swaragini a hogwarts love story (episode 5)


hey all this is isabella back again with the update
the pairs are going to be swasan and raglak as majority votes decided
i am sorry for swalak fans but you will see all pairs as friendly bonding well pls dont forget to comment ………….so here we go
swara faints three hours later in hospital wing
madam pomfrey- yess professor dumbledore the girl is fine she will be ok
ragini is sitting beside swara hermione is at the window silent tears falling from her face ron and harry are at the door silent
sanky is standing near swaras head and lucky too
ragini weeps- oh my god its all my fault i should have taken care of her mishu mishu wake up wake up plspls
ragini sees awater bottle from luckys bag and has it
ragini – mishuu mishhu wake up wake up and she sits down
hermione 0ragy its ok she will wake up
lucky comes to her and puts an arm around her
ragini hugs him and weeps
ragini- you know laksh when i was small i used to not eat ice cream and give my scoop to mishu and now i have ice cream and she is not getting up
lucky- shhh dont cry she will wake up
ragini- laksh sanskar pls tell her that i will not wake her up and i will not eat extra cheese pizzza
sanskar sees swara moving
swara – ragy ragini
ragini – mishu and she goes to hug her hermione joins in
swara= herms ragy you are suffocating me
they let go and
swara – sorry ragy i will listen to wharteveryou say …and herms sorry i shld have eaten
all three of them burst into tears
lucky and ron -GIRLS
and they laugh and have a group hug
percy weasley shows them the dormitories and they sleep
ragini – mishu mishu herms get up wake up idiots we will get late come on guys
herms – yeah good morning lets go we will meet the boys downstairs
swara – ummm five minutes
herms – absolutely not up or i will hex you
swara- yeahh kk
they get ready and sit in the gryffindor table
lucky – hey girls good morning
harry ron and sanky – gm all lets have breakfast
swara – yeahh i am practically starving
ragini – look at our schedule today double potions transfiguration flying and history of magic
lucky – what a day shitt i thought we will relax
ragini – this is a school you pumpkinheaded troll not a resort
lucky – yeahh thanks miss know it all attitude
ragini scowls
swara – sanskar can you pls help me ? my book is left up can you get it?
sanskar – yeahh i need to change my shirt too as ron has been kind enough to pour juice
ron – sorry
harry – sanky get my bag i left it up[ in our dorm
herm= and my library book
ragini – oh my god sanky also get chocolate bars from the common room
we will wait here
snaky comes with bags bars and stuff and book in mouth
herm- oh god what you did ?? book in mouth eurghh
sanky – what can i do i am a human not a trolley
swara – yess thanks sanskar and see takes her stuff and their fingers brush
they all are on their way to classes when hermione bumps into a boy a handsome boy
boy – ohh am so sorry miss?
herm – hermione granger
and its ok just look where you are going next time mr?
cedric= cedric diggory second year hufflepuff pleased to meet you beauties
ragini – ragini bose gryffindor first year and swara my sister
cedric – charmed to see you all anyways i will see you around hermione
and he goes
ron- well what the hell was he doing
lucky – flirting
sanky a- and yess lucky flirting
blimey we have competition
hermione – well whatever he was kinda cute wasnt he ?
ragini- WHAT
the episode ends on herms blushing face
…… precap – something really interesting
……………….. so how was it hope you like it and comment
pls tell me which one

Credit to: isabella

We recommend
  1. Cedric- hermoine plz

  2. Ron Hermione ….

  3. ron-hermoine

  4. cedric hermione…..n good one

  5. Ron Hermione

  6. Good one. Please introduce Ginny too. All others will have pairs but only Harry will be left alone . Not as Ron’s sis but just as her.
    Ron and Hermione is nice. I have just never imagined cedric and hermione and I have no idea whether they will be good or not. I think that he should be paired with cho and also u can show Harry having a crush on cho just as in the show and Ginny getting jealous. It’s all my suggestions, if u like it then include.

    U have not replied? Last part I had asked u how old r u???

  7. hahahaha Pumkinhead…..there was a boy in my class….i used to call him pumkinhead?????………

    and episode was superb and

  8. Cedric harmione

  9. I am 16 yrs old mona di
    And thanks for comment s

  10. Ron hermione obviously

    nd ginny will be introduced in the next year…..as she is one year younger to ron

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