swaragini If u hold my hand Episode 1

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At school
Sanskar went to principle office
Swara and laksh were in same section and ragini and sanskar were in different swara and ragini were close frnds swara was good frnd of sanskar and laksh swara knew sanskar before it has been just 2 years that ragini’s family came to Kolkata and they setteled their
The class began the principle entered with sanskar
Principle introduced him to all and he was mad to sit next to ragini
Sanskar: hi I am sanskar maheswari u can call me sanky he extended hi hand
Ragini : ragini gadodia he shaked hands with him
Ragini was least interested in talking to him sanskar felt her behaviour weired she was concentrating on class and he was noticing her activities
During luch time
At canteen
Laksh: hello everyone today I am very happe today I brother sanskar is here
All clapped for him
Laksh: so today a ice cream treat from my side to all
Laksh swara nd sanskar were sitting together
Swara saw ragini she called her to join them
Swara: sanskar meet my bestie
Sanskar was biot shocked as he didn’t except her their
Sanskar: ragini
Swara: u know eachother
Sanskar: ha
Laksh: how do u know this hitler
Ragini: he’s my bench mate any problem
Laksh: ha from u
Ragini: how dare u to speak wth me like this
Laksh: mu choice however I speak
Ragini: u monkey just be quite
Sanskar was bit shocked to see her this avatar
Laksh: u chipakali
They were fighting like this it was neded by ragini stamping lucky’s foot hard and going from their
Laksh was screaming in pain
Ragini and laksh hated eachother so much fight
One day
Teacher announced about a quiz competition and who wished to take part had to give names in pair in enrolled but while writing my partners name I had decided to write swara’s or my frnd karan’s name but don’t know why I wrote ragini’s name
W hen the list was put on notice borad I was worried how she would react she came to know she was very angry
“ why did u write my name their”
I was not understanding what to say
“ who told u to write my name I am not interested in it”
“ plsz see I know if u r with me we can win for sure” I said
“ see sanskar plsz take my name back” she said clamly
I replied back” no I have trust on u we can win”
I some how convinced her and she didn’t disappoint me we won the competition she was really every happy for that

she didn’t talk more she was intelligent she was quick and good sanskar had started liking her he was helping her most of the time ragini was too feeling something for him but she avoided such feelings swara and ragini’s fnds ship had too grown strong
after 2 year they we were in 8th grade it was annual day all were preparing for annual day all were practising in auditorium
When I entered auditorium I saw swara screaming on her crew ragini was trying to calm her she was explaining everyone what to do she had took incharge of everything this gril is wired its every difficult to understand her its been 2 year I am here but then too I am unable to understand her I have heard a lot from swara about her she’s good swara dances very well wow she looks so preety she moves and everything r prefect while I was seeing her my eyes fell on ragini who was similing seeing it she has a diffirent charm on her face while we talk about dancing I have seen her movements too she wish to dance but she doesn’t do that it was not the first time I have noticed her I have seen her many times like this I think she likes dancing then why she’s not part of It I was not understanding I decided to talk to her
After practise she was walking in corridor sanskar came to her he wanted to talk to her but unable to start from where to start ragini noticed me I was making wired faces she got angry by it because many students their were eyeing us has something big happened and my silence I was sure how can she react so I thought to break the silence
Sanskar: hi ragini what r u doing
Ragini was annoyed: can’ t u see busy in preparation of annual day she entered computer lab sat on chair and was making some list and presentation sanskar was with her I saw what she was doing I got an idea
Sanskar: wait do like this he made some changes
Ragini: wow it looks better she was similing sanskar was lost in her again she was busy sanskar was observing her
Sanskar: shall I ask u something
Ragini: yeah she was still working not concentrating on him more I wanted her to see towards me
“ u have to be prompt “ I said her she turned towards me giving me a questioning look she asked him “ what u want to ask”
I was knowing how would she react I gathred courage and asked her” why r u not of this annual day” she gave a shocked exprsion and answered me
“ because I don’t like dancing” she said this by looking away from him I knew she was lieing
“lie I saw in ur eyes u like it then what’s stopping u” I shot at her she was trying to change topic and ditract him “u r thinking too much” she replied back
I knew she didn’t wanted to answer but I wanted to knew “ answer promptly u like dancing then why “
Ragini was irritated “ because my family don’t like it so I don’t do that”
After what she said I got the reason but still I wamted to know it form her “ what’s a problem” she gave him questioning look as she excepted that he would understand it but no
“ sanskar I can’t explain u everything u too come from a marwadi family I think u should understand what’s the problem” she said this clamly
I didn’t need any explaination further but I was feeling bad for her but I can’t do anything when she didn’t wish to that
Annual day finished we after 2 months of it we had our annual exams we got passed ragini was topper in class ragini was just concentrating on studies nothing more
It was our summer holidays I went to manali with my family I and lucky were enjoying so much
It also got finished I was happy that school is again going to start

Precap:swaragini’s prov

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  1. I really loved it but soetimes i rather get confused, so please try making it clear while you write dialogue’s or show a incident rest i really love your plot waiting for the next epi

  2. ragsan rocks, sanskar understand ragini feelings through eyes amazing

  3. Wow awesome

  4. Sanskaars pov is really Awsm .& HA i agree with nidhi some dialogues r really very confusing. Eagerly waiting 4 swaragini pov

  5. this is really nice

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