Swaragini “I’m yours” (chap 13…. First dose of intoxicant of love )


There’s a lots of pain in love, specially for those who want to keep it secret, as they don’t expose their feelings, they love unconditionally, silently and purely. This type of love gives more pain because it falls directly on heart and one’s not allowed to scream. They have to stop their scream, drink the salty tear with dry throat and show world to their strong face. This is most difficult than open relationship.
In Swara’s apartment:
She smiled to control her tear:”hello Sanskar Maheshwari, I’m Shona”
She forwards her hand, he holds formally and smiled.
She takes first sip of coffee, “oh! You make very good coffee” she’s drinking full hot coffee which burn not only her tongue but also heart.
Sanskar: You throw down me in amaze, I didn’t expect that you’ll asked me to make my coffee with own”.
Swara:”actually I’m not so formal, and dont want to be”
Sanskar:”yes I can see” he taunts on her crossed legs and manners of eating.
Swara(with yawning) “now you complete your coffee, you can take these pots also, dont mind please but I dont want to wash them”.
She feels sleepy and unintentionally stretch her body and lay down on sofa.
Sanskar stands up and takes his pots. “please lock the door during going”(door is auto-lock, when he close it, it will lock automatically) and close her eyes.
Sanskar looks her with deep eyes, he’s not the beauty seeker, many girls try to trap him, but he didn’t have a relationship except kavita. And this relationship isn’t spare him to any other relationship.
But this girl is different from others, there’s something in her more than beauty.
Swara notices his presence and opens her eyes hardly, “you still here please go I’ve to sleep” Sanskar says ok and went on his apartment.
After arriving his apartment, he unintentionally start to think about her and smile to recall her childish deeds. “strange” he washes pots and close lights of room without knowing that he smiled from core after a long time.
In maheshwari house, all gadodia and Maheshwari family are gathered for lunch.

Sumi:”ragini, after coming there, you just forget your meka”
Ragini:”this is not true mum, actually maa papa loves and cares me so much that I haven’t feel that this is new house for me”
Sumi:(in teasing way)”only maa papa? What about laksh?”
Ragini:”maaa please”
she blushed and everyone laugh.
After listening that Laksh suddenly holds her hands under the table and whispers in her ear”say to maa that I’ve also cared about you otherwise ill not leave your hand”
She replied in whisper”I’m not used to lie and leave my hand”
Laksh:”ill not because I’m your husband and I loved and cared about you” he smirks.
Ragini feels shy and tries to leave her hand.
Laksh rubs his hand with her hand and joint one fingers to another, this is not ordinary touch, she likes but doesn’t comfortable with it.
She suddenly stands up, laksh leaves her hand immediately.
Dadi:”what happened lado?”
Ragini:”meal isn’t able to digest in my stomach, I think I feel nausea, excuse” she went to her room.
Sumi and AP smiled and look each other.
Dadi:”maybe we’ll listen good news soon”
Laksh is taking water,didn’t understand and asked:”which type of good news?”
Dadi:”your child good news” laksh starts to cough and keep glass on table, stands up and said “I think I also feel nausea”. He also went to his room. All laugh on their shyness and pray in their heart for their happiness.
He went his room and saw ragini sits on bed to composing herself. Laksh:”I wasn’t eating you, why you come here, what happened yar? I’m your friend I can hold your hand” Ragini:”you didn’t hold my hand in a way of friendship”
Laksh comes to her and again hold her hand, “ok! Now tell me that in which way I hold your hand?”
He rubs her hand again and pulls her towards him.
Ragini starts blushing and draws close together herself.
Laksh mesmerized to see her blushing because he has always seen her as “teekhi mirchi” now her “Chui mui” look is making him crazy. Laksh:”tell me which way?”
Ragini mummers “which….” Laksh sees her red face and laugh. “just see yourself into mirror”
Ragini get angry to see him laughing. (her red face becomes more red).
Ragini:”you’re such a jerk” Laksh:”yeah! Maybe I’m! But you look soo cute with red chubby face”
Ragini also laughs to listen her and try and hit him but he runs away. Prayers are going to fulfill and first drugs was taken by both raglak.
Next morning in Swara’s room:
She wakes up with sweet smile and goes to window. Sun is rising from east and she looks on park. Its very joyful experience to feel the sweet breeze and greenery of park with early dawn. Day is rising and darkness is being vanished by golden rays of sun.
Park is very near to his apartment, so she could clearly seen towards park. She decides to going for yoga again and takes her yoga met.
She goes there and starts binding yoga pose, but suddenly she stops to see someone.
Sanskar is watching a dream where kavita comes to him and hugs her suddenly kavita make swara(just bear name of Swara, bear the face of kavita because he didn’t seen him). And swara(in kavita attire and face) holds his collar and asked him to why is he betrayed me? She’s shouting on him “you’re bad fellow” Sanskar moves his face here and there, holds the bed sheet and repeated continuously”I’m not a bad fellow, I’m not….” Suddenly he wakes up and get sweat. He feel suffocation in her chest. She immediately stands up, takes his hoodie and goes outside.
He stands on a bench, and take out pocket of cigarettes and lighter. He out off his hoodie and starts smoking. Swara+kavita’s voice echoes in his mind and he wants to deep breath to absorb oxygen, he didn’t feel breath in his chest.
He again lights cigarette but suddenly someone snatch cigarette from his mouth. This is his neighbour, shona.
Shona:”why are you spoiling environment through smoking, not a good thing”
She smiles and sits near to him. He just looks her with empty expression.
Suddenly he stands up, excuse her and went from there. She follows and stop him. “sorry I feel suffocation, I cant stay” he’s about to go. Swara:”you feel suffocation and you’re smoking, very good! Ok I’ve a solution for your suffocation just come with me”
Sanskar”but Shona….”
Swara:”just come with me”
After reaching the park both sit down and swara teach him meditation. Just breath in and holds your breath for minimum 10 second and exhale”
Snskar:”Shona I know all this trick but…”
Shona:”don’t make noise please and do what I say” He inhales and exhales, she is watching with all concentration.
Sanskar:(with smile)”I don’t believe but i feel better even my cigarette wants also decrease”
Shona:”that’s like a good boy” he smiles to see her smile.
Rising sun greets them the new good morning of their life.
Precap:swara get panic attack and ragini understands her mistake.

Credit to: Saba

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