Swaragini: A Hurricane Of Events (Intro)

This is basically my intro to the story..

Give me your opinion of the plot and if you guys want me to change or add something

PLOT: Swaragini find out they’re sisters after they meet at the temple and decide to go into the deep history of their family. On their way, they face lots of problems that tends to break them apart. Will love be strong enough to help them solve everything ??

Here’s my character sketch:

Ragini- a 22 years old girl with a funny bubbly personality, but strict when it comes to religious beliefs.

Swara- a 22 years old lovely bengali with a wonderful personality and a contagious smile

Sanskar- a 24 years old outgoing and responsible boy that loves his family. Absolutely beautiful (Swara’s to be fiancé)

Lakshya- aka Laksh- is a 23 years old charming young man who puts his family before anything. Lively and a bit irresponsible. (Ragini’s to be fiancé)

Uttara- a 19 years old university student with an open personality.

Shekhar- the strict dad of Swaragini

Sharmishtha- the loving mother of Swara

Parvati- dadi ji of Swaragini

DP- head of the Maheshwari family and dad of Laksh

Ram Prasad- dad of Sanskar

Annapurna- Oldest woman in the Maheshwari family and mother of Laksh -DP’s wife-

Sujata- Mother of Sanskar

Adarsh- oldest brother in the Maheshwari family and most responsible kindhearted boy.

Parineeta- Adarsh’s loving, but cunning wife who lives the family very much

Urvashi- Ragini’s mausi who hides lots of surprises

Janki- Ragini’s dead mother

Kavita- Sanskar’s old girlfriend. Long lost and troubling.

Tanya-aka Kavya- a scheme partner of Kavita and filled with mystery.

New Characters will be added later on. Hope you liked the sketch. The story begins after Sanskar tells Kavita he loves Swara and problems begin to start!!!! Comment please luv ya guys ????

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