Swaragini (Hell to Heaven) Episode 1


I am back again with an engaging tale of every emotions. A bit disappointed since last update got really low comments… hope that I can entertain you all more in this episode.
Recap: Swara’s Introduction
Swara after spotting Ragini started walking towards her but in the meantime her eyes spotted some people and hatred started balzing in her eyes. She controlled her emotions quickly and went to ragini.
Swara (angry): Ragini, What are these Maheswaris doing here?
Ragini (tensed): Sorry, Dii. Award organisers asked me whether they can invite some people in party and I said yes without asking them about the persons identity. I never knew they were going to invite them. I should have known this that they will be invited after all they are business magnet in Kolkata. I am sorry once again.
Swara: Calm down Laadoo, I know you will never invite them yourself… No need of Sorry. And moreover let them enjoy this party since from tomorrow their destruction will start (smirks). Saying this she left from there to talk with other people after all she can’t stand aloof in her own party.
After One and Half hours
Swara went to her parents and said she is leaving for meeting some one (Mystry). Her parents understood immediately and said to her to go they will manage everthing.
Screen splits in two parts: In one Swara is seen driving somewhere and in other her family is managing everthing in party.

Swara reaches to a bunglow and guard immediately opens the door. She then goes inside a palatial house made of white marble and greeted an Old lady who was sitting there at hall.
Swara (politely): Good Evening Dadi maa
Parvati Singhania (Affectionately) : Good Evening my child. How are you? And why are you here? You should have been in your party.
Swara : No, Dadi maa I had to meet you and her. I was waiting to meet both of you so eagerly.
( Parvati Singhania live in that house with a girl away from her family due to some past. Only swara and her family knows about this home and its residents…. All the staff there is strictly ordered not to mention about anything to outsiders and as well as made to sign non disclosure agreements)
Swara : Come dadi maa let us meet her as I have to leave early.
Both of them come to a room which is beautifully decoreted but Swara’s smile vanished after entering the room. A girl is shown on the bed in coma and many medical equipments were attached to her body. A doctor and Nurse is shown to be taking care of her. After seeing Swara doctor greets her.
Doctor : Swara beta, You here? You have a party today na?
Swara : Uncle, I cant reamin without seeing her you know this. By the way whats her progress?
Doctor : Nothing beta, She is not responding to treatment. She has left the will to live.
Swara (now angry) : I know uncle. And who will wish to live after such incidents. But she is my cutie.. She will have to live for us. I will avenge every single misdeed and autocracies meeted to her. They will pay for everything they deed to her. Saying this see leave from there with dadi maa.

Downstairs at hall:
Swara : Dadi ma, I wont be able to come to meet you for some days as I m starting my plan from tommorow. It will be a danger to you all if somebody gets to know about our connection.
Parvati Singhania : Okay beta… Now come eat something then you can leave.
After Eating Swara left for home. When she reached there her parents and Ragini was already there. She directly left for her room and nobody said anything to her.. They very well knew that she needed some time alone after coming from there.

NEXT MORNING @ 8:30 A.m.
Swara : Maa, I m leaving for office, where is Laadoo?
Janki : Swara, Come here and do your breakfast. And Ragini went to her room to bring her Laptop and files.
Swara : No maa, I am not hungry… My hunger will be satisfied after ruining Maheswaris only.
Janki (worried) : Swara, atleast eat toast and juice.
Swara (after seeing Janki worried) : Okay maa only for you.
Janki (while Swara was eating) : Swara will you promise me something?
Swara : Sure maa…
Janki : For this revenge you will not hurt some one who is innocent. I know you if ever by mistake you will hurt someone innocent then you will guilty whole your life.
Swara : Maa… you know me very well I will follow my heart but one thing is for sure. I will not leave those people who ruined everything I hold precious..
Janki : God bless you.. you will surly achieve what you want.
By then Ragini came and said Swara I m Ready… Swara controlled herself and smiled at her and said : come on then what are we waiting for…
The episode ends on the face of swaragini in car going towards office.

Precap: Same

So guys please, tell whether you all are liking it or not.. if not then i will try to improve it… and ya guys couple will be Swara and Sankar/Ragini and laksh.
Who is that girl? And what happened to her?

Credit to: Sweta


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