swaragini : hum saath saath hai (os)


Hello everyone kaynat here i know i have update jab tak hai jaan and hum tum os but i thought why shouldnt we take a break from them and read something new which some are unawate the title itself tells the story those who have watched hum saath saath hai read it those who havent watched it definetely read it 3 couple mixture story so lets start and before that here is the link for previous os jab we met and really thnks for comments have replied everyone


Note : very long love story but if you read it you will enjoy and some scenes i have changed accordingly

A bunglow is shown where aa boy was seen sleeping he was dreaming of his lady love where she comes and slowly wakes him up je grabs her and open his eyes and was surprise it was pillow he sighs and becomes happy thinking of ragini yes the boy who was dreaming was laksh and the lady whoch he was dreaming was ragini and he suddenly goes to see the clock it was showing 8 he panicked as he was again late and he went for bath and later on he goes down where his mom is doing puja his dad and his big bro is also standing there
Big brother was adharsh he smiles seeing laksh antics and pooja got over
Adharsh goes to her mom and touches her feet : happy anniversary maa
Anupurna : thanks beta

Laksh : happy anniversary mom
Anu catches his ears
Anu : you are again late how many times will you do this
Dp : are anu leave him spare laksh for today na
Anu : see your dad us telling thats why am leaving you
(So guyz intro time durga prasad is a leading bussinessman in city he is sweet soft caring he married to anupurna who is also sweet and loves her children alot
They have 4 children first is adharsh adharshs left hand has paralysed when he was small while playing he got electric current from then his hand has stopped working but his treatment is going on and adharsh is true gem he is so polite he respects his parents alot but dp and anu are not his real parents adharsh is dps small brother child in one accident they dies and he use to take care of adharsh when he married anupurna both of them have loved as his parents and never let him know that he is not their child and they love him alot

After adharsh their next son is sanskaar he is handsome good looking but shy he is now completing his studies but will returning for his parwnts marraige celebrations and he too loves everyone his brothers too and yaa he love one also i will not reveal it now bit you will get to know ??
Next is uttara she is smaller than adharsh and sanskaar and 1 year older than laksh she is married and has 3 year old girl she is bubbly and naughty and her husband is rahul (played by zain imam) he is also fun loving guy who loves her in laws

Last but not the least our laksh is to come na last is laksh naughty cute loves everyone and he loves another one you all know and that is ragini but only flirts with her
So hogaya intro ab zara story pe dhyaan de)
Then manager comes with bouquet of roses
Manager : happy anniversary mr. And mrs maheshwari
Dp : thank you so much anand
Manager : all preparations are done for today nights party
Suddenly they all hears some noise and they get to know uttara came a small girl came and hugged anupurna
Anupurna : are my small abacchi came
Uttara was standing at door came and hugged anupurna
Uttara : mummy
Uttara then went to dp
Uttara : papa happy anniversary
Dp : how are you beta and where is rahul
Rahul : here papaji actually your daughter is in so hirray to meet you all that she forgets me but happy anniversary papaji and mummy ji
Ap : thank you beta glad you came

Rahul : are we have to come mummyji and moms dont thank their sons allright
Then after that ram and sujata comes rp is anupurnas brother and sujata is his wife both are positive no negative
Anupurna : are bhaiya and bhabhi too came
Rp : so my behna shaadi ki bahot mubarak ho and aapko bhi durga prasad ji
Dp ; are thank you ram ji and how are you bhabhi
Sujata : are am fn jijaji where are my kids laksh and adharsh
Laksh : here mami
All greets them after that all settled down rahul was goving gifts to anu and dp
Rahul : mummy ji this saree is for today you will wear this only
Anu : wow thanks beta and nice choice
Rahul : and papaji here is your sherwani
Uttara : papa you know he has sat with the tailor that no mistakes should be done while stiching
Rahul : thank you so much rahul beta
Rahul : glad uncle
At that time dps friend shekhar too came he is diabetic so whenever he comes all sweets should not be there
Shekhar : are bhai hamara swaagat bhi koi karega ki nahi itni door se chalte hue aara hu
Dp : chal chal faltu bate chod nikal gift chal
Shekhar : are wait wait have patience here you go
He gave him gold broches
Shekhar : and bhabhiji here are your earings this will match with your sarees
Anu : wow
Sujata : naa aap tof forward nikle aapko pata tha ki jamai babi ke laarahe hai
Shekhar : are toh jamai babu aapke hi sab kuch hai hamare kuch bhi nahi
Shekhar then sees a sweet in corner
Shekhar : aah pakde gaye
He takes it

