Swaragini “I’m yours” (Chap..6 decision makes from heart )

In Swaragini’s house….
All family are gathered on dining table for taking breakfast.
Shekhar:”Swaragini! What you think about marriage?”
Sumi wants to interrupt but dad stops her.

Swara:(with blushing but strong look)”papa! I believe on you, I’ve no objection on this marriage”.

After listening that Ragini get worried but she decided already her decision.
She said:”papa! As swara I also believe on you, I met

Laksh and I find her a good boy, if you believe on dp uncle, I also believe them and know that they’ll take care of us. I’ve also no objection on your decision but there is one condition….” She stops, everyone is watching her.
Ragini continued”I want that they’ll not stop me to pursue my art career”.,
All relived after hearing that become happy to hear their decision.
Till sumi asked Swaragini again that they’ve no pressure, they can also says no

But swara said “you told us mom that make decision from heart and my heart says that me and sanskar are made for each other”
Sumi:”how do you said that without seeing sanskar??
Swara:”I heard the voice of my heart and its fully satisfy”
Sumi asked Ragini:”and you Ragini?”
Ragini:”I’m also satisfy maa”
After heard that sumi become satisfied. On the other side:
In Maheshwari’s house, DP asked laksh about his decision, he said he’s agree with his decision because in his mind, Ragini is perfect as his life partner, dp and ap become happy to hear this.

DP said to laksh, its his responsibility to asked sanskar about Swara. Laksh nodes and they go to office.
In office Laksh called sanskar,(they always connect with internet, so he doesn’t get know about that he’s not in London)
Laksh:”Bhai! Papa give me responsibility to asks you about your decision”
Sanskar smiled sadly:”tell them they’re winner of this game, I’m agree to marry with swara”
Laksh become happy to listen this, but also worried about him whether he takes this decision under the pressure of dp.
Laksh said”are you sure? You really want to marry with swara, is it your heart’s decision”
Sanskar smirks and said :”yeah this is my heart’s decision”
Precap:elders start the marriage ceremony.

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  1. Noce but plzzz if ur thinking to make sanskar charactar evil tjen plzz dont

  2. Well ..have to wait ND see how sanskaar will fall for swara on realising her pure and blind love on him….

  3. Why does he smirk?? It’s good Yaar but please don’t make sanskaar a villain… no need for future repentance too.. Make him the hero from the next update 🙂

  4. Thanks all of you, I love also the character of sanskar, he’ll not be negative just heart broken who doesn’t know what he’s doing to cured his pain..

    1. Are u the writer of this ff

      1. Yes I’m dear!

  5. Super super… continue.. couldn’t wait 4 d nxt epi ..

  6. Superbbb… continue writing.. write 3-4 per day yaar.. vry intrstng. . Atleast make it little more long

  7. For your all fan fiction from my side awesome and I loved it 🙂 🙂

  8. Thanks all of you, for your love and support!!

  9. Nice. Continue

  10. Hey guys! I want one suggestion from you, please do comments all my readers because I need your suggestion and your suggestion is much important for me. After that as you know sanskar leave s swara but they don’t see each others till..now I’ve two options to carry my story. 1) swara decided to go in the search of sanskar, she met him and know him by seeing his photo, but dont inform him anything and they’ll fall love. 2) .swasan meet each others without knowing that they’re spouse. And fall in love Reply me must, which option is suitable for my story!!

    1. Hi nice story line… I think 1st line will be more interesting

  11. nice. make swasan meet without knowing they are spouse n falling in love

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