Swaragini: Homeless (Intro)


“BOOM!!!” I heard the noise prickled my ear drums. Oh god, only I know how much I hate hearing this sound.

“IF I DONT GET HER I WILL BURN DOWN THE WHOLE CITY. I CAN DO ANYTHING FOR HER.”, I heard him shout at the top of his voice.
No, no, no, you guys guessed him wrong, he is not Sanskaar, he is my dad, Shekhar Gadodia. I know everyone would like to have a dad who’s caring and a bit protective. But my dad? He ain’t protective, he is over over over protective.

Its about the first day of my college, a guy came to me and said “Hello”. He just said hello and my dad punchered his face.
Now I am done my MBA, and I am not s little girl now. I am 25 and could live on my own, but my father didnt agree, so I had only one option in my head. “Elope”. And thats what I did
Before leaving the city and experiencing freedom I just prayed to god to keep the city safe. I mean to say, keep the people safe cause only I know how ruthless my father can be when it comes to me.

Ohh I forgot to tell you guys obe thing, I am not eloping alone, I have my Sanskaar with me. Ok bye guys.

Love, Swara

Credit to: Aru

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