Swaragini “I’m yours” (chap 19)

Hey guys! Thanks for your support and love, first of all I’ve to clear some misunderstanding regarding my ff. First of all, it’s not only love story, its story of love between marriage couple. I also want to give character’s thinking regarding marriage, just clear to my point of view.

Swara: She’s confident girl and got know about her engagement to sanskar, from that time she’s just love him and feels herself integrity of him. She never think him as a boyfriend, she always thought about him as her husband. That’s why she goes to seek her husband because she cares and loves him so much, it makes no affect on her that he’s bad or good, she just love him unconditionally.

Ragini: She never loved someone, she also hadn’t any affairs with boys, her thought is clear for marriage but she’s also wants love in her life. So instead of seeking a boyfriend for her, She decided that she’ll love her life partner and make him fall in love with her too. I think she’s successfully doing her work.

Sanskar: From childhood, he knows about swara, but didn’t have any feelings for her. But after kavita’s incident, he believes that there’s no place in his heart for anyone. So he doesn’t want to bind someone in so called relationship but after sometime, he must be realize the importance of marriage and his wife.

Laksh: Laksh is such a sweet and happy guy, he thinks that marriage isn’t affect on himself. He remains same after marriage too, but after meeting ragini, he gets know that close moment with your wife, is more pious and pleasurable than having hundreds of girlfriends.
Now this story will revolve around them that how marriage will change their, they fall in love again and again with same person, they support each others with concern, they owe each others. I hope now you all clear your concept.

Thanks all of you again! I hope you keep this concept while reading my ff….

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  1. Thanks for the clarification…i appreciate ur effort… Keep it up

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  4. good story i think we cant accept this story from main serial.

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