Dp : aah only one doctor has said no na
Shekhar : are chod yr meri beti doctor kabse bangayi youll are doing like this
Uttara : amwaise uncle swara hai kaha
(Yes swara is his daughter and best friend of uttara and she is a doctor )
And at that time doctor came he usually comes to check adharsh hand he is a family doctor
Doctor : hello everyone
Uttara : doctor uncle where is swara
And that time swara comes from behind and panics her both runs and chases laughingly
Then doctor checks adharsh hands and does some movements
Doctor : good you are improving bas take your medicines on time
Swara : no wory doc when am there bhaiyaa ki app fikar mat kijiye
Adharsh : you know doctor in this treatment i have got a strict but cute nurse
Swara smiles
Shekhar : are beta itna sar pe mat chadao ki madam hawa me udne lage
Shekhar was eating icecream swara grabs it and gives it to laksh
Shekhar : will see you later
Swara shows him tongue shekhar goes from there and swara was going when laksh cath her
Laksh : dr. Swara dr. Swara wait a minute plz sit here
He makes her sit where his mom and uttara are sitting
Laksh : so aaj hamare sanskaar bhai is coming from London after 4 years how are you feeling
Swara blushes
Anupurna : are why are you teasing her
Utaara : common maa we dont know that these both have to be one one day
She places sanskaar photo beside swara
(Yes guyz the girl which i was hinting was swara swara loves sanskaar and sanskaar loves swara but havent confess because both are shy but whole family knows about it and always teasing them)
And that time ragini came laksh was shocked all greets her laksh too handshakes with her but doesnt leaves her hand
Ragini : ji chodenge ( teasingly )
Laksh leaves her hand ragini went laughing laksh scrathes his head
Actually ragini is the daughter of dps friend kishorilala who lives in village rampur both are attached and kishorilal is only having one motto to marry his daughter here with laksh so that she can live here like princess but ragini is different
Dp : am so prud of you ragini you have top in college and have took first prize in cutural activities and on the other side we have laksh who wakes up at 8 ragini makes faces laksh cries like baby
Swara consoles him : uncle this is not fare
Kishorilal : yeh lijiye behenji rampur ka revda aur pede laya hu
Anu : bhaisaab why all this
Kishorilal ; are its nothing bhabhiji so when us sanskaar coming
Adharsh : today
Ragini : who have went to take sanskaar bhai

Anu ; no one
Kishorilal : why
Laksh : sanskaar bhai has strict instructions ki nobody cme to take him from airport
Adharsh : actually he doesnt want to trouble anyone
Kishorilal : are waise laksh also do na bussiness work
Laksh : uncle my bussiness card
Kishorilal : hari om
Uttara : are chodiye uncle he doesnrmt know anything he only picks adharsh bhais briefcase
Laksh : so what sanskaar bhai also use to do same thing
Sanskaar from behind : saanskaar aaj bhi wahi karta hai laksh
Aal family members got happy seeing him

Sanskaar : laksh
He hugged laksh
Then adharsh then everyone ragini then goes to kitchen where swara was cooking and all ladies
Ragini little louder : aunty ji sanskaar bhai came
Swara blushed harder all left ragini left smilingly swara hides there
Sanskaar then goes to anupurna and hugges her but she dont
Anu : rehnede
Sujata : arr sanskaar you didnt contact her she missed you badly you know
Sanskaar : mami i know how how to make my maa
He makes her turn around and hugged her
Sanskaar : miss you maa but studies are also there na
Anupurna hugs him and after some time breaks it
Anu : chal pagal now come how you have become thin now have your lunch
Swara smiles at him a little louder sanskaar and his heart starts to beat faster
After some time all were gathered at dining table for lunch
There were three dining table round type all elders have captured two dining table all youngsters like uttara rahul sanskaar swara ragini and laksh were sitting at third and adharsh was woth elders
Ragini comes with samose
Ragini : sanskaar bhai take some samose
Sanskaar : thank you
At that time swara comes
Swara : rahul aap chai lenge
At that time all pulls swasan legs
Rahul : no no
All youngsters speaks in one voicee : but sanskaar bhai will take
Sanskaar : are no no
Laksh : no no what are you only serve yr
Swara blushes and goes to him and serves him tea sanskaar blushes hard and swara was about to go
Laksh : are aap kaha jaarhi ho baithiye
And he push swara slightly that she bumps into sanskaars lap she was highly embrassed and run from there
Sanskaar : i have some work need to go laksh will see u later
Laksh gulps all laughs
(And guys 1 more think anu is having three friends name kaveri jaanki and parvati all three are evil always filling her ears towards adharsh but always she ignore i will not put them in starting but they will cone in mids so wait )
And it was party time for their anniversary all relatives and friends have gathered and all were wishing them
Dps bussiness partner comes his name is mr. Singhania
Singhania : congrats dp ji and bhabhi ji

Dp : thank you so much singhania saab
Singhania : thanks for inviting us here is my daughter parineeta
Parineeta greets them and touches their feet
Anu : god bless you dear
Then dp insist her to go and sit with all youngsters and she goes and all were sitted alone from all guest
Uttara : so parineeta ji how many are there in your family
Pari ; just me and my dad actually we were living in london and then we shifted here 2 years ago
Ragini : living in london too you are so traditional
Rahul : so parineeta ji let me introduce to youll i am damad of this house and husband of my beautiful wife uttara and he is laksh sabse chote sabse khote
Laksh : hello pari ji and you know today all girls are looking beautiful
He was telling to ragini indirectly she understoods it
Ragini : kuch logo toh adat hoti hai jhuti tarife karni ki kyu swara di

