swaragini a hogwarts love story (episode 7)

hi all this is isabella back again with the update and pls pls comment if you like it
………so here we go

someone is professor mcgongall
swara- we are dead
ragini- demented
herm-or worse expelled
sanky- shh
mcgonagall- follow me all of u all
ron- why
mcgongall- dont ask questions
they follow her to the office
she gives ron a letter
fred and george are there too and so is percy
ron – we are going to the burrow for christmas
harry -but christmas is two weeks
fred- yess but the holidays are starting now because the school needs to be renovated
swara- ohk guys so youare going today
percy- no baby sis u are coming too (percy calls all of them baby sis)
ragini- but how
fred – dont ask questions ginny wants you all she said in her letter
herm- but how does she know us
george- granger danger you think we send her turnips instead of letters
(they call hermy granger danger)
ragini -ohk but why are we leaving now
mcgonagall- the governors have decided thta the christmas holidays will be extended and summer holidays shortened

the entire school leaves for home happily while some stay back
the super seven go the burrow
the house is like a tower and is huge
ron- its not much though
harry – its the best
sanlakswarag- yess it is the best
they go inside

percy- mum is out will be back anytime and ginny GINNY GINNY GIN THEY AHVE COME
george – i hope she doesnt realise that we have forgotten her birthday and didnt send presents oh god how could we forget
ginny – hi all mishu ragy hermy so happy to meet you
ron- listen ginny
how many sisters do you have ??
percy -gin darling
ginny- how many ??
fred- one
ginny – then where are my presents idiots
sanky- hey listen
ginny- you who the hell shut up
harry – umm ginny can you just listeb
lucky- thats harry potter
ginny goes red and looks at harry whose mouth is an o shaped in shock and she takes raginis hand and runs to the room
the other girls follow
harry – is that a sister ?? i thought they were lovely
lucky – lovely my foot they are like devils
fred- much more vicious though
george -and they make sure you are shouted at for no fault
sanky- yeah and wait till you see our uttara
lucky- yeah
ron – that is why we call her as the ginstorm

mrs weasley comes and welcomes all of them
when sanky goes in a dream
sany is runnig behind a girl
sanky- wait love wait dear
girl- noo noo a big nooo
sanky – pls plss ahh AMELIA
girl- ahhhh ahhh ADAM
voice – avaDA KEDAVRA
dream ends
sanky is about to fall
swara- sankyyy
she rushes forwasrd and sanky falls is her lap
the episode ends there

precap- amelia and adam and swara and sanskar two births one love story realisation

hey guys so did you like it pls pls comment

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  1. Wow amazing tq 4 adding ginny .plz show raglak luv story also

  2. Want raglak scenes please

  3. Wow amazing for swasan waiting for next eagerly…..but I did not like the episode today instead I loved it…OMG u r a vvvvery good writer loving tis story?

  4. Thanks

  5. Awesome sweetie???????

  6. haiii
    i love harry potter series very musch, please can u give me the link of previous episodes, i tried lukng for that but there r so many ff’s n i couldnt find evenv when i lukd upto 40 pages today, plzz give the link plzz

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