Swaragini (Hell to Heaven) Episode 2


Hello everyone,
Here I have a confession.. I always wanted to write a novel with the plot I am writing here but couldn’t due to poor writing skill… So now writing fan fiction with moderate language so that can atleast entertain some people.
Now let us continue our story……
Scene starts with Swaragini entering into a large glass building. Building is having 26 stories and made of blue glass… A emblem is on the top of building shown as DSR Companies. As soon as both the ladies enter the main gate guard there salutes them and people in the corrider atarted greeting them Good Morning. They appropriately responded to everybody’s greeting and directly went to 26th Floor where both had their offices.
After entering into her office Swara called her PA and asked her about today’s meetings and conferences.
PA : Mam, today you have only two meetings, one conference call with the representative of different branches and site visit.
Swara : Okay, Now you leave and send Mr. Malhotra inside.
PA : Okay mam.

After 5 minutes Mr. Malhotra enters and give her a bright smile and ask her how are you mam?
Swara : Stop it mamu, How many times I had asked not to call me mam?
Mr. Malhotra ( teasing ) : Why should I after all you are my boss.
Swara ( smirking ) : Sure, mamu. Then I should start calling you sir after all you are my mentor who helped me in bringing my company to this position and that to leaving your own lucrative job. Who dares to do so?
Mr. Malhotra (emotional ) : Stop now Swara… What ever I did was because I also want to take revenge from Maheswaries for hurting cutie… You are not the only one related to her. And moreover she was my responsibility.
Swara : okay, sorry.
Let me call Laadoo too then we can discuss about the plan.. and then Swara calls Ragini through Intercom.
Ragini : What happened Dii?
Swara : Laadoo time has come to start our mission. Are you ready for it?
Ragini ( Now a bit confident and angry ) : Ofcourse di… They have to pay for what they did.
Swara : So, Mamu listen plan will start with buying out shares of Maheswari Ltd. but do it stealthily and quickly.. They should not know about our motive.
Mr. Malhotra : Okay, I will start communicating with the Investors.
Ragini : What if we cant get the enough shares to control the company then.. I mean to say what if any investor denies to sell his shares then what?
Swara : It wont happen since I m offering them a very good deal.
Mr. Malhotra : Okay, then I m leaving to do the work and hopefully will give you good news by evening. Take care you two.
Swaragini : Bye Mamu…

Ragini : Whats the offer? And how will you convince the investors?
Swara : Switch on the Business news you will understand everything..
Ragini switches it on and what she sees shocks her..
Ragini: How is it possible Dii…? How can their shares crash down to half in a single day?
Swara : Just a wrong news and I m offering investors 4 times the current market price and you know very well that in business money matters the most as well as investors were not so much happy with business ideas of Maheswaris… Conflict between the brothers was harming the interest of the investors.
Ragini : Well done Dii.. Okay I should leave now and complete the work.
Swara : okay I will also complete my work then meet you in evening directly when mamu comes.
( both sisters escape the lunch… and complete their respective works. Swara completes her work a bit early and is sitting alone in her office. When Swara sees Ragini working hard through transparent glass between their cabins she gets sad )
Swara ( in mind ) : Laadoo has changed much.. She also had to suffer. She was 18 when incident took place and living her life fully.. following her dream of becoming singer in Jaipur. We hided everything from her then but when she came home, she sensed some thing is wrong and started asking questions.. we all gave her excuses for cuties absence and every body behaviour but she some how managed to get the truth from us… I still remember the day when she got to know about it she was devastated… she left her dream of becoming singer and matured in 1 day.. she did MBA only to support me in my mission of revenge… she tries to show she is happy but very sad deep down.
Swara was brought out of her reverie when someone called her name.. It was Mr. Malhotra. Swara signalled Ragini to come over to her cabin. It was already 7:00 p.m. and all the staff had went for the day.

Mr. Malhotra : Swara, Work is accomplished. Only one investor was not ready to sell but as soon as he saw the plunge in share price he too agreed readily.
Swara : Thats good Mamu… I hpoe no one has the idea of these transactions and the actual owner of these shares.
Mr. Malhotra : No Swara..
Ragini : Actual Owners? Arent you the owner Swara?
Swara : NO Ragini.. these shares are purchased in the name of cutie.
Ragini : Whats the next step Swara?
Swara : Laadoo let them worry about the identity of new owner after getting the news of transactions we will meet them at right time.. till then we have to throw a trap towards them… Hope you two know what you have to do?
Ragini and Mr. Malhotra : Yes, Swara. (Trio smiles evilly)
Mr. Malhotra : Now come on girls we should leave its already 7:45 p.m.
Swaragini (cheekily) : Okay mamu.. and yes mom was asking about you when are you coming to home?
Mr. Malhotra : Tell your mom on this sunday… now I am leaving come along.
All the three leave from there….

Precap : Maheswaris Introduction (whole family)

Thanks guys for your support and bearing me 😉 please do tell now about the todays episode.. Sayo naara for today and yes next episode will be posted either 8th night or 9th morning. Take Care

Credit to: Sweta

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