Laksh : aap ladkiyon se uljhna bahot mushkil hai tarif karo to mushkil na karo toh mushkil
Sanskaar : toh fir aap unme uljhte kyu hai
Swara sees him and smiles
Laksh : dekha swara ji sanskaar bhai aap yoh bhagwaan hai
Ragini : aur yeh insaan galti kar kar ke sikhte hai
Laksh : whatever are pari ji why are talking so less be free with us
Adharsh comes : common guys function is to start we all have to go
All goes to hall where function starts and sanskaar afharsh and laksh were standing in middle and sing the song
Adharsh : yeh to sach hai ki bhagwaan hai hai magar fir bhi anjaan hai dharti me rup maa baap ka uss vidhata ki pehchaan hai
Sanskaar : janmdata hai jo naam jinse mola tham kar ungliya hai bachpan chala
Laksh : kandhe par baithke jonke banhpan gaya gyaan jinse mila kya bura kya bhala
Uttara : itne upkaar hai aapke yeh batana nhi aasan hai dharti me rup maa baap ka uss vidhata ki pehchaan hai
Adharsh sanskaar laksh and uttara : yeh toh sach hai ki bhagwaan hai hai magar fir bhi anjaan hai dharti me rup maa baap ka uss vidhatta ki pehchaan hai
All fours hugs dp and ap there swara hugs shekhar and ragini hugs kishorilal all claps for them pari was lost in adharsh and his dad notice this
Next day all were busy in some or the other work uttara was staying in this house as holidays were going and ragini and his papa were also staying there
At that time singhania came shocking everyone
Dp : are singhania saab aap
Singania : dp ji we usually meegs in office but today i came here to talk with you and bhabhiji personally
Anu : say na bhaisaab
Singania : actually i have came here for alliance of my daughter with your son adharsh
All were shocked and only elders were there
Anu : bhaisaab aap yeh kya you know about adharshs hand
Singhania : yes bhabhi ji i know very well but she doesnt have any problem nor i have i was searching gor good family for then i reaalise that it will be an honour that she will be your d-i-l
Dp : i am so happy i cant desciribe i really dont have any problem (at that time anu gets up ) where are you going
Anu : sabka muh meetha karne
And tbat time adharsh too comes with sanskaar and laksh
Dp : beta actually
Laksh : papa he have listened everything
Dp : am so much happy for you
He hugs him but adharsh was sad
At late nights uttara and adharsh wers discussing something
Adharsh : no uttara i cant destroy her life and you know there is only little hope that my hand will work in future
Uttara ; but bhai
Adharsh : i have send her message hope she will understand and broke this message
Uttara : bhaii you are wrong if a girl loves someone truly woh usse apni maang ka sidoor bana leti hai
And at time sanskaar swara ragini and laksh comes
Sanskaar : bhaiya you were sending message
Laksh : but we have bought her here only
They moves and pari was standing behind pari all leaves
Adharash : aap plz yeh rishta tod dijoye i cant marry you
Pari : why bcoz of your hand i dont have any onligations
Adharsh : plz i cant destroy your life
Pari : you are not destroying it you are making my life i cant get a husband like you in my whole life selfkess who cares about everyone plz dont do this
Adharsh : will you be ahppy with me
Pari : i will be
Pari hugs adharsha nd he too hugs her with one hand
Soon marraige preparations starts and it was wedding day baraat was going on adharsh was on horse and uttara and ragini were dancing with laksh and rahul
Ragini : chote chote bhaiyon ke bade bhaiya aaj bane hai kisi ke saaya
Uttara : dhol nagade baje shaniya jhum ke aayi manzal gadhiya
Laksh : bhabhi ke sang holi me rang gulal udayenge
Rahul : aayegi jab jab diwali milkar deep jaleyenge
They both turns ragini and uttara
Laksh : chunri ki karde ki gi chaiya aayegi banke purbhaiya
Laksh drags swara too there she was so shy but dances uttara too brings sanskaar to see her
Swara dances : chote chote bhaiyon ke bade bhaiya aaj bane hai kisike saaya
Sanskaar was seeing her without even blinking swara sees him and runs from there blushingly then all insist sanskaar to sing
Sanskaar : jhilmil hogayi hai ankhiya yaad aayi bachpan ki ghadiya naue safar me lag jayegi pyaar ki inkio hatkadiya jajte hai dekho kaise bade bhaiya
Jajte hai dekho kaise bade bhaiya raam ji bihaane chale sitamaya

Utaara : chote chote bhaiyo ke bade bhaiya aaj bane kisi ke saiyaa
After dance all reach to wedding destination and pandit was chanting mantras after that adharsh fills her mang and makes her wear magalsutra pari cries leaving her dad after that they all take her to maheshwari mansion she entered and both took blessings from elders
Ram : waah bhai now all the small ones will take blessings so satrt with laksh are ragini plz call laksh
Ragini smiled: yes
There laksh was parking car when he was about to go he saw ragini standing there
Laksh : ragini u here
Ragini : came to meet you
Laksh falls down in shock
Ragini : mamaji is calling you
Laksh gets up
Laksh : magar yaad rakhna agar aap aisi roz aati rahi mujhse milne toh pyaar hojayega
Ragini : whatever
Then raglak went inside
Laksh : yes mamu
Ram : beta chalo touch your bhabhis feet
Laksh : are yr bhabhi is our tunning girl
He hugged pari
Anu : are touch her feet
Laksh bends down and touches it
Dp : sanskaar beta
Sanskaar goes and touches her feet
Sanskaar : welcome bhabhi
Swara was blushing seeing him

