Swaragini “I’m yours” (chap10 pain of love)


In hospital, everything is gathered and doctor check up her.
Doctor:”she get nervous breakdown, she’s in a shock of something very deep, we gave her medicine which relieve her stress, but after it, you’ve to take care of her so much because she’s so sensitive”.,
Ragini starts crying to listen this, everyone is weeping
Dp doesn’t inform Swaragini’s family because he cant face them.
He said to Ragini:”I know this is very painful to you, but if you can please forgive me, I’m responsible of all this”
Ragini:”please dont say like that, I’m not angry with you, please pray for swara I don’t want to loose my sister”. All are praying for swara.
Dr comes and give them good news that she’s get conscious and now you can meet her.
In Sanskar room: He wakeup next morning and found deep wound in his feet. Now he’s normal, he tries to stand but it will difficult to him.
He remember once he get this type of wound on his arms and kavita take care him so much.
After reminding this he smiles sadly and again feel great pain in his heart.
After one month…. In this one month, sanskar settled his business in Mumbai completely. And swara is getting normal but can’t overcome her pain yet. Ragini and laksh still hate each others but they both try hard to cheer up swara and bring her in life.
All family took care her so much and give her right to take any decision of her life. In Swara room, ragini and laksh come there and pretended to be a happy married couple.
Laksh:”swara! How long, you didn’t touch your guitar” swara looks him with empty eyes and expression.
Ragini brings her guitar, she nodes and start playing just like robot.
Ragini weeps in her heart by seeing her like that. Swara:”why don’t you both dance?”
Ragini happy to see her that she demands something. Laksh:”yeah offcourse!! Will you dance with me Madame?” She asked to ragini. Ragini gives faked smile and give her hands to him.
They start dancing, and laksh pull towards her, he joint his fingers with her fingers, just for irritating her, both drowned in music. Laksh sees in ragini eyes. Ragini started to looked down and avoid eye contact.
He hold her waist and hold her tight and come closer to her. Ragini feels uncomfortable but dont say anything. He just forget about swara’s presence and cup her face.
Ragini wants to say something, but laksh put his finger on her lips, “now you’re all mine and offcourse cant do anything” he’s about to kiss her then they heard the voice of screams.
They turn to Swara quickly. Ragini:”swara! Are you ok??”.,
Swara:”why have sanskar done me like this? Why I cant forget him, why I cant move on?” She loudly crying. Whole family gathered there.
This is so painful to see her like that but this is also good for her health because from that incident, she didn’t cry only act like robot.
She said to dp:”bade papa! I want treatment, I want to go to therapist”
While family becomes happy to listen this.
Swara starts to visit therapist and becomes normal day by day.
In therapist clinic Swara to her therapist: I remember, I was sick and didn’t go school, that time I was about 12 to 13 maybe…”
She looks to forward of glass wall with empty expression. “I want to asked to mum to give me a water, but she’s not there, I went to kitchen hardly to drink water, but stopped to listen my name in whisper of my mom, she was saying by holding beautiful bangles, these are those bangles (she shows her wrist) she said this is bangles of swaragini, which is evidence that they’re engaged to Sanlak. Dadi said, both sanskar with swara and laksh with ragini will become perfect couple but mom stops her and told her not to talk about this in front of girls, I went to my room with burden of this secret….”
She stops and drink water. “that time, I felt so different that I’m someone’s integrity, from that time I didn’t let come closer to any boy from me, it’s strange because I am modern girl, but this is the feelings I couldn’t understand my own self too.” A tear rolled down from her eyes.
“from starting, I couldn’t understand what I feel but as time passing, I understand this feelings, one faceless boy come in my dream who said you’re mine swara, always remember that and I’m your sanskar, I was dreaming to marry him from years this wasn’t easy to forget him In a moment, (her voice is stuffing with tears) it wasn’t only my heart which broke but also my dreams too.”. She starts crying.
On the other side: Sanskar involved himself so much in business.

Precap: Now its time to arrange a meeting of swasan.

Credit to: Saba

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    1. Next part has uploaded, you can read dear and thanks for your support

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