swaragini a hogwarts love story (intro)


hi this is isabella or bella
this is my first ff and its combined two of my most fav worlds harry potter and swaragini ….
pls do read it
pairs will be decided later
swara bose -a beautiful cute and bubbly girl starting at hogwarts soon
ragini-smart pretty and perfect swaras twin stasrting at hogwarts
l;aksh – popular brave daring newbie at hogwarts
sanskar -lakhs bro at hogwarts popular ladies man
…..all the journey will start at diagon alley and go on till ther horcruxes
the viallins are going to be voldemort aswell as grindelwald and bellatrix lestsrange as well as amelia avery (a new character and evil no doubt)
other characters would be introduced as the story discovers the journey of the awesome four intoi epths of magic that u never dreamt of
ps this is a classic for harry potter fans as well as swaragini fans

pls do comment if u like the idea and want me to continue

Credit to: isabella

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  1. Going to be fun to read….. Eagerly waiting for the first episode… 🙂

  2. I too love harry potter .anyways all the best and good effort

  3. Something different and I love it, and when it comes to harry potter I’m one of the biggest fan,,…I still watch it over and over and i’ll never get tired of it and Swaragini my favourite soap opera up to now,,I’m so happy to meet someone who has the same thought as mine..so bella you will have my fullest support,,,and talking about the pairs your choice will be accepted and do bring villain’s in indian names too… All the best dude

  4. nice go on

  5. I love harry potter stories and it will be really nice to read it with swaragini

  6. Anything related to harry potter drives me crazy….I keep re-reading harry potter time n again so thumbs up for ur ff….pls update next part soon

  7. 5thanks a lot first episode will be updated by tom…. your commenys really mean a lot and yeah crazy about potter

  8. it’s awesome , i am great fan of harry potter n plzzz update next ASAP plzzz

  9. Yaar I am a very big fan of Harry Potter and swasan hope the pairs will be SWASAN and raglak……but anyway it’s ur wish and eagerly waiting for the next part

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