Swaragini (Hell to Heaven) Intro


This fan fiction will have dose of every emotion…

Character’s sketch
Swara Singhania… aged 29 years. Sweet and caring for good people but harsh for bad one. Business women who herself made her fortune. Loves her family very much.

Sanskar Maheswary… 32 years. Arrogant, Rude and Stubborn. Doesn’t love anyone. He can go to any extent to fulfill his desires.

Ragini Singhania… 26 years. Apple of everyones eye. Lovable sweet and caring. Loves her sister to the core of her heart.

Laksh Maheswary… 27 years. Cool guy with carefree attitude. Values relations and hates his brother Sanskar most in the World.

Other Characters
Shekhar And Janki Singhania… Parents of Swara And Ragini

Durga Prasad And Annapurna Maheswary… Parents of Sanskar and Laksh

Sorry guys No other characters from the serial…

Sneak peek
As I stand near the window of my presidential suite in hotel avoiding to go downstairs in party… actually my success party I m again haunted my demons of my past.

Some people would say i m very rich but if they get to see real me, they would feel pity. I have everything but nothing.

Guess guys who is the girl..

Please comment… and sorry guys i will review ur comments but wont be able to reply since my posts will be typed and uploaded on mobile

Credit to: Sweta

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  1. nice continue soon. its swara i think.

  2. Wow nice I think is swara

  3. She must be swara

  4. She is Swara…

  5. Will b happy if d lead is Ragini

  6. Very nice intro

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