swaragini a hogwarts love story (episode 8)


hi8 all this is isabella back with the update its gonna be damn romantic so if you like it then pls pls comment pls comment
.so here we go………………………………….

swara- sanskar
she rushes and he falls in her lap
lucky -bhai?? oh god he has fever mrs weasley
mrs weasley – dont worry swara carry him to the room i will brew a potion to make him feel better
swara- harry lucky help i dont think i will be able to carry him on my own
they all take sanky to the room
ragini and hermione bring food for him and mrs weasley gives him potion
mrs weasley – now now he will wake in some time but we all wont wait here it will disturb him swara my child will you pls wait here and call me if you need something
swara – yeah no problem mrs weasley
lucky – swara take care of bhai pls
they all go out and swara sits there
she pats sanky on the head
swara – dont worry u will be fine very soon it will be alright ok dont worry
sanky ( in sleep )- amy amy amelia that is you right pls dont leave me
he catches swaras hand

swara – yess it is me amelia i wont leave you promise
she says this to make him feel better
sanky -amelia u are my girl i love you
swara – oh god .umm yaa i know that
sanskjar wake s up to see swara
sanky – swara what are you doing what happened
swara – shh nothing you just fainted because of fever
sanky – umm yeah well
swara – so will you eat now
sanky- noo
swara – what why
sanky – no no a big bold no
swara – dotn act like a child you idiot here
she feeds hima nd he has no choice but to eat then she starts blabbering randomnly
sanky – hey shut up miss nonsensical bak- bak
swara – if you promise to sleep mr madhatter maheshwari
she tickles him and they laugh and have a cozy time
swara- oofff sanskar sleep now you must be tired
sanky – no i am not able to sleep i get nightmares
swara – even i get nightmares ragini comforts me ……..i know you need a comforty huggy time
sanky looks disgusted but swara hugs him and keeps her head on his chest and her hand on his heart
swara- shh dont say anything just close you eyes fell your heart and listen to eat
he closes his eyes keeps his arms around her as if she is his only and sleeps
slowly swara falls asleep too
and they have the best sleep since the past few years

scene shifts to raglak
ragini is sitting on the bench in the garden reading and lucky is riding a broom
lucky – oyy book worm ragu come have a ride
ragini – no laksh you know i am afraid
lucky- dont yopu turts me
he land beside her and take her hand and pulls her on the broom she shouts in fear and he takes off
ragini – no no no i will fall
lucky – shh listen baby i am here i am holding you you wont fall ok
he catches her waist and hold her she turns and hugs him bcoz of fear
ragini – laksh dont leave me i will fall dont leave
lucky – i am not leaving you but now open you eye and see its so nice here
she slowly leaves him and opens her eyes
ragini – wow
she leans her head against his chest and hugs him like that
screen freezes there

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Credit to: isabella

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