Later at night there was a small party for paris welcome ragini and laksh were showing how their family is by mimicing them in play first was dp and anu second was uttara and rahul and they were showing themselves that is ragini and laksh and atlast swara and sanskaar swasan were highly embrass by this dp and anu notice this and decides to do their engagement as sanskaar will again went for studies after this month
And after 2 days it was engagement day sanskaar was getting ready
Adharsh and laksh came
Adharsh : sanskaar are you happy na
Sanskaar : what do i say bhai ask swara is she happy or not
At that time pari comes
Pari : sanskaar you know girl doesnt tell her happiness it shows at her face and from two days her face is glowing in happiness
Adharsh smiles at her maturity
And all left for down swara came sanskaar saw her and was so happy to see her bit composes himself
And they exchange rings
Dp : shekhar listen now swara is officially ours
Shekhar : better tension youll take
Swara pouts seeing him
Shekhar : sanskaar beta i dont know how this doctors prove housewives but this daughters are really nice
Saying this he hugged swara and sanskaar
And after that all were tired but for our new love birds it was sad day as ragini was leaving tomorrow and laksh was sad late at night ragini was sitting in garden laksh was passing by he notice her
Laksh : ragini you havent sleep its late
Ragini : laksh in serious ways if i will ask you something will you answer
Laksh : say na i will
Ragini blushes
Laksh : are baba say
Ragini : from childhood till now we have know so much about eachother but is it froendship or something more
Laksh : what did you say
Ragini : what have you listened
Laksh : plz say it again
Ragini : no i am giving you morning time before i go think about question and answer me bye
Saying this she runs and laksh was smiling like mad as he got to know that he loves her and she too loves him
Laksh : yr when will this morning come
And next day laksh was again dreaming but he gets up with a jerk and sees time he was again late he got freshen up and sees that ragini and his father was just leaving
Laksh : are sanskaar bhai i will go to station to drop them
Sanskaar : you sleep i and adharsh bhai are going
Ragini sits in the car she saw laksh and his helplessness to say
She smiles at him and waves him good bye smilingly
Days passed by laksh was missing ragini so much and so was ragini and here all were planning for adharsh and paris honeymoon
Rahul : so bhabhi where you want to go to paris
Uttara : london
Laksh : Switzerland
Adharsh : are wait wherever will go all family will go neither cancel
Uttara : acha baba will come bhabhi he is taking with us
Dp : its good all bacchas will go and enjoy
Uttara : and swara bhabhi you are too coming
Swara : but my clinic
Laksh : are leave it bhabhi will enjoy plz
Swara : ok
Laksh : say na pari bhabhi where you want to go
Pari thinks and says : rampur chale ( its was the name of village where dp use to stay and where ragini is staying she said that because she want to see that village as she was tarditional ab har koi negative thoughts nahi rkhta like onscreen pari ki tarah ?? but coming to story )
Laksh : what bhabhi
Pari : rampur chale
All elders were so much happy to see her daughter in law like this all agrees with her
Next day laksh swara sanskaar uttara rahul their daughter adharsh and pari went to village in bus all were enjoying in bus swara and sanskaar were exchanging glances without everybodys notice and swara was blushing laksh was dreaming of ragini adharsh and pari were in their world and uttara and rahul was teasing everyone
Atlast they reached there ragini was knwing this laksh was damn happy he sees ragini runningly coming with garland to greet pari but instead of pari she mistakenly wears it to laksh
Laksh : tumhare sawal ka jawab ratte hue aaya tha idhar kya pata tha jawab dena hi nhi padega
Ragini blushes hard nobody was watching them because all were inside there were only outside ragini was about to go when laksh catches her hand
Laksh : and when i have catch your hand will never ever leave it
Ragini was blushing hard and pushes him and went inside laksh was smiling at her at evening adharsh took sanskaar for a walk for some talk
They were walking when sanskaar saw some poor kids and his family ( actually he has a soft heart for poors whenever he sees them he gives them money and all and feels bad for them )
Adharsh took him with him
Adharsh : what happened sanskaar where are you lost
Sanskaar ; bhai i have studied so much but whats the need of that when i cant help poors
Adharsh : no sanskaar you are wrong we are helping them see you can see that factory (he points towards factory ) its papas dream and i am working over it when it will be finished then lights will never go in this village but sanskaar its our duty but beside this you are having one more duty a duty towards swara
Sanskaar looks at him
Adharsh : see sanskaar we all know that you love her but we have to show the love a girl is engaged to you she has left everything for you to keep you happy so also show some love towards her and see after that how she will be happy
Sanskaar blushes a bit and then they moves towards the villa it was lunch time all were gathered at table
Pari : sanskaar taste this halwa
Swara stops her
Adharsh : ate kya hua swara
Uttara : actually swara bhabhi has made this halwa for speacially sanskaar bhai
Ragini : but now she is hesitating that dont tell him it is not made nice
Rahul : are bhai acha ya bura it will be decide by sanskaar bhai chalo serve him
Swara serves him he eats it
Uttara : how is it
Sanskaar : nice
Ragini : nice or very nice
Laksh was taking video of all this
Sanskaar : very nice
Laksh : aur yeh dekheiye sanskaars bhais face have turned to red one one pose plz
Sanskaar : wait i will show you
And both runs alone the hall swara was smiling so brightly
And after that swara went into bus to take the belongings and that time sanskaar too enters indirectly he wanted to talk with her and nobody was there except them both were facing eachothers face
Sanakaar whispers : swara
Swaras heart skips a bit
Sanskaar : halwa acha bana tha
Swara : i was cooking it for first time dont know how is made
Saying this she moved out but sanskaar came
Sanskaar : dobara zarur banana
Saying this she went making her numb
There ragini and laksh were clicking photos with eachother when they saw all of them coming they part ways both were blushing
After that sanskaar went and brought elephants for roaming all were exited all went down
Sanskaar brought 3 elephants pari insisted swara to sit with sanskaar they both were sitting on one in next rahul uttara and laksh and third one adharsh pari and ragini
Then the elephant was getting up all were shouting and when sanskaar elephant get up swara shouts a bit but sanskaar holds her wraping his arms around her nobody was seeing them as all were behind
Laksh and ragini were teasing eachother and here swara was hiding in his cheast and sanskaar was smiling seeing her ragini started ro sing which were aduible to all
Ragini : maari hivda me naache mor tah thaiya thaiaya bhavre ne machaia shor khile dil ki kaliya badla mausam badle nazare ya badla hai nazariya
All started singing leaving swara she was busy in her sanky world swara turned around sanskaar nuzxled his head at the end of her neck she was so blushing that she hugged him tightly and the song now was suitting her most
Badla mausam badle nazare ya nazariaya
After that all went down and started to dance maari hivda me naache mor tat thaiya thaiya bhavre ne machaiya shor khile dil ki kaliya
Adharsh took pari to a corner and started to sing with her
Adharsh : tu nai naveli dulhan hai tera rup pyaar ka darpan hai teri mehendi se tere gajre mehka mehka mera jeevan hai

