Swaragini “I’m yours” (chap15… Love isn’t a bed of roses)

In Swara’s room,
she comes from office early and feeling so much tired because she brings some food also that’s why work and shopping give her lots of tiredness. She puts stuff in kitchen and falls on sofa, she doesn’t know when she falls asleep.
She feels someone comes to her, she saw this is Sanskar. She hugs her tight and he hugs her back.
Sanskar:”what happened my love?”
Swara:”I saw bad dream that you’ve leaved me” and starts crying.
Sanskar pats her and console her, :”I’ll not leave you ever because I love you so much” Suddenly she wakes up, and didn’t find sanskar there.
Swara:”sanskar! Where are you why you leaves me? You said that you’ll not leave me, why you leave your love” she screams and crying loudly.
Suddenly she felt worst headache and falls unconscious.
After a while she felt someone sprinkle water on her, she finds herself in sanskar arms.
She feels relief and starts crying.
He was shocked to see that because she was saying that:”why you leave me?
Even you didn’t think about me once”
She continuously cries and tights her hug and he still in shock.

Suddenly she feels what is she doing.
She separate from him and said:”I’m sorry sanskar, it was just my allusion, I’m sorry”
She composed herself and stands up.
Sanskar:”are you ok Shona? Why were you screaming?”
Swara:”no, not a big issue I got panic attack.” She answers like robot and avoid eye contact.
He feels that she’s feeling embarrassed, so he makes her sit and brings water for her.
Sanskar:”you said, you got panic attack and this was not a big deal, this is a big deal Shona! We’ve to go to doctor.”
Swara feels disturbed with the name of Dr. “no I don’t need Dr, actually I’m already getting treatment from therapist”
Sanskar feels bit relaxed to know about her treatment. She tries to get up but he pulls her on sofa.
Sanskar:”just sit down, I can prepare food, you obviously feel hungry naa?”
He teases her in a light way to refresh her mood.
Swara smiles and starts teasing to him:”why you prepare food for me? Who am I to you?”
Sanskar gets tensed to hear her, but compose himself and smiles to her. “I’m your friend dear! So just let me take care of my friend, just stay, I’ll do your work.”
She is looking him with concern and sweet eyes. Sanskar:”ok! Tell me what do you want to eat?” Swara:” you’re my friend, but I wanna help you, and dont give me any excuse please”
Sanskar smiles to her:”ok! We’ll make food together, but now please take some rest, I make coffee for you, original coffee, do you bring stuff of original coffee?” He teases her because to give her smile.
Swara:”yeah I bought some grocery stuff, you can check that” Sanskar nodes and sets herself into cabinets. Swara doesn’t object on it and stares him while working. He brings coffee for them and starts drinking. They shares a sweet eye lock.
Eye lock of concern, eye lock affection and eye lock of love.
In gadodia’s house:
Raglak come to gadodia’s house and take blessing of elders.
Ragini hugs her parents and greet them. Laksh sits with dadaji, dadi ji and shekhar while ragini goes to kitchen with sumi to help her. Sumi:”why you comes here? Go and take some rest”
Ragini:”I already take rest dont worry, actually I want to spend some time with you”.
She helps her to make food while talking.
Suddenly sumi recalls something and calls ragini:”
Ragini! I got remember that you feel nausea last time when we come your house, how are you now? Did you checkup from Dr?”
Ragini smiles and says:”not a big issue mum! I’m ok, I dont need to go to Dr” Sumi:”maybe you got good news”.
Ragini surprise to listen her:”no mum, there’s nothing like, we’re just a friend” Sumi shocked to listen her, she takes knife from ragini’s hand and turns her towards herself.
Sumi:”it means you both still live like…”
She stops and sees her questionably. Ragini nodes and sumi gets tensed.
Sumi:”oh god! You’re such a stupid girl, what should I say to you?”
Ragini;”what happened mum? What I did?”
Sumi:”when you both forward your relationship?” Ragini:”when we fall in love with each other”
Sumi:”and when you fall in love with each other?”
Ragini:”I don’t know”
Sumi hits her head as she feels sorry for her wits. Sumi:”I feel you’re mature girl, but now I get know that you’re such an idiot ragini” Ragini in shocked:”what happened maa? What I did? Why are you telling me like this?”
Sumi:”listen to me carefully my lovely daughter! Look! Friendship is a good thing, you both are good friends, this is great, you should be! Because in every relationship friendship is more important but it doesn’t mean that we only goes with friendship but forgot about other relationship, I’m your mother and I’m your friend too! I know when you need your mother and when you need your friend so I support you as you like, you’re going wrong with your relationship. Friendship is good but just carry friendship in relationship and just waiting for fall in love, that’s such a stupid thing”
Ragini:”so what should I do? I want love in this relationship, so I’m waiting for it”
Sumi:”love is not a bed of roses dear! You’ve to make effort to fall in love and make fall him love for you. You’ve to know when he needs a friend to discuss problems and when he needs a wife for support him. And one more thing, as I know about Laksh, he had many gf in his past life and as you’re going with him, I think maybe still he has gf. Be a friend but be a wife too, otherwise he runs from your responsibility, one more important thing, if you dont give him wife support, he seeks opportunity from outside, I hope you understand”
Sumi pats her face with love and ragini recalls exhibition incident and suddenly realised her mistake.
Ragini:”mum! Tell me now what to do? How I fall in love with you and make him too?”
Sumi:”first of all care about you, dont be so sitanari In front of him, if you dont want to take initial step so just become his girl friend or lover first, slowly slowly forward your relationship! And after dinner ill give you some tips”
Ragini in teasing mood:”yeah those tips which help you to control papa” Sumi smiles and hits her”naughty”
In Swara’s apartment: Sanskar and swara are making food together. Swara:do you really know, how to make palak paneer?” Sanskar who is also setting up her cabinets, nodes and take out paneer packet from her stuff. Swara is starring him with love and concern. Suddenly sanskar notices her eyes on him and stop his work, sanskar:”why are you starring me like this?” Swara’s concentration broke and she says”nothing! I was just thinking that you refuse my friendship afternoon but now what happen you accept me?” Sanskar:”Shona! When you get panic attack, I got one thing, I know its your personal matter but I realized that you loved someone and he leaves or betrayed you because when you said that you got panic attack often, it means you’re extra sensitive, I also sometime, got this situation so I understand this pain, but that’s not a reason….” He changes his tune:”I thought if you steal something from any shop, then someone should be there who rescue you” Both laugh and swara starts cutting spinach and giving him some tips of cooking which she got from her mom. Swara:”sanskar! Do you also love someone?”
Sanskar:(in serious mood)”yeah but dear I dont wanna discuss about anything, at least not now please”
Swara nodes and complete her dish with him. Swara:”ok! Now ill boil rice”
Sanskar;” who eat rice with palak paneer?”
Swara:”I, me and myself ” sanskar smiles and nodes:”yeah! I can expect anything from you, but I’m not used to eat palak paneer with chawal, ill take roti from outside and also change my dress, untill you make your rice ok?”
Swara notices he still in office’s dress so he nodes.
He went from there and swara slogans “yahoo” and goes to her phone.
She dial one number, ring is going on, other side someone attends call, it’s laksh.
Laksh:”what happened swara? Is everything ok?”
Swara:”yes lucky! Everything gonna be ok now, because now your brother accept my friendship” she smirks with proud.

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