Swaragini (Hell to Heaven) Prologue


Hii friends…

Lets get engaged in the world of fantasy… A hide out for relaxation away from reality…
Lets start our journey..

A grand banquet hall is shown with white and violet decorations… Drapes crystals and candles everything was very well placed and givind the hall an aura of classy palace. A lot of prestigious people are gathered there for the after award party of Miss Swara Singhania in The Hyatt Hotel, Kolkata.

A very lovely woman is seen managing evrything… She is wearing a baby pink boat neck gown… Her hair falls on her shoulders and a beautiful earring of diamond along with adores her. Everyone there can see that she is very happy why will be she not… After all her sister has won Internation Bussinessman award. She is our Ragini Singhania.

Every guest present is talking among themselves that Swara has indeed achieved a lot in such a young age from scratch. And there were some people who were gossiping about her past but now nothing matters.

Suddenly everyone turns to see a dazzling beauty coming down the stairs with her parents Shekher and Janki Singhania… Yess this is our Swara… She is wearing a black cock-tail party dress with her hair done in messy bun. A simple diamond stud was all the jwellery she wore. Swara was perfect example of beauty in simplicity.

Swara descended the stairs and gave everyone a fake smile. Soon everyone gathered around her to discuss her plans and make acquaintances but her eyes were searching for her laadoo Ragini.

Thanks people and please comment. Todays episode is introductory only in nature and a bit in style of novel writing. I am an ardent fan of Novel So please tolerate it.
Pairs are decided but if I disclose it now suspense wont be there so please wait till 4-5 episodes.

Credit to: Sweta

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  1. Nice but plzz reveal pairs soon

  2. Pairs will be swasan right …v know it…giving more preference to swara declares that it is swasan…gud keep writing

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