Swaragini “I’m yours” (chap12 power of girl)


Hey guys! Thank you soooooo much for your love and support, here’s the next part.
Swara arrived Mumbai and goes to her apartment, it was night time and she feel so much tired. She thinks to make coffee, she has ready to made coffee packet so she thinks to warm water.
She comes to stove and on it, but amazed to see it that this is not automatic.
Swara:”now what swara? You’ve no match box or lighter, I feel so tire and need coffee so much, but how to find?”,
She fall herself on sofa straight her body for remove tiredness. Suddenly she got the solution.
She goes another apartment near you and knock the door.
A boy wearing loose trouser and shirt open the door, she missed her heartbeat but control.
Swara:”do you have match box or lighter? I wanna cook something?”
He nodes and give her a lighter from his trouser pocket.
He’s about to close the door when she said again, “do you used to smoking?
This is a bad habit, you should get rid of this slow poisoning, this suggestion is free for you to giving me a lighter”.
She smiles and went to her apartment.
She makes coffee and starts drinking while checking tomorrow’s schedule.

Swara to herself:”ufff!! I’ve lots of work tomorrow and also have to settle this apartment, I’m also tired so much!! Oh god! What to do”.
Her apartment is newly furnished so she didn’t find many things there. “means, I’ve to do grocery shopping also”.
She take out her dress and other luggage, which will be useful for her tomorrow. After setting everything she sleeps on sofa.
She wakeup early morning and curious to see time, “I wakeup so early, ok! I should sleep again” but she couldn’t sleep again so gets up. And comes to window.
She finds park behind her apartment and recall her therapist sayings “if you get rid if this pain, you should become that swara whom is energetic, lively and enthusiastic”.,
Swara:”ok! I should go to park for freshen up my mind”.
She goes to park and start yoga poses. Sun is rising from her back, her essence come into light from darkness. It’s dawn time, her hairs are reflected with weak sunlight which make it golden from black. Means day rising from night.
She inhaul and exhale her breath and change the position of yoga without knowing that someone watching her with complete concentration.
In raglak room:
Ragini informs him that she got one project of art school and for this, I’ve to visit their office daily untill project will complete. Laksh asked her to get permission from dp first and she nodes.
At dining table, she called ap and dp Ragini:”maa papa! I got one art project and wants to work on it” she also serving food with them.
Dp:”its good, you should work on it”
Ragini(with hesitation)”papa! I’ve to visit theirs office daily for discussion” Dp:(after thinking something)”due to our tradition, our daughter in law isn’t permit to do work outside but after observing the condition of swara I gave permission to her, so it’ll be unfair to you if I dont allow you, so you can your work as you want, just one thing always keep in mind that your work will not harm our reputation and household management”.,
She happily nodes and says”you dont worry papa! Ill not let you down”.
Dp stands and blessed her:”gods give you happiness and success, you and swara are my daughters, not daughter in law”
After hearing this, ragini hugs him with pleasant, laksh and AP watch them with surprises.
Ragini:”you’re great father ever!..” ”
and what about your this father ragini?”
A voice come from door where Shekhar, sumi, dadi and dadaji are standing.
She gets happy to see them and hurriedly goes to them and hugs sumi and shekhar and take blessing from grandparents.
All family come inside and meet each others. And taking happily to each others. In swara apartment’s building: She’s just coming from office and while walking, she also eating burger and texting someone with others hand(yeah! She’s busy lady with lots of responsibility now) because she wasn’t has anytime to take a lunch. Suddenly she collides with someone and her files and mobile falls down. Swara in anger mood:”dont you have an eyes?”. She saw he’s the same boy who gave her lighter and her neighbour too. His stuffs also falls down. Boy:”I’m sorry….” Suddenly he start laughing to see her. Her heartbeat is increasing and a pray comes from heart that he’ll always be happy like that.,
But she immediately compose herself and scolds herself in her mind”swara! Why you’re thinking about someone, just focus on your work”. Swara:”hey mister!(she points out him), I’m not joker, why you look at me like that? Just because of you my meal is also ruined and I’ve nothing to eat now”. Boy:”I’m sorry miss, but your burger is make you joker already, you can see your face in mirror” Both also collect their stuff with talking. Swara stops and says in anger”this is just because of you, how am I see my face to stay at stairs, how can I find mirror on stairs”
Boy:”its surprise to see that you’ve no mirror as a girl, ok ill wipe your face” He takes his handkerchiefs and slowly wipes her face. Swara feels her heart will come out from her cage of chest. Boy:”done, now you can go”. They go to their respective apartment.
In apartment: Swara lays down herself on bed. “ufff!! I didn’t know that practical life will be so difficult, when Sunday will come and ill purchase lots of grocery items and make biryani, palak paneer, daal makhni etc…” Her mouth watering to think about food and suddenly she heard annoyed voice from her tummy. “please just shut up, I’m so tired and didn’t have any time to purchase something and now I don’t have anything to eat”
She’s a lazy girl ever who just goes on her mood. In her house, mum, ragini and dadi maintain house and prepare food. She knows cooking but dont want to do anything when she gets tire. She heard door bell and irritate but prayed”god someone bring food for me” and suddenly she got thought that why didn’t she call home delivery. Swara to herself:”how stupid I’m , ok first I’ve to see who’s on the door then ill search google about restaurants of Mumbai”
She opens the door, that his neighbour boy come with covered tray of food. She ignores the voice of her heartbeat which runs fast when this boy comes in front of her, just remember her tummy which begging to her for food. She snatches food try from him. “you’re such an angel of god please come inside”. Boy:”no, ill come later, you just take food” he’s about to go and she stops him. “no, no, you’re my guest come inside please” He comes inside with hesitation. Swara asked him to sit on her sofa with cross-legged posture. She eagerly uncovered food and unhappy to see there a bowl of noodles.
She gives fake smile to him, he also gives formal smile. “I should call deliveryman” she thinks in mind, “but he’ll take time to come and your stomach is pleading to you, so noodles will not be bad” her soulmate give a suggestion. She starts eating and gives smile to boy again, see that boy who’s amazingly watching her. Swara:”ill not say thanks because, you spoiled my food” she continuously eating. Boy:”sorry I dont know to make anything except noodles” he said with little bit hesitation. Swara:”it’s ok! And don’t be formal, oh!” She stops her hand for awhile, “do you wanna take coffee with me?” Boy nodes, (her hand isn’t stopping to feed herself, thanks god boy brings spoon otherwise she starts eating noodles with hand)
She said to him:”ok! There’s is kitchen,”(she points out to open kitchen) “you can find pan with stove, two cups from cabinet and water from tap, and I know you already have a lighter, you just need to boil water and pour it in cups, then ill make coffee for you” she’s saying and eating nonstop. Boy surprisingly to see her because he didn’t expect this thing from her.
Swara:”what are you staring? Go and boil water”. Just a minute I’ll come, He goes to his department and brings coffee. Swara about to finish her food and happy to see “original coffee” Boy:”sorry I dont like this type of coffee so I bring it” Swara:”oh! Thank you soo much mr….” She sees him questionably because she didn’t know his name.
Boy:”Sanskar Maheshwari…” Last bite stuck in Swara’s throat.

Credit to: Saba

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