Swaragini “I’m yours” (chap..9… Revenge begins)


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In ragini’s room:
Ragini shocked to see laksh as drinker.

Ragini:”laksh! What are you doing?, why are you drinking, just leave this, this is not a good thing” Laksh smiled to Ragini as she is a fool.
He comes to her:”hey baby! This is not my first time, I’m drinking to celebrate to win you”
Ragini:”win me I’m not a trophy! And if you want to stay in this room, just through all this in flush and stop drinking”
Ragini!” He smiled and touch his face, “maybe you dont know me, this is my room and my house, if you want to stay then you should do what I order you”.,
After listening that ragini becomes furious and decided to teach a lesson to Laksh.
Ragini in his mind:”just wait and watch what I do”.
Ragini went out from room and went to dp and ap room. Both amused to see her here.
AP:”what happened ragini? Is everything ok?”
Ragini:”no maa! I can’t tolerate Laksh in my room, if he stay there, ill not”
Dp:”but what happened beta?”
Then Ragini told about everything.
Dp becomes furious and goes to Laksh room.
Dp in a loud voice:”laksh!!!”,
Laksh couldn’t expect them here so become afraid and try to hide bottles of alcohol foolishly.
Dp comes to him:”I didn’t expect from you that you’ll feel ashamed ms like this”.,
Laksh:”but papa…”
Dp:”enough! Throw this all rubbish in flush and asked sorry to Ragini”.
Ragini:”papa! I wants to asked something”.
Dp:”yes offcourse beta”
Ragini:”this is my house and my room naa?”
Dp:”yes offcourse beta”
Ragini:”then I cant tolerate laksh in my room, please let him know”
Everyone shocked to listen this but dp makes promise to shekhar that he’ll not give harm to his daughters. So he agrees to Ragini and told laksh, give his luggage and transfer to guest room .
Laksh really doesn’t expect all this from this innocent and sanskari girl.
Laksh:(in his mind) “ill teach you a big lesson Ragini you cant forget this lesson ever”,
Ragini in her mind”this is just a beginning dear, now you dont know me”.
Both stare each others with evil eye.
At morning in swara room.
Swara wake up by the knocking of door, she finds herself as bride and get know that sanskar wasn’t come to his room. She worried about him and stands to open door.
AP is here and amused to see swara still in bride dress.
AP:”you didn’t change? And where is sanskar?”
She comes inside and didn’t find any evidence of sanskar’s presence.
Swara:” I don’t know, he didn’t come last night”
AP shocked to listen this and immediately goes outside and informed dp about sanskar’s absence. He get worried and asked laksh to phone him.
Laksh nodes and called him. Ring is going on, sanskar pickup the phone, swara listen his voice which enters in her heart to ruin it.
Sanskar:”hey lucky! I know you’ll call me that’s why I didn’t off my number, tell bade papa that I fulfill his wish and now dont expect anything from me, if swara wants divorce, I’ll give her, ill not tell anybody that where are you and also going to off my number, I can’t stay in this unwanted relationship and want to stay alone, goodbye laksh and all” he cut the call.
Laksh again try but number is switch off. Everyone get worried,
Ragini sees swara who is shocked and at next moment she gets unconscious.
In sanskar apartment in Mumbai: Sanskar tear sim card and go in front of mirror. Sanskar’s reflection comes in mirror and point out him. “so Sanskar Maheshwari! Now you complete your revenge? You’re happy to ruin your childhood friend”
Sanskar:”I don’t want to ruin her life, but bade papa didn’t give me any option except it, yeah I took revenge but my revenge is not completed, it Just start. But this revenge isn’t from swara, that’s why I leave her at last night that she’ll not feel any love from me” Sanskar’s reflection:”you’re evil sanskar, you harm an innocent girl”
Sanskar shout:”yes! I’m evil, because I denied to do court marriage with kavita because to maintain the honor of bade papa, and what he did with me? Just give me a pain which never cured except ill give them pain that their decision isn’t good”.
After that sanskar started crying ? and talked to Swara in imagination. “swara! I’m not a bad fellow at all, but I’ve no option except it, you cant understand when your parents give me everything what you wish and deny the biggest desire of your life, when you finds your love is dying in your arms and you can’t do anything except watch her dying. I know you feel little bit pain because you expect something from me, but as time pass, you’ll forget me and move on, maybe you’ll hate me, but i deserve your hatred, just hate me, never love me because I don’t deserve love”.
He’s lying on floor and feel so much pain in his heart which growing up rapidly.
Suddenly he stands and start breaking all the things of his room and shouting with it “I’m so bad! How am I doing to this an innocent girl, I don’t deserve love just hatred.”. He throws glass wall on floor, he’s not in his wit that he didn’t feel the pain of glass which tear his skin of hands.
“I’m a bad fellow” he said and get unconscious.

Precap:swasan feels the real pain of love.

Credit to: Saba

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  3. Hey guys! I want one suggestion from you, please do comments all my readers because I need your suggestion and your suggestion is much important for me. After that as you know sanskar leave s swara but they don’t see each others till..now I’ve two options to carry my story. 1) swara decided to go in the search of sanskar, she met him and know him by seeing his photo, but dont inform him anything and they’ll fall love. 2) .swasan meet each others without knowing that they’re spouse. And fall in love
    Reply me must, which option is suitable for my story!!

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    1. Yeah dear! I also thought about letter’s idea but I find phone call much better because he doesn’t want to connect with swara from any side

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  16. Hii saba, thnks for this beautiful ff. I like it very much?..
    one suggetion for your story..You have showed sanky feeling very bad for what he had done with swara. So I think he should drop one email for her about the reason for his deed. They are childhood friend but they don’t know each other at all, so then you can start their love story with friendship.? This is just my opinion..else you should go ahead with your option-1. Bz 2nd op does not make any sense..plz update next part soon…early writing for next part..

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