swaragini a hogwarts love story (episode 3)


hii all this is isabella back with the update hope you like it and the pairs well they would be revealed in some episodes and just a request can someone pls post this on fb for me
and guys sorry i am not able to comment more but thanks thanks and a box of chocolate frogs for all for you
..so here we go
the girls follow the boys into the compartment and sit down
ragini – ….oh gosh , this malfoys blo*dy gits they will just watch out for us as our tempers are quite high so dont dare cross our path
lucky -look at that guys such a nice into of the sweet tempered girl….
ragini scowls and all laugh
swara -yeah ragy chuck it anyways which house you want to be in?
ron -gryffindor all my family is in it and so hope i get it too…else i get kicked out
sanky -ravenclaw wouldnt be bnad slytherin oops i dont want to
lucky -i am a lion and so gryffindor
ragini- umm excuse me lion ??/i guess you need an eye check up
lucky- i wouldnt ,beauty , i wouldnt
swara- yeahh you are spared since you called ragy beauty
ragini blushes a bit and says shut up mishu
hermione- now if u all would be silent i want to read the potions book
swara- ohhh you didnt read it yet ??
ragini -come on i will read it too

sanky takes a book a story book and starts reading lucky and ron stuff themselves with chocolate frogs and other stuff while swara and harry play cards
harry- hey look we will reach in some time i can see a castle
swara- wow i hope thats hogwarts and i will be the hogwarts princess
sanky chuckles and says- yeahh hello princess oodsbodikins
swara- what mr scurvy cur and revolting cockroach
harry – cccockroach where// and he jumps on his seat
lucky -kyaaa cockroach omg bachaO HELP ME AND HE JUMPS ON RAGINI
ragini – umm laksh get off\
lucky – no help me the cockrtoch will bite
swara – no cockroach here xcept your bhai
and she sticks out here tongue at sanky
lucky – ooof thank god
hermione -ron would you mind leaving my hand
ron -ummm well solly ope u din min(he is speaking and spraying chocolate out )
meanwhile in hogwarts –
dumbledore is seating in his office and is saying – well yes finally they have come those who have the powerwhich they know not those who can defeat the EVIL FOUR ..
thye pictures of the headmasterts clap and dilys has teasrs of joy

end ofepisode
did you like it pls comment

Credit to: isabella

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  1. cool!! super seven will be our great gang in which boys are scared of cockroaches …:-)

  2. Nice one dr and who is the evil four. I think that two will be voldemort and Bellatrix, but who are the other 2.

  3. Thanks the other two are going to be i troduced in next Epi

  4. Wow super seven it rocks

  5. Wow. …really great …
    Can u plz intro sedrick. ..he is also as worthy as others

  6. Thanks a lot mona di ,lily di , lovely di ,megha di,swati di and naimi di and ammu di
    Yess even i am waiting for Cedric diggory …lets see and i just want to ask is it really good

  7. I love your story cause I’m an Harry Potter fan

    Excited for the sorting .
    P.S : I am loving the character of Ragini in this FF

  9. really amazing……

  10. Really awesome keep going

  11. superb eagerly waiting for next part…..

  12. Thankss

  13. How old r u Isabella?

  14. I am sixteen yrs…. and ya guys no update today as i have an assingment so see you tom

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