Mere sawalo ka jjawab banke tu aayi sajanya
Pari : maari hivada me naache mor tat thaiya thaiya iss bande pyaar ki dor h hui mai bavariya badla mausam badle nazare ya badla hai nazariya
Uttara swara and ragini comes and teases them and adharsh goes
All girls : maari hivda mein naache mor tat thaiya thaiya
And after that rain starts laksh drag pari in rain she was not coming but adharsh also forces her then laksh drags swara swara was enjoying rain when she sees sanskaar was asking her to come in corner in gestures she slowly goes without anyone notice
Sanskaar : yeh pyaar ka saawan aaya hai sang preet ka mausam laaya hai
He goes to her and catches her hand
Sanskaar : jo dil me chupa ke rehta that woh raaz labo par aaya hai dil me chupa ke apna banake le chalu prem nagariya
Swara : mari hivda me..

She goes and hugs him tightly
Swara : maari hivda mein naache mor tat thaiya thaiya chahe le jao jis or mai chalungi saiyaa badla mausam badle nazare ya badla hai nazariya
Sanskaar notice all are coming he tells her to go
Swara goes to girls and started singing and after that late at night when all were busy talking laksh goes to main switch and switched it off all were tensed as lights have gone ragini assures them that she will see when she goes to switch board she sees someone is holding her waist and it was non other than laksh
Laksh : yeh chaand sitaaro ki barat laayi hai gadhi sunhani kya baat hai mere saath hai mere sapno ki rani barso sataya tune chain churaya mai aaj na chodu baiya
Ragini : maari hivda mein nache mor tat thiaya thaiya aaaa
Song finally ends ????
Laksh drags her to a corner
Laksh : you know from childhood till here how much you make me mad but not today i will confess
Ragini : then say it

Laksh : i really love you not from today from when i want you to make me up in morning i want you to make bad habits away beacuse you are only who will change me will you
Ragini : i love you too laksh and from when my ears were waiting to hear and you know what i love your habits how can i change them when i have fallen for this antics
Laksh hugged her toghtly abd ragini too hugged him
There where everyone was sitting in dark sanskaar comes
Sanskaar : bhaiya all are having lights only we are not having
Rahul : yeh kya mamla hai bhai
Sanskaar : i will check meter box
He gestures swara to come with lantern they both headed towards switch board sanskaar then sees her
Swara : what are you seeing
Sanskaar : you i am so lucky to have you the most beautiful girla nd most understanding girl i really love you swara and am happy that i got my childhood love
Swara : i know sanskaar you love me from childhood when we were kids but i also know that you were studios and you wanted to do something when you went to abroad i was so feeling lonely but you know in these days i have lived so much
Sanskaar : thanks to pari bhabhi who gave this idea neither we would talk after our marraige
Swara : but am happy to see the romantic side of my fiancee and am happy to be soon mrs sanskaar sanskaar : acha you are happy let me show you then romance
Swara : first bring light check it
He checks when swara sees something he calls sanskaar they saw ragini and laksh were sitting on chair seeing eachother without even blinking both swasan smiles and went to them sanskaar jerks laksh and swara jerks ragini but both were not responding they put their chairs off still they were in the same postion when sanskaar notice switch in laksh hand he takes it and put it in the box and lights comes laksh and ragini falls from there and comes to reality ragini blushes and runs

