Swaragini: A Hurricane Of Events (Chapter 2)

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Chapter Two:

Scene One:
The day of the party was coming closer and Sanskar finally remembered it was a party to bless his engagement from Swara. He was overwhelmed when he knew he’ll be meeting her today. His moment of peace was interrupted by the sudden outburst of Laksh into the room.
Laksh- O.. naachenge saari saari raat
Mmm.. naachenge saari saari raat taang uthake?? bhai!! Why aren’t you ready yet.
Sanskar- let’s see?mmm… you’re in my room…GET OUT AND KNOCK NEXT TIME!!
Laksh-Mother of brownie cookies ?!! Chill. I just came to say the Gadodia family will be here in 10 minuets
Sanskar-when did you become the messenger of the house?
Laksh shrugged ??‍♂️ and went. Sanskar smiled to himself and went to prepare himself.

Scene Two:
Swaragini were getting ready in their room. There laughs and giggles were filling the house. Swara was putting on the final touch to her outfit. She wore a pink embroidery semi-stitched salwar suit with duptta. Her hair was perfectly styled to one side of her face. She finished it with a touch of gold earrings and a necklace. Out from the bathroom came out Ragini. She was wearing a black embroidered semi-stitched salwar suit with a duptta as well. Her ger was tied in a ponytail with a fringe falling down on her ? eye. Swara helped her put on a matching pair of gold earrings and necklace. As the put on their heels ? they hear ? their dadi calling for them from the other room.
Parvati-Girls hurry up! We have to be there on time. Sharmistha go get your daughters, I’ll tell Shekhar to start the engine.
Sharmistha nodded and made her way to the room but swaragini came out just in time.
Sharmistha- what were you girls doing in there. Hurry up, your dadi jii would murder us if we won’t be there on time.
Swara-mom calm down we’re done.
Ragini- mom, have you seen Urvashi jii?
Right then their dad came in.
Shekhar- she said she has some work to do and she’ll won’t be able to come. She’ll be their at the party don’t worry. Now come on let’s go.
The girls nodded and walked out with their parents.

Scene Three:
Uttara- yey. They’re finally here.
The Gadodia family made their way down the stairs as the Maheshwari family came to welcome them.
Shekhar- Namaste Durga Prasad, Ram Prasad. ??
DP-?? namaste
Annapurna- welcome, I’m so happy you made it Sharmistha. Uttara come take Swaragini and show them around ??.
Ragini- no problem maa jii we know where to go.
Uttara-??‍♀️ no you don’t jii now let’s go, I have a LOT to show.
Swaragini casted a look ? to one another and then excused themselves and followed Uttara. On their way there, they came face to face with Sanlak. They were both wearing matching golden kurta set with cream koti. Laksh was adjusting his hair while Sanskar was obviously having problems with the buttons.
Uttara- oh look! My beautiful brothers are here. ??‍♀️ oh my, I forgot the tea ?. I’ll be back. The boys can give you the rest of the house tour.
And with that she went downstairs. Sanlak looked at Swaragini ? with a smirk ? on their face.
Laksh- A full house tour, huh? (?? winking at Ragini)
Ragini blushed ☺️ and looked away. Sanskar took Swara’s hand ? and lead her away.
Sanskar- I’m taking the lady for the tour. Bye guys have fun.
And with that they left.

Scene Four:
In the living room, Shekhar and DP were having a conversation.
Shekhar- well it’s good to see that work is actually successful.
DP- yes. Adarsh has everything under control with the help of Sanskar and Lakshya.
Shekhar- talking about Adarsh, where is he?
The ladies came in with the tea and started offering the men.
Annapurna- he went with Parineeta to her mother’s ? house. We heard she wasn’t feeling good so we sent them both to keep her company.
Parvati- well, all men are like that. Always going around with their wives by their side. I don’t know what they would do without us.
Sujata- absolutely right Parvati jii
They laughed and continued their conversation.

Scene Five:
Sanskar took Swara to his room and closed the door. Swara was shocked to find her pictures neatly decorated with flowers ? and placed in a frame. Swara laughed and turned to Sanskar.
Swara- what’s all this? ??
Sanskar- they’re for you
Swara- I can see that
She took a photo of her and him in her hands and traced her fingers on it.
Sanskar- soon this will be OUR room. We’ll be together and nothing is going to change that Swara.
The petite girl put down the picture and looked at Sanskar ?
Sanskar- what? You don’t like it?
Swara- (hugging him and then cupping his face) I love ❤️ it. ? thank you.
She hugged him once more and hid her head in the crook of his neck.

Scene Six:
Laksh escorted Ragini to the roof. She was taken aback when she saw the scene infront of her. The swing was decorated with res roses ? her favorite flower. Laksh took her hand and lead her to it.
Laksh- I prepared for it yesterday and made sure no one came in here.
Ragini- wow ? Laksh. This is amazing.
(They took a seat and then she continued) but you know you don’t have to do all this for me…
Laksh-(interrupted her by putting his finger on her lips ?) shh.. please don’t say that. Ragini, I’ve treated you bad and I was the reason to all your hard times. I never showed you love ? and I feel like I’ve used you but now I know I’m guilty. I can feel it. I just want to show you how mush I love you ❤️.
Ragini looked up with tears in her eyes and smiled ?. She took Laksh’s hand ? and held it to her heart ♥️
Ragini- Don’t ever say that again. What happened in the past remains in the past, ok? The important thing now is that I’m with you and no one will tear us apart right?
Laksh laughed and kissed the tip of her nose ? making her shocked and blush ☺️☺️
Laksh- No one
She rested her head on his shoulder and they sat their as the wind rocked the swing.

Aaaaaaaand ✅ Doneeeseeeee… Urvashi will show up in the next episode maybe. Please comment to tell me what you think and if I should change something. Plus if anyone wants any scene to be written tell me, I’ll do it ??? luv ya guys

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