Swaragini – HUNGER GAMES (Episode 1)


Hey ppl this is Aisha. …The last update was a trailer. .I asked you all to decide the pairs. .but only a few helped me with it so here is a last chance…This is short update as I cannot go further without deciding the pairs

Living in the district was the worst thing anyone could wish for. ..The people had once been living in peace but soon the capital took over
The Capitol consisted of the ruthless president Zaron and all other rich ppl
The Capitol had taken over with a lot of blood shed hence in order to remind the district people that the poor were born to entertain the rich …Zaron had founded the national game
There were 12 districts in total from each one boy and one girl were to be selected they were going to be pushed into an arena where the 24 ppl will fight for the Capitol. ..This will be shown to all district on a huge screen..
After killing others others only one shall live and shall be the victor his district shall have luxury for one year that is until next hunger games and the victor’s family shall live a lavish life in the victor’s district..

Once there had been a 13 district but ppl revolted and the Capitol blasted the whole district and kept it for ppl to see the result of revolt

In district 12 –
The sun slowly started to head upwards as the ppl sat down with tired faces working in mines was really a bad thing to do but living in a district left people no option
The sun soon rose high when a girl of some wat 17 wiped off the sweat from her face
She ran towards the dead animal and took out her arrow she wiped out the blood and returned it into the set she looked at the dead animal and wondered how the tributes of hunger games would have felt when instead of the animal lies there fellow tribute. ..dead…killed by them
She took the animal and slowly started to exit the jungle…money was really rare in this district
She slowly entered her cottage and looked at her dad’s coat many years had past since his death but still her eyes started crying as she looked at the coat
”Swara…give me the kill ..I will cook something tasty for us ” Her mom cried from the kitchen
Swara handed the animal to her
”Swara today you have to be ready wear this beautiful gown”
Swara sighed and took the gown

Today was the reaping day the tributes were to be selected
”Di please help me with it”..A voice interupted her thoughts and her small bubbly Ragini stood in front of her asking her to tie the back laces of her gown
Swara plastered a smile as she tied her sisters laces
Ragini was just 10 now and it was her first reaping she was kinda excited and nervous
Swara knew this feeling she gave an assuring smile to her ladoo
”You won’t be selected ” she said firmly
Ragini smiled sweetly
”Yep they want ppl not monkeys ”
”Come let’s go” Mishti there mother called out

Swara glanced at her trying to read her eyes but only thing she saw was fear…fear for her children
They went to the hall
Ppl had started gathering
Children stood according to their ages
Waiting for their deaths The trio soon separated and joined there age groups
Swara glanced at her Ragini
Fear only fear was visible
She gulped and looked at the stage

Soon the curtains were drawn revealing two huge glass bowls containing chits of names of all the children. ..
Soon Effie entered .
Her multicoloured wig shined in the sun and her artificially beautiful face was not the chapter to talk of.
Swara wondered how she looked in real
She wondered wether all Capitol ppl were similar while she debated on the thoughts. .Effie’s voice disturbed
”Girls first ”
Effie screamed as she headed over to the bowl with girls names
This was it Swara knew. .One girl shall be selected. She closed her eyes and softly prayed to god to save Ragini
”hmm hmm”
Effie clear her throat.

Swara looked up to find a sealed chit
”So the lucky girl is”
Effie continued
Swara held her breath. .This suspense and silence was killing her
Effie again paused and smiled..
Swara wondered why she looked so happy…her smile was as if she was giving away the first prize.

”Ragini Gadodia ”

Precap- NO …

Hey guys pls tell me what pairs you till then I can’t write ahead…
Pairs are swasan
Please reply. ..
I once again repeat that this is story of book and movie hunger games
Theme is same but story is different
Please comment..

Credit to: Aisha

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