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So I know I must have scared you guys, but it’s Ragsan guys. It’s just that most of this chapter is just Lakshya conversing with Ragini and there aren’t any Ragsan moments. Except towards the end, which isn’t exactly their moment but meh?


“Ragu ? Twinkle told me you wanted to talk to me ?”—Lakshya said as he made his way towards Ragini with slow and careful steps while holding a squeezee ketchup bottle in his hand, while flailing his arms around and looking around in caution.
“Uh, Lakshya ? What the hell are you doing ?”— Ragini said while she gave him the most judgemental look ever.
“Oh, I was checking for lasers. Because, Twinkle was the one who told me that you wanted to talk to me, and she’s secretly plotting to kill me, so I was just trying to ensure that today is not the day I die.”—Lakshya said and just continued flailing around till he finally neared Ragini and sat next to her clutching the ketchup bottle.

“Seeing that he’s still alive, I’m sure it’s not today.”– Sanskaar said as he awkwardly looked at Twinkle, who was smirking because she was glad that she had been successful in making Lakshya fear her.

“And what is this whole Ketchup thing about ?”
“Oh, it’s kind of like a weapon. I was eating and I didn’t really have any other weapon, so I grabbed the ketchup bottle. If Twinkle shows up, I’ll just squeeze this bottle and make that wicked witch melt.” –Lakshya said while staring into the distance, imagining his crazy vision coming to life.

“Did he just call me a witch ?”–Twinkle said as her eye began twitching, because she was surprised she hadn’t noticed this the first time and her blood began to boil as she clutched the laptop and almost threw it, while Sanskaar just hugged her arm and tried to stop her from breaking the laptop.

“First of all, the wicked witch melts when she’s splashed with water. Secondly,Twinkle isn’t the wicked witch though she is really scary and is secretly an evil genius. Lastly, how the hell was I in love with you man ? Like, I need to whack my younger self and check if there was some sort of genetic mutation that caused certain problems in the head for a certain period of time.”–Ragini said trying to joke around to ensure that this conversation isn’t an awkward one.

“I am hurt Ragu, how could you say something like that.”–Lakshya tried acting all dramatic in order to ensure that Ragini’s effort to keep the conversation light wasn’t in vain, though those words pricked his heart. Ragini didn’t miss the way his eyes started to glisten. Her inner comedian wanted to ask him if his eyes were sweating, but then she realised that she should probably be real and do what she called him here for. For closure.
“Stop pretending to be fine and stop this dramatic role play, because you’re a horrible actor. I know Lakshya. I know that you loved me. I know that you still love me. I know everything. I know that you made Sanskaar feel insecure because of how much you care. But that can’t change how much you hurt me. It can’t change how much I cried. It can’t change the pain I went through because of my love for you.”–Ragini said and though her words were supposed to be the kind that would make Lakshya’s heart flutter, her tone was stern.
“Ragini, I’m really sorry for everything. I know I hurt you a lot. But, you don’t understand. You were always my priority, not Swara. I love you Ragini, not her.Please, just give a chance Ragu. I love you. Please, let’s be together.” –Lakshya said in a desperate tone.
Ragini just laughed sarcastically. She said in a bitter tone as she spoke through her gritted teeth—”Oh please, Lakshya. This is a serious conversation. I’m not in the mood for jokes. You prioritising me ? Don’t make me laugh. You apologise for hurting me but you still don’t know that the reason I was hurt is because you were playing with my feelings. Leading me on, getting jealous when I spoke to other guys, do you know that you made my heart flutter when you did things like this ? No. You don’t. You also don’t know that you made my heart ache everytime you prioritised her. I didn’t blame you then and I was wrong. Even after you knew of my feelings for you, you still spoke about her. I thought we could have a normal conversation as best friends but why would you do that ? You only cared about her. And before you cut me off and tell me it’s not true, let me stop you right there. Because you and I both know that it’s true. You may have loved me, but your messed up brain prioritised her. And what did you say ? Let’s be together ? Are you crazy ? Why would I put myself through something like that ? Why would I leave the man that I’m in love with, for you ?”

“Wait, so why did she say the whole I miss you and all of that–” Sanskaar was cut off by Twinkle’s annoyed whisper.
“Will you just watch ?”–Twinkle said irritated and glared at him while he just gulped and nodded his head vigorously.

“You…. you love Sanskaar ?”–Lakshya let out, his voice barely audible.
“Yes. I do.”–Ragini said and her eyes began to shine with that glint of love,as she thought about Sanskaar.

Sanskaar gasped, and whispered as he clutched his chest–”Be still my beating heart. Calm thyself.”

