar said:”I said no to him”

Precap:both swasan and raglak helps each others for their project and come more closer.

Credit to: Saba

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