Swaragini : HEARTBEAT (Part 2)

” Why isn’t she getting up jiji ? ” Sujatha asks worried .

She and Annapurna were preparing Lunch when they heard a doorbell ring . Sujatha opened the door to see a girl holding her head with one hand and in other hand she had some documents . Beside her were her bags .

Before she could question anything , that girl fell down scaring Sujatha but being quick to react shE holds her and balances her calling Jiji loudly .

Annapurna runs from kitchen hearing Sujatha ‘s scream . She gasps seeing a girl dressed in a Red Anarkali unconscious at her door step .

They quickly usher her inside and lay her in a room in the ground floor asking Krishna their servant to call for doctor .

Once they set her down ,
Annapurna ‘s gaze falls on the documents in the girls hand .

She Opens it to know about the stranger only if she knew that the stranger was none other than her daughter in-law .

The file