swaragini a hogwarts love story (episode 2)

hii all this is isabella back again…heres the update as promised and thanks to all of your comments ………..pls do keep reading and commenting
at the station
ragini and swara get in while sanky and lucky are hanging with their mouths wide open
sanky -lucky how did she umm exactly do that???
lucky- bhai i guess she is really smart
swara-hey boys come up fast and see the compartment
they follow her
and enter the compartment to see ragini reading a book along with a girl with bushy hair a boy with red hair and harry potter
swara-hermione granger ,ron weasley and harry potter
sanky -hi all
ragini- this is strange we all are staring at hogwarts and we all know each other from now well xcept these two
ron- why might i ask these two?
herms-well we all have agreed upon the fact that boys do have some ummm stupid notions

ron-yeah then if you think we are stupid ..
ragini-no no not at all we dont think you are srupid we KNOW YOU ALL ARE COME LETS GO TO ANOTHER COMPARTMENT
ron- they all are crazy if you ask me
anyways nice to meet you
they talk and become good friends when suddenly WHAM HOW DARE YOU
they run outised to see swaragini shaking with rage and hermione cryin
and two boys
draco malfoy and his brother rahul malfoy
draco- well whtas the ahrm in calling her a long molared mud blood//
WHAM ragini has just punched him on the face and swara has kicked rahul in the shin
harry ron and sanlak stand with an O on their face
hermione slaps both of them and yells -if next time any of us sees you harassing someone i swaer
it will be the last thing you ever do and now get lost before we change our mind

the three girls look at the four boys and go upto them ron hides behind harry while lucky behind sanky
swara- what happened why are u looking like you all ahve seen the ghost ?
ragini-yeah and if you dont mind can i just have some water
harry-err yeah definetly
the girls have water and cool down when
ron- hi can we sit and talk you know like know each other and be friends
the girls spit out water on the floor
and follow the boys
in malfoys compartment –
draco- trust me rahul.. we will take revenge for this and it will be the most dreadful thing that shall happen to the mudbloods
. ………………….
how was the update i hope you enjoyed it tell me if its getting boring and yeahh keep commenting they really mean a lot to me as this is my first ff

Credit to: isabella


  1. Dharsha

    Yaar it was just fab but very short?plzzzzzzzzzzzz make sure it is longer part the next 1 if u can

  2. Dafsi

    Really really outstanding buddy, trust me putting up two geners is really tough work and you really well have put up the concept of both swaragini and harry pottr together…awesome update keep going

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