Laksh : light aagayi bhaiya
Sanskaar : what do you think laksh
Laksh : good am proud of you.
He also runs but whole family were standing at gate and were glaring ragini and laksh ragini hugged pari and all laughed adharsh informs this to ap and dp and they were happy to make their third son also marry to a beautiful girl kishorilala was damn happy that his dream has finally got true laksh was getting ready but all were teasing him
Sanskaar : chaliye laksh maa and papa have come
Laksh : mai nhi aara and you are the main culprit bhai you have only told everyone about yesterdays incident whoever is seeing me is laughing
Rahul : waise mummji was saing that this kind of thing nobody have done till now in family
Laksh : oh noo uttara di swara and pari bhabhi plz help me
All were laughing
Adharsh : chaliye all are calling you
Laksh went outside but was so nervous he finally goes to ap ap was looking at him
Laksh ; maa it was not my fault yesterday light was gone bychance
Ap : oh bychance
Laksh : yes it was adharsh bhaiya who told to do engagement so i agreed i told chalo i kaam khatam hota hai
Ap : oh really
She holds his ears
Uttara : mummy come iski harkate aap ragini sey hi puchiye there in ragini was sitting in hall veil in front of her and started singing
Ragini : maiyyaa yashoda yeh tera kanhiya
All went and were mesmerised to hear her voice and especially laksh
And she started dancing
Ragini : maiyaa yashoda yeh tera kaniyaa pangat pe mere pakde hai baiyaa tang mujhe karta hai sang mere ladta haiye ram ji ki kripa se mai bachi ho ram ji ki kripa se
And then laksh comes and was teasing her
Ragini : gokul ki galiyon me jamuna kinare
Kankaniya woh chup chup ke maare
Laksh throws stone at her teasingly
Ragini : natkat adayein hai surat hai bholi holi me dekho bhigoye wo choli
Baiya na chode kalaiya marode
Laksh takes her hand and twist it
Paiya padu pir bhi peecha na chode
Meethi meethi baato me mujhko phasaye hai
Then he slides the ring in her ring finger all starts clapping
Ragini : raam ji ki kripa se mai bachi ho ram ji ki kripa se
Ragini was so happy all were happy then swara comes and start dancing while sanskaar adores her
Swara : jab jab bajaye mohan muriya tab tab chanak ti hai meri payailiya
Naino se kare jab woh cherkhaani dil thame reh jaaye prem deewaani
Sud bud gawaye neede udaye jo kehne baithi thi keh bhi na paayi badi mushkil se khud ko sambhala haye ram ji ki kripa se mai bachi ram ji ki kripa se
Sanskaar blushes smiles at her
After that pari comes adharsh was seeing her
When she comes swara and ragini too and were dancing behind but pari was in front
Pari : gokul ka kanhaa re dil me samaya mao bhagya shaali inhe maine paaya
Adharsh gets so happy
Pari : maana ke sabke hai yeh kanhaiya
All three point towards their respective partners
Keh layenge par tumhare hi mayaaa
They now point towards anu
Pyaara piya hai tumne diya mamta hai aanchal me hamko liya hai
All three goes and seet on their knees towards anu
Charno mein tere dafa humko rehna hai raam ji kripa se ha ji haa raam ji kri pa se
Anu goes to three and hugged them and she was so happy to get dil like them all were clapping after that all gets busy late at night swasan raglak adharsh pari and rahul uttara were in room
Rahul was doing his astrology about what kids that the ladies get in future with chain he was first kept the chain on paris hand
Rahul : bhabhi aapke liye nanha munna sweet little boy khush
Pari blushes adharsh smiles
Laksh : are jiju whats funda is dis
Rahul : are simple yr laksh if the ring chain pendant shows cover then boy if it doesnt show then girl
Laksh : wooh nice fundaa
Uttara : are chod he just has only this stupid ideas
Rahul : madam its called astroleging and we also got what i have seen girl
Uttara : whatever
Rahul : ok now swara bhabhi your turn
Swara was hesitating but she goes and gives her hand
Rahul : aww bhabhi aapke liye sweet little swara happy
Swara blushes and goes to her seat and sanskaar was beside her they all were sitting on floor sanskaar cathes her hand without anyones notice swara was blushing she tried rescuing but he didnt left finally she too holds his hand and both were holding hand tightly
And then ragini coughs
Rahul : ha ha ragini ji now its your turn only come give me your hand
Ragini comes happily and gives him hand
Rahul : ladka
Laksh : oh boy
Rahul : ladki ladka ladki ladka ladki
Ragini : jija ji mai toh haar gayi
Ragini blushes and run
Rahul : are sun pagli i was just joking
all laughs seeing her and laksh was too laughing
Next day rahuls brother called him urjently to mumbai with uttara all were sad that both are going atlast they have gone and now anu dp singhania were sitted
Dp : you know singaniya saab i have promised your bhabhi that when i will find my all daughter in law then i will leave my all office work and will give all my time to anu so i have decided that i will make adharsh as md od company what u say anu
Anu : its really good thing u have choose right
Singhania : but do ji dont you think that adharsh will be able to
Dp : no no singhaniya saab he has that capablity to do dont worry i have seen everything thats why i am making him
Kishorilal hears this and tells this to shekhar
Kishorilal : now you see if we will not do anything then adharsh will get all things and sanskaar and laksh will get nothing they have to work under him
Shekhar always knews his intentions so he dont give a damn
Shekhar : acha chalo lets talk
Kishorilal gets happy
Shekhar : bhai dp what desicion you have took to make adharsh md
Dp : ya its true
Shekhar : are bhai but yeh baat hamare kishorilal ji ko achi nhi lagi so big news without any celwbration so kishorilal ji has decided tomorrow he will distribute rasmalai and khalakan sweets among all villagers
Kishorilal was seeing with wide open
Anu : are bhaisaab whats its need
Kishorilal : its ok bhabhi ji
Tomorrow all were going back to mumbai ragini was upset laksh sees this and drags her to a corner
Laksh : why my ragini is upset say me
Ragini : laksh its just you are going and its so difficult to live without you
Laksh : are my ragini listen its matter of some months then sanskaar bhais studies will be finished and i will join office permanently then we will get married na yr then you dont have to miss me
Ragini : thats true but you take care of yourself focus on work
Laksh : and
Ragini : and i love you
She kisses his cheeks
Laksh pecks her lips and murmurs i love you too and ran ragini laugh at his stupidity
All were going
Dp : acha kishorilal ji we are going but leaving ragini here but will soon take her ok
Anu : and will send laksh here after 1 month to work on factory site
Laksh : sirf kaam karne aaunga baki sab kaam karne nahi
All laughs at him
Singhaniya to sanskaar : so beta sanskaar when are you leaving to london again for studies tomorrow evening uncle
Swara was listening this becomes sad
After that All reached mumbai next day sanskaar was packing his things when anu pari and swara came
Anu : sanskaar take this tiffin this is your favorite halwa
Sanskaar : thanks maa
Anu ; i havent made it
Sanskaar : bhabhi you
Pari nodes no and points towards swara he understood
Anu : swara has made this dare if you share it with your friends
Adharsh : sanskaar flight is there after 2 hours we have to leave in one hour hurry up and maa am having some work plz come
Anu ; coming
Anu went
Pari to swara : chale
Swara nods pari was moving swara was behind swara was staring sanskaar when pari stops and she slightly bumps to her
Pari : you stay here only
Pari goes smilingly clising the door
Swara turned around sanskaar goes to her and was surprised to see tears in her eyes
Sanskaar : swara why are you crying
Swara hugged him
Swara : sanskaar you dont know how i have lived this 4 years without you and again you are going i know its just matter of some months but i cant leave you you cant study here
Sanskaar hugged her tightly
Sanskaar : swara see its my finals i will give it and will come back and after that we will marry na so just for months and you know i have missed you more than you but couldnt tell its hard for me so now plz compose yourself if you will do like this how will i go
Swara wioes her tears and releases the hug
Swara : am fn you go and study hard ok
Sanskaar : wait i have a complaint for you why are you not taking care of yourself properly your dad has said that you dont eat propoerly you have fainted some times i know you are adoctor and if you are not well how will you take care of others so take care of your self
Swara : dont worry i will and you too take care and come fast ok acha now wait
She starts to pack his bag and then she took his blazer from bed and goes to him and make him wear and make him wears his tie while sanskaar was just adoring her
Swara : finished now you are ready mr. Sanskaar chalo we have to leave you have to go in 1 hour
Sanskaar then leans to her and pecks her lips
Sanskaar : i love you swara am happy to have you
Swara smiles and pecks his lips
Swara : love you too now come
They were going down when sanskaar catches her hand swara tells him to leave as anybody will see he leaves and chases her both goes to dining table and laksh too comes
Anu : sanskaar and laksh i want to renovate your rooms before marraige laksh have you asked ragini and finalise one colour na
Laksh : yellow maa
Anu : good sanskaar you too tell
Sanskaar : what do i tell maa what swara wants it will be nice
Anu : are waah swara he has totaaly changed swara smiles and went from there
And after that sanskaar leaves from there swara bids him bye
Days passes by this 2 months have passed but shocking news have to come
Uttara and rahul came without telling uttara was sad and she hugged anu and cried both tells that rahuls brother has told him that he has taken all the property after his name and rahul is having nothing rahul dont go to police as he loves his brother all family members were sad but adharsh helps him and uttara settle in banglore and in bussiness laksh and shekhar went with uttara and rahul to settle everything anu was praying in temple when kishorilal and her friends came and talk to her privately

