Swaragini “I’m yours” (chap14…. I don’t deserve any concern)


In park:
Swara and Sanskar do meditation in park and Sanskar feels much better now.
Swara wraps her yoga matt and put it into trees.
Sanskar:”why are you leaving this there?”
Swara:”because we’re not going apartment now”,
Sanskar:”we’re? What do you mean”
Swara:”it means we’re going to take breakfast at good restaurant, I’m new here so you’ve to pick me there”
Sanskar:”I’ve bread and egg, ill give you to make breakfast but please I’m not in mood and dont have time to waste”
Swara:”its 7 am, we’ve lots of time, lets go,”
Sanskar:”I dont think so we’ll find any open restaurant now”.
Swara:”lets go, we must find” she drags him.
Both goes to Sanskar car and find a dhaba, sanskar:”do you feel comfortable here?”
Swara:”yes offcourse dear! Lets go to eat something delicious, otherwise I’ll die soon”.,
Swasan went there and order, swara orders many things.
Sanskar:”I think Shona, you must stock one month’s food in your stomach”.,
Swara smiles and nodes. Food comes and they starts eating. Swara becomes really”paitu” type thing.
Sanskar smiles at her.
Swara:”dont make joke on me, I’m not living to eat but you cant understand how I’m missing food of home”.,
Sanskar in his mind:”yeah I cant understand”.
When time comes to pay bill, dhaba’s manager doesn’t accept credit card, sanskar doesn’t have cash and swara doesn’t bring her wallet.
Swara in tension:”now what to do?”
Sanskar to dhaba’s manager:”bro! You just wait, we’ll come here to take cash”
Manager:”I’m not fool, you’ll not come here I know very well” Swara:”we’re not thief, you can see our car but just we forgot to take cash, trust on us please”
Manager think a while:”ok one can go to bring cash and one stay here as bailee.”
Sanskar:”ok! You stay here, I’ll go to near atm machine,” suddenly he stops some goons come there and starring swara.
Sanskar:”ill stay, you take my cards and bring cash”
Swara:”first, this is your card, how can I use this secondly I dont know about the ways of Mumbai” both get confused, suddenly she got idea. Swara:”you stay here, I’m just coming to bring cash” Sanskar:”but how you….” Swara:”just shut up, I say I’m coming” She goes and he stays, after a few minutes a small pebble collides him.
He sees here and there and find swara hides behind the wall and signals him to come here.
He comes to her and asks:”what are you doing there? You..”
Swara stops him , holds his hands and starts running. He wants to asked about a matter but sees dhaba manager and goons are also running toward them.
Both are running to car. “Hurry up! Get inside the car” swara starts driving and they leave the dhaba. When they reach far away from there then swara stops a car. They look each other and burst a laugh. Few minutes they’re continuously laughing.
Sanskar(wipes his tears of laughing):”you’re so funny, I know it was bad thing but honestly, I enjoyed alot”
Swara stares him with concern and immediately compose herself.
Sanskar:”during going to my office. I’ll pay there bill”.
Swara says nothing just asking about the ways.
After reaching the apartment swara invites him for coffee.
Sanskar smiles:”you still need coffee?, well not now I’m getting late for work”
Swara:”ok! Doesn’t matter! But tomorrow is Sunday and I needs your help for grocery shopping, will you?”
Sanskar thinks a while but refuse:”sorry Shona, I’m not used to concern with someone, you make me laugh, thanks for it but I dont think so that we should meet again” Swara;”but why? We’re friends naa?”
Sanskar denies:”we’re not friends Shona, what I did for you it was just to fulfill formality to being your neighbour, nothing else, so please keep away from me” Swara:”but I want…” . Sanskar raise his hands:”I’m getting late for work, bye”
Swara stares his back with teary eyes.
In raglak room:
Ragini is working on her project while laksh is getting ready for office. Ragini:”laksh!” Laksh turned to her:”hmmm..”
Ragini:”moms are calling us at home from many days, and todays my friend’s painting exhibition in art gallery”
Ragini:”so I was thinking that, you come today early. We’ll first go to exhibition then mum’s home, what’s say?” Laksh:”ok! I’ll come early, but did you get permission from maa papa?”
Ragini:”yes I got” laksh nodes and leaves room.
In the evening: They both went exhibition, ragini goes to their friends and laksh starts to watching painting and sculpture. Suddenly she saw a beautiful and hot girl who also gives him an agree look.
He stares him from his sun glasses and comes to her. “I feel you’ve a great interest of art?” He said Girl is really forthrightly comes to him and answered him:”I’m also interest in God’s amazing creature like you” Laksh becomes flatter to his talk. Laksh:”you’re alone!” Girl:”I’m single also”
Laksh:”oh!! I’m single too and I feel, you’re the only one whom I sought every where”
Ragini is watching them from distance and fumes with his last sayings and immediately goes to them and says”yes! He’s single but I’m sure, he’ll divorce soon”
She went from there and laksh embarrassed by her and follow her.
ragini! Ragini! Listen to me”
Ragini furiously sit on a car, laksh comes to driving seat and looks her face with little fear(he remembers his first deed). Laksh who compose himself, said:”yar Ragini! Why are you reacting like this? You said that we’re friends and friends never get jealous or behaving like that”
Ragini shocked to listen him and calm herself first and then said to him:”listen carefully to me laksh!, yes! I said that we start our relationship with friendship but that doesn’t means that you’re allowed to flirt with anyone because I’m your wife too. And one more thing, we started this relationship because we want to forward it to love, not want to spoil it”
Laksh feels ashamed after listening this, :”I’m sorry ragini, you’re right, I’ve so many girlfriends in my past life but I’ll try my best to get rid of this bad habit”
Ragini:”yes you should be” Then they both smile and laksh starts car to go ahead.
In swasan apartment’s building:
Sanskar is coming from work, while passing through shona(swara) room, he listened screams of her. He get worried that what happens to her. Maybe someone enters her apartment forcefully, maybe she’s in trouble. He thinks and knock the door but relax to find it open. He enters and finds her unconscious. He comes to him fast. He pats her face”Shona! Are you all right?” But she remains unconscious.
He brings water and spinkles on her. She gets conscious and looks to him. Suddenly she hugs him tight and starts crying.
He was shocked to see that because she was saying that:”why you leave me? Even you didn’t think about me once”
She continuously cries and tights her hug and he still in shock.

Credit to: Saba

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