Swaragini – HUNGER GAMES (Episode 2)

Hey ppl Aisha is back
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”Ragini Gadodia ”

For a second Swara felt relieved but when her brain worked through the name the relief was exchanged by horror
Swara was unable to speak anything
she just wanted to hug her dad and ask him to say it had all been a bad dream and that he had never died and Ragini never got selected
But then she knew the truth……. It had not been a dream and would never be..
Her father was dead and Ragini was going to die
Yes she was… Nothing else could happen. All other tributes were trained to kill. They would kill her in seconds
Swara turned back to look at her mother
Only horror
Swara knew that she would never know what her mother was going through. She was a just woman she never let Swara feel like an outsider
After Shekhars death the only relationship between Swara and Sumi was broken but Sumi still held on Swara…. She didnot let her go…. Today her real daughter was leaving her .
After Ragini no one of Sumi’s family would be left.. Swara would be ther but afterall she was her step daughter
Swara remembed how broken her mother had been after Shekhar ‘s death….. That time Ragini had consoled her
Would Swara be able to control her if they see Ragini die?

She suddenly looked around to find a girl heading towards the stage. Nervously fiddling with dress laces which had opened up by now
Suddenly it dawned on Swara that Ragini was too young

Too young to die
” No No ” Swara screamed
Ragini did not stop she just turned back and tried to give Swara a confident smile
But Swara didnot fail to notice the tears forming in corner of her eyes
And that was it for Swara

Swara screamed
All heads turned towards her.
Ragini stopped and turned
Tears had reached her cheeks now ”no di no pls”
Ragini screamed
‘I am sorry Rago ‘ Swara whispered while passing Ragini
Bot Ragini held her hand tightly
”no di no ” Ragini said clinging onto Swara’s hand
‘Rago leave me baby’ Swara pleaded
‘but mom need you’ Ragini tried to deal
‘she needs u more ‘ Swara argued
Swara looked around in the crowd and her eyes met with a boy
She gave him a pleading look he simply nodded and headed towards the two
No one tried to stop this handsome hunk.
He was son of a capitol president
He never liked his father and his works hence had become Swara’s best friend
He was two years elder to Ragini
He came near the two picked Ragini in his arms and started walking away
‘leave me Laksh ‘ Ragini screamed but it was useless
Here Swara reached the stage
Effie welcomed her warmly

Now lets choose the lucky boy

Swara was not paying attention she was looking down and crying….. Crying for herself
Thats when a name caught her attention
‘so the luck boy is’
Effie breathed in and smiled
She slowly opened the and shouted

‘Sanskar Maheshwari ‘

So how was it? Pls drop ur precious ?
Hope you have got idea of the pairs
I have a question ❓
Do u want this Complete Swasan ff …… If yes I will put no scenes of Raglak if no then I will give both pairs equal attention
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  1. U r making ff on my favourite movie series omg ….
    Awsworth plz continue
    Can u update next episode today???

    1. Thanks shagun for commenting
      I will try to post it today m not sure

  2. Plz give more attention to swasan….plzzzzz plz make this as a swasan ff…..and this ff is
    Superb…continue dr…..update next part ASAP……

    1. Thanks Didu
      I will try asap

  3. Swasan…it’s was really nice

    1. Thanks for your comment

  4. u give both pair importance but swasan should be more……btw awesome epi

    1. Ok soujanya… I will try… Thanks for commenting

  5. Awesome episode dear

    1. Thanks ☺

  6. Mona Swasanholic Varunholic

    You updated…
    I had thought u quitted..
    It’s really fav movie and I want a complete swasan story…

    1. I know
      I had been really busy… Sorry
      Thanks for ur opinion

  7. Swasan only plz

    1. Sure dear

  8. Plz only give swasan attention.

    1. Sure dear thanks for sharing your thought

  9. R u the same Aisha who wrote ek anokha bandhan. If yes then plz update it yaar ….i miss that very much.

    1. Oh Asheeyana m not the same Aisha
      I too really miss her Anokha bandhan

      1. Oh its ok

  10. Yaar where were you I was waiting for you so long plssssssss update soon and want full of Swasan

    1. I m sorry dear I was just busy…. Thanks for commenting

  11. Give equal importance to both the pairs. Plzzzzzz

    1. Ok megha I will try

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