Kaveri : now what are You waiting anu what have done with rahul you are waiting it to be done here
Anu : what are you telling
Kishorilal : sorry to say this but bhabhiji you should take care of this house when like rahuls brother have taken property if adharsh also does the same as he is the md of company
Anu : what are you telling bhaisaab how can you think adharsh can never do this
Parvati : one minute anu he can do because he is not your child
Anu : shut up parvati
Janki ; listen anu carefully try to understand money doesnt belong to anyone and for money we forgive our relations so you think that adharsh will not do this to sanskaara and laksh
Kaveri : in future pari will do kitchen politics with swara and ragini as she is big and listen is it happened laksh will fight and will take his share but about sanskaar do you think he will
Janki : kitna bhi karlo apne apne hote hai aur paraye paraye
Saying this all left leaving anu shocked she slept in her room thinking next day shekhar calls dp that everything has settled there and he and laksh will be returning soon
Dp goes to anu
Dp : anu you have listened chalo acha hai beti ka ghar fir se ban gaya
Anu : whya re you making adharsh md
Dp : what
Anu : see why are you not giving equal shares to all three
Dp : what are you saying anu its adharsh hardwork
Anu : what if he does the same like rahuls brother
Dp : are you out of your mind you are comparing your adharsh with them
Anu : dont fight ji plz do batwara of this empire and your company
Dp : i cant beleive this anu you are saying this you are destroying your home with your hands ok i have fullgilled your wishes i will also fulfill this too
Pari was listening this dp saw her and felt bed and goes from there late at night when adharsh came pari told him the situation
Adharsh and pari goes to anu
Adharsh : maa you have not eaten your food plz have it and maa and maa aap batwara kyu karre ho dont do it its all of sanskaar and laksh i and pari are going to rampur and will stay there i will work in factory dont worry maa i will not let anything happen to my brothers just need your blessings and you are my maa whatever you have decided will be good just take care maa
He and pari went from there next day he told dp that he is going fp stops him but he goes giving him his swear laksh was so sad and was not ready to leave him so he too wents with him all were angry in anu leaving adharsh and pari swara was also sad as she was so close to pari
There they reach rampur but laksh was busy in factory work with adharsh and ragini was happy to see his this shade adharsh and pari were happy but there neither dp was happy nor anu
Days passed like this sanskaar finished his exams he got to know about this and he was returning next day
Laksh was weeping in his room when ragini came
Laksh : ragini see na what happened in one moment our house has broke adharsh bhai maa papa
Ragini : have faith in god laksh everything will be fine he will do everything fone
Laksh ; and tomorrow sanskaar bhai is coming what will be his reaction i dont know
Laksh hugged her she calm him down
Ragini : relax trust me everything will be fine ok
Next day there ram prasad and sujata came to meet anu and dp
Ram : dp ji what have you done let adharsh go and anu what have you done you loved him
Sujata : and i know jiji why you have done this because of your friends but jiji their work is to destroy everybodys house they cant make their own house thats why they are broking everyones
Ram : you know anu i am also a lawyer in court this cases comes everyday because they dont have trust and love but here the love was more then too this happened and for which you have done this are happy do you sanskaar has came and he has gone there directly to meet adharsh
There in rampur shekhar singaniya and sanskaar came sanskaar was just standing numb
Shekhar : dekho bhai ab jo hua so hua now i will not tolerate all this adharsh and pari you both have to come with me and when we came to know pari is pregant this is celebrating news for this news only come To mumbai adharsh
Singaniya : shekhar saab you are right but understand adharsh too he has given promise to anu ji and he also have some duties and i am with him and see this its their parvarish only both brothers are fighting with eachother for eachothers happiness
Sanskaar was having tears he goes to a corner pari and adharsh comes
Pari : you know sanskaar first time i have seen you both bhai fighting
Adharsh : pari with whom we fight we loves alot to them sanskaar plz dont force me dont make me weak plz
He takes out his paralized hand with so many difficulty and keeps it on sanskaars hand sanskaar gets sad and hugs him
Pari : dont worry sanskaar what happened if we are far our love has bind us we are still together
Laksh comes there from factory
Laksh : sanskaar bhai how are you
Sanskaar : i am fine laksh how are you

