Swaragini “I’m yours” (chap11… A new journey)


Hey guys! Thanks alot for your suggestion and support. I made changing in my ff according to your demand, I hope you’ll like this. I’ll not reveal that which suggestion I’ve chosen because dont want to ruin your suspense. If you’ve any suggestions you can tell ne without hesitation.
In Maheshwari’s house… Swara is getting normal, day by day. Laksh shifted to his room but they’re still don’t like each others.
Laksh enters in his room:”ragini! Be ready in the we’ve to go because my friends arranged party for us, so you’ve to go”.
Ragini is painting her art work, replied”look laksh! I dont believe you and your friends so I won’t come”
Laksh:”I took permission from papa, if you deny they’ll understand that we’re not happily married couple and swara too” he knows her weak point. Ragini fumes and says:”ok ill go now go downside, I’m just coming”.
Dp asked forgiveness to
Swara and her family, laksh is trying hard to search sanskar but he didn’t get any clue of him.
Swara is now trying to move his life and join the office of dp and laksh.
Both are happy to see her performance and improvement. But sometimes, she get panic attack to missing Sanskar. Ragini cared about her so much, even laksh also trying to cheer her up. Shekhar’s family also come to see her.
Shekhar asks her to come with them but she deny that she wants to stay here(actually she wants to feel the fragrance of Sanskar in his room, but didn’t say to anyone).
In evening all family is taking tea and snacks together. Laksh, swara and dp discussed about their new project.
Laksh looked and ragini and said”you’re not ready still” she’s wearing beautiful blue sarhi with French knot. Ragini”I’m ready laksh”
laksh laugh at her sayings and said”you come with me in this dressing??? No way!!!!”
Ragini”what’s the problem in this clothes?” Swara interrupts to her”ragini! This is not a party cloth” ragini said she doesn’t have any cloth.
Swara to dp, “excuse me bade papa, ill just come” Swara goes to her room and shows ragini many her new clothes which she bought for her wedding’s party but proved useless for her. Swara:”you can choose any of them what you want”
Ragini:”but Swara, this is your clothes, I cant take this”
Swara:”we’re sisters and these clothes are useless for me because when I was purchasing all these, I always think about Sanskar’s compliment and his pleasant but now…”
Her voice becomes heavy due to tears jams in her throats.
Ragini understands her condition and suddenly change topic. “ok! I’ll take this black one and you’ll suggest me about makeup, accessories etc with this ok? No! You make me ready for party in your style, ok?”.
Swara feels bit relax after her conversation. She’ll do makeup her and give matching earings and make hairstyle. When she comes downstairs, laksh cant remove his eyes from her.
She wear black long down with silver stiletto. Swara has done her smoky makeup and bare lips.

She has long perm in her open hairs, wearing chained silver bracelet and long earrings. She really looks stunning.
Swara:”close your mouth laksh, otherwise mosquito can bite your tongue”
All laugh on her joke. Laksh offers his hand to Ragini and both take blessing from elders and go from there.
Swara is again starting business discussion with dp.
Dp:”I’m thinking I should send rohan as my new manager of Mumbai, ”
Swara:”he’s good, but papa we shouldn’t trust him so much to give him a big responsibility I think you should send Laksh”
Dp:”it will difficult to us, because managing all project in Mumbai will take about 3 months or more and we can’t afford laksh’s absents in this office too, if sanskar here then we….”
He suddenly break his convo after watching her face, she control herself after listening his name. Swara:”bade papa! I’ll go Mumbai” Dp shocked to listen this and refused.
Dp:”I’ll not allowed you to go Mumbai alone”
Swara:”please bade papa! This will be great opportunity to prove myself and atmosphere change is also good for me according to Dr please”
dp thinks and said :”ok! But I’ve a condition, you should start your life in a new way, be a swara as you was before your marriage and you’ll not stay in hotel I’ll purchase you apartment ok???”
Swara becomes happy and hugs him”thanks you so much bade papa!” Dp missed sanskar because after fulfilling his wish he also used to hug him.
Dp:”always be happy beta, and forget that, you’re my daughter in law, from today’s you’re my daughter understand” Swara happily understand and hugs him with daughter’s love.
In party….
Ragini becomes uncomfortable to see the extra modern friends of laksh. Laksh understand and bring her from outside in lawn after introduction. Ragini:”why you bring me there? You’ve chance to annoy me”
Laksh:”look ragini! I know we fought first night, I was irritated by you and I enjoy your irritation, that doesn’t means I’ll force you for something you dont want, teasing is another thing but give you uncomfort in front of my friends, it will another thing. And offcourse you’re my responsibility”

ragini smiled to listen him:”yeah by the way teasing is allowed in friendship” Laksh:”it means we’re still friends”
Ragini”yeah we’re!!” Laksh:”can we start a fresh start of our friendship?” He forward his hand to her. “yeah! But I’ve one condition that you’ll not drink again”
Laksh:”hahaha! I’m not regular drinker, I just used to drink in parties or sometimes in the gathering of friends, that time my friends force me
to drink because of celebration”., Ragini:”ok! But not regularly naa?” Laksh” done? ” ragini nodes and shake hand with him.
Laksh’s friends come outside and invite them for dance. But laksh excuse them because he wants to give some comfort to Ragini.
In car… Ragini:”I’m sorry laksh I spoil your party” Laksh:”don’t worry my dear wife! I often attend this type of party and your friend divan was starring me so badly, I don’t like this” Laksh feels bad to listen this,” he’s not my friend just class fellow but I must teach him a lesson dont worry”. Ragini holds his hand”please dont do any worse thing to anyone but you should avoid the company of that type of people” looks her and his
Hand and suddenly stops the car. Ragini becomes unstable and her shoulder is collide with him. They share an eye lock, (dheere dheere se mere zindagi main aana plays in bg).
Ragini holds his hand tightly because of fear, her hairs scatters on his shoulder, her colon is filling his essence with sweet fragrance. Laksh hold his hand and sigh “ragini!” In a very deep voice. Ragini blushed and looked down, her heartbeat is listening by his heartbeat. He cups her face and rub his finger into her lips and come close to him.
Ragini in a low tune:”laksh! Why you stop the car” spell is break by her voice. Laksh composed himself, “ragini, I feel hungry so decided to eat something” Ragini:”yeah! I’m also” , laksh comes to his side and opens her door, “lets go Madame for dinner” he bows his and ragini holds his hand with laughing. Laksh stand straight and smiles to see her happiness. One star shines more on sky and becomes the witness of their smile.
In swara’s room: Swara called to someone, ” rohan! I’ve a work with you” Rohan(theirs employee) “yes ma’am” Swara”I’m going Mumbai soon, I’m sending one address to you, I want an apartment in that building, if bade papa asked you about my stay, you’ve to give them that apartment’s address and convince them, ok? ” Rohan:”but ma’am…” Swara:”I said ok means ok rohan, and for this ok you can asked for price” rohan understands her sayings and said “ok”.
All steps are taken out and she starts her journey to remove her mangalsutr and sndoor. Wearing kurti and jeans with scarf on shoulders. “I’m not suhagan I know so I should not also look like suhagan” she said in front of mirror and control her tears, because she’s getting late to arriving at airport.
In sanskar’s apartment: He’s doing some important work and taking coffee with it. It’s almost midnight. He often works at night to get rid of negative thought. At that moment he heard the voice of bell and wonder at that time, who’s on the door. She’s a girl and he wonders to see her, what’s she doing here. Girl:”do you have match box or lighter? I wanna cook something?” He nodes and give her a lighter from his pocket.

Precap: Swara reached Mumbai and drowned herself in her career.

Credit to: Saba

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