Swaragini “I’m yours” (chap1 reunion of old friends)


After 15 years;
in Maheshwari’s house sanskar is doing work on his laptop and laksh come to his room.
Laksh:”good morning Bhai! You’re still working”
Sanskar:”just about to finish” Laksh: “Bhai!” Sanskar say “hmm..” Without removing his eyes from laptop.
Laksh:” You remember today is birthday of papa and you still didn’t wish him”
Sanskar”lucky you know very well! I don’t want to talk anybody ”
Laksh”please Bhai! Just forgive him, he didn’t know that kavita attempt suicide after rejected her”
Sanskar:I don’t wnt to talk about it.
Sanskar collect his files and put it on his brief case “I’ve to go for work”.
During passing the lounge he saw dp, stop and say”happy birthday bade papa” and go out.
Laksh come and hug dp and wished him; “happy birthday papa”.
Dp is happy to being wished by Sanskar(because he don’t say any work to him).
During taking breakfast AP( Annapurna ) become sad and said “Sanskar again went office without taking breakfast”. Laksh hugs her and console her.
They’re ready to go for mandir (become it’s their traditional to go mandir on the birthday of dp)
They went to mandir
On the other side
A beautiful girl is making sculpture in his room who wearing orange churidar. She’s Ragini.
Another girl come whose wearing long blue skirt with white top. Come and called Ragini. She’s Swara.
Swara:”Ragini! When will you finish your work? We are waiting for you on dining table?” Ragini replied “I’m at the end, you go im just coming”.
Swara nodes and go.
Swara sees Shekhar is very sad and know the reason of his sadness.
She comes to him and hug him from back.
Swara:”don’t worry papa! We’ll meet with dp uncle soon” Shekhar smiled and said”yes beta! Off course”
Sumi who’s serving the breakfast, don’t want that dp discussion will be going on this house. Said to Swara: “just go and called Ragini again” she nodes and go.
After Swara went Sumi said to Shekhar :”I know you’re sad, I’m also concerned with dp Bhai family, but you should think about our daughters too, I don’t want to ruin my daughter’s life to waiting both sons of dp..”
She saw Swaragini coming, so change the topic.
Shekhar still sad and said: “you remember Swaragini! We go for mandir every birthday of dp and after that we arranged picnic together”
Ragini become excited and said:”yeah I know! Once Laksh pushed me from slide and I got bad injury on my forehead”.
After listening that he becomes more sad and Swaragini don’t want to see their dad sad.
And decided to do something, Ragini has a plan and whispered Swara ears. She agrees and said:”dad! We can remind the memory of dp uncle today and go to mandir and after that we can go picnic as well”. Shekhar pleases to heard this and agrees. Ragini said: “you all go ill join you after submitting my project” After breakfast Sumi and Dadi doing arrangement of picnic and Swara helps her. In mandir; all family doing praying but don’t see each other. Suddenly Swara (I’ve no knowledge about mandirs, so writing minimum about it, if you find any mistake, you can inform me)
Swara go to calling Ragini that she’ll come. But suddenly she sees Annapurna, and thinks maybe I see her woman before but where? She don’t remember and confused and decided to go to asks.
She goes to her and asks her”aunty maybe I see you before anywhere but don’t remember” Annapurna said after seeing Swara stranger:”no beta! I didn’t see you before”
Laksh after seeing that beautiful girl is talking to my mother so interrupt:”you must see me before that’s why trying to impress my mother”
She wants to give answer to him but suddenly she saw dp again and thinks the same. Dp said to Laksh:”don’t talk to girls like this Laksh”
After hearing his name Swara understands and got excited “you’re lucky! Oh god! That’s why I’m confusing after watching uncle and aunty, oh thanks god!”
After heard this lucky smirks to AP and said”I knew that this girl has secret crash on me, that’s why she’s behaving like this, now you see?”
Swara becomes angry and hit to Laksh and says “oh stupid! I’m Swara your childhood friend Shekhar’s daughter”

After listening that all family become happy and hug Swara and asked about her other family.she said”she’s nearby you, just come with me” They go and meet each others they become so happy.
All meet with each others with teary eyed except Sumi, she become worried, she’s not negative or against dp family just worried about her daughter’s future”
Hope you guys like this, this is just like introduction, real story starts from next chapter

Precap: Swaragini meet with Laksh and enjoyed alot. Swara missing Sanskar don’t know why.

Credit to: Saba

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  5. Thanks all of you! I update more, soon you can read! And this is swasan and raglak. I like Ragini as innocent, so you can see her as a very lovely girl. And sorry for swalak and ragsan fans. But if you continuously read this, you find it interesting because there’s no villain and negative characters in this story.

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  10. Thanks all of you dears! Can you give me a favour? I’ve two options to carry my story please give me suggestion 1) swara goes to Mumbai in search of Sanskar and wants to win him. In this option just swara know about sanskar, he’s unaware from his relationship with her. 2) swasan meet but both dont know about their relationship and fall in love.

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