Laksh : am so happy to hear the news i will be chacha
Sanskaar was sad and he goes to mumbai next day and he took over the business but didnt seat on md chair he was doing his work but not sitting on adharsh chair as its his and went to home at late night without talking with anu but anu sees him and calls
Anu : sanskaar you havent eat from morning anything plz have your dinner
Sanskaar : no maa i am not hungry
He goes to his room but didnt find his belongings there
Anu : sanskaar i have shifted all our things in upper room after marraige youa nd swara will stay there
He goes to upper room and brings his belongings back to his room
Sanskaar : how can you think this maa
Anu ; ha i am wrong i am thinking for everyone
Sanskaar : yes maa because you havent thought of adharsh bhai only i and laksh
Anu : i didnt told him to go to rampur he went.
Sanskaar : did you stop him if this thing i or laksh will be doing you will left us maa i know whatever happened with uttara was not right but you say what is the difference between them and us we also left pari bhabhi whom you have married to your son when she is is pregnant yeh parayapan nahi toh aur kya hai paraye adharsh bhai nahi aap hogaye ho
Anu slapped him
Sanskaar : adharsh bhai and paris bhabhi place cannot be taken by anyone and if it is your condition then i am swearing on pari bhabhi that i will not marry swara
Anu : sanskaar
Sanskaar left to shekhars house and told him everything

Shekhar : beta i was knowing this you have loved your bro and bhabhi like your mom and dad and i know you will not hurt them i have told all this to swara she has no problem go she is waiting for you in hall
Sanskaar goes and sees swara was waiting for him on dining table swara sees him and sanskaar was going
Swara : sanskaar you will go without meeting me
Swara took his hands and make him see

Swara : hey dont be in guilt if you would have told me then too i would have not took pari bhabhis place now come have dinner
She took hin to dining table and made him seat he sees his enagemnt photo on dining table he was not eating anything g swara goes to him
Swara : sanskaar whatever you have done is right am with you and what happened if we get married or not we are ones from childhood we are bind together

Sanskaar moves to her and hugs her
Sanskaar : i am sorry
Swara : dont be ok you are really really good person and i will be your till my death ok
Sanskaar : swara
Swara : one more word then i will kill you sit here
He sat and she feeds him
Swara : and dont worry about pari bhabhi her deleivery is in my hands i will take care of her
Like this months passed its paris 8 month swara was in rampur taking care of pari and sanskaar wasin office and dp and ap were talking so less but destiny changes again rahuls brother has loss and he got to know that with rahul he was everything so he called rahul and asked forgiveness from rahul and uttara and gave them propoerty uttara came to mumbai and she got to know all this
Rahul : maa whatever happened you thought that adharsh bhai will do the same no mumyji you are wrong see everything happened fine now you too forget all this and go to rampur
Uttara : you know maa when we were leaving to banglore adharsh bhai kept his hand on me and said uttara tere saare sukh tere tere saare dukh mere
Anu cries and hugs ram
Anu ; bhaiya i have done a biggest mistake god will not forgive me
Ram : no anu arlast you realise it
Dp comes anu folds her hands
Dp : no anu you are my anu only who have given love to all my kids now forget all this we have to go to rampur pari is admitted to hospital
All went to rampur and pari delivers boy adharsh reaches hospital and was shocked to see anu and dp
Anu : ji say him that i have came here to take my daughterin law and my grand son i will not take him
Adharsh comes to her
Anu : you havent asked me once what is your kistake i am sorry son plz forgive and come to your home plz adharsh hugs her all were happy laksh uttara ragini sanskaar
Suddenly swara brought the child
Anu holds him
Anu : so beautiful thanks beta
Uttara : maa see we are also there in line to meet
Ragini : maa give to me
Anu : chacha se pehle chachi
Ragini holds him
Laksh : chalo milkar pyaar karenge
All laughs
Adharsh : maa munne ko pyaar karne ka haq bade chacha chachi ko bhi h
Anu looks helplessly at sanskaar

Swara was standing at corner
Pari : sanskaar that day you have took for me a swear and today you took again a swear for me
Kishorilal ask for forgivness as his motive was his daughters happiness all forgives him too
After some days swasan and raglak marraige was done on sane day all were happy as happiness has came again adharshs hand was also improving and the story ends with all saying hum saath saath hai

So guyz end with it it really took days to write i will not write jab tak hai jaan and hum tum now iw ill write my stories from now or i will recreate ishq movie i will do something but plz tell me how was this i really does lot of harwork in this you all are critics for me plz rate my writing from scale 10 so that i can change till then bye

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