“Why did you ask to meet with me then ? Do you know how happy I was ? I thought that you’d give me another chance and we could finally be together.DID YOU JUST WANT TO PLAY WITH MY FEELINGS BY GIVING ME FALSE HOPE ?”–Lakshya said annoyed while he stood up and screamed as his eyes started glistening because of the overwhelming emotion.
“Well, if I did give you false hope, then now you know how I felt every single day when you played with my heart.”—Ragini stated in a matter of fact manner, showing no emotion whatsoever.
“Ragini, I know I was wrong but–” Ragini cut him off, and spoke in an intimidating tone.
“Okay, let’s say that I give you a chance. How can I be sure that you won’t leave me if your beloved Swara comes back, huh ?”
“You think that I’d leave you for her ? Never !”–Lakshya said as he made eye contact with Ragini and gave her a look which contained utmost sincerity.
“And you think I’d leave Sanky for you ? I would never do that. I would never even think about it. And as far as you are concerned, you and I both know that she just needs to say like two sentences and you’ll follow her around like a lost puppy.”—Ragini said, while stating the obvious.
“I don’t know. Tell me.”—Lakshya said, he knew very well what she was talking about. But, he wanted to hear her say it. Atleast that way, he’ll be able to hear her say what he wanted to hear for a very long time.
“I miss you, Lucky.”–Lakshya’s eyes started tearing up. The words he wanted to hear since forever, were finally spoken,but they weren’t really meant in the context he wanted them to.
“I love you, I love you so much it hurts. Don’t leave me.” –Ragini continued, but she didn’t notice that Lakshya was full on crying now while his hand clutched his chest and he smiled because he was trying to convince himself that Ragini had actually meant those words and she wasn’t trying to mimic Swara or anything.
“And bing bang boom, you’ll just start showering her with love and gifts.” —Ragini said as she just looked at the ketchup bottle and started playing with it, while she smiled and thought about how her role play was amazing and that she should probably become an actor.
“The words I wanted to hear from you, you finally said it, but, not as yourself. But as Swara. Even if you said it as yourself, you’d never mean it. Because, you really do love him,don’t you ?”– Lakshya croaked and looked at Ragini while he knelt in front of her and grabbed the ketchup bottle from her hands.

“Yes I do, Lakshya. You know something ? I never imagined myself growing old with you, or being your wife or anything as such. Ever. But, with Sanky, I can’t help but think about our future. He’s the only person I can ever imagine growing old with. When I thought about how things would end if I was in a relationship with you, I imagine you leaving me for Swara. But, with Sanky, even if he ever did cheat on me, I imagine telling him how I felt but also taking care of him. I see myself as his wife, as his life partner who’d take care of him, but also make him take care of me like I was a baby. Though I see myself holding onto him even if he did cheat on me, I trust him so much that even if he were actually to do that, I’d never believe it. I love him so much that if he broke my heart, I’d cry but still try to heal him if he was heartbroken. When you broke me Lakshya, I hated you. I hated you so much, but I still loved you. But somehow, though I know my Sanskaar will never break me, I know that I can never hate him because that’s how much I love him. Maybe it’s because when I loved you, I didn’t love myself, but Sanskaar made me love myself and made me fall in love with him, which makes me love him more than anything in the universe. Maybe, it’s because when you love yourself, you’re able to love someone else more passionately too. You made me insecure, but Sanskaar makes me feel safe. You made me feel unpretty, but Sanskaar makes me feel beautiful, inside and out. You made me feel afraid of my feelings and scared to confess, Sanskaar makes me want to be bold and confess to make our time together last longer. The way you looked at me, made me blush sometimes but also made me sad and scared, but the way Sanskaar looks at me makes my body heat up, but also makes me feel so loved and gives me so much strength that I could face the whole world. And most importantly, looking at you, made me feel like I would never have a future with you, I could never imagine it. The end that I had imagined with you, was when you left me for someone. But everytime I look at Sanskaar, the end that I imagine for us, is when we get separated in the afterlife and not by death itself, but we end up finding each other there as well. It seems like some sort of eternal love no matter how cheesy it is. My love for you ended. But, my love for Sanky, begins again, every single day.”—Ragini said while smiling broadly, while Lakshya looked at her and smiled painfully.

“Stop your crying !”– Twinkle yelled.
“I–I’m not crying”—Sanskaar said as he blew his nose on Twinkle’s duppata and then sniffled.
“This is why I showed you this video now. Because I want you to be all cried out, so that I don’t have to buy 4 more boxes of tissues.”
“Wow. You know how amazing it is when someone you love, loves you back ? And they’re love for you is like. So true and like freaking amazing. I mean, I just, is this how fangirls feel when they meet their idol ?” –Sanskaar started fanning his face while he started ugly crying.
Twinkle just sighed and gave him her dupatta while she said to herself –”Thank god I lowkey prepared for such a situation.”
Sanskaar stopped sniffling and said–”I never thought that the girl I’m so crazily in love with, would love me so much. I never thought that the only girl I can see myself with, sees her future with me too. The girl that makes my heart flutter like crazy, feels safe when she’s in my arms. The girl I want to take care of, chooses me, she chooses for us to take care of each other. The girl whose happiness I’d do anything for, feels truly happy when she’s with me. The girl I would die for, wants to die with me. The girl I’d turn hell upside down for, is willing to go to the after life with me. You don’t know how happy I am right now Twinkle. You don’t know how someone feels when the person they loves, love them back, with an equal amount of passion.”

“Yeah, obviously I don’t. I never loved anybody right ?”–Twinkle said sarcastically as she waved her left hand in Sanskaar’s face, trying to show that she was engaged and she knew exactly what he was talking about.
Sanskaar just smiled teasingly and said–”Oh my god ! The evil genius cried when Kunj proposed to her ?”
Twinkle blushed and just walked away, while Sanskaar ran after her and handed her the tear and snort filled dupatta. Twinkle crinkled her nose in disgust and said–”It’s time to ‘bultaorune’ this thing now. I need to sanitise my hands as well.”
Sanskaar overheard what she said and started dancing like a madman while yelling FIREEEEEE, and Twinkle just sighed, while Kunj who popped out of nowhere, nodded his head in disbelief but joined Sanskaar. Twinkle facepalmed herself and thought about how Ragini had influenced them. Well it was kind of her fault for saying bultaorune instead of burn it up, but she’d never admit it. She smiled thinking about how crazy their lives were gonna be if Ragini did infact pull off her crazy proposal plan during the Sangeet.

The next part might probably take a week or maybe even more. Sorry to keep you guys waiting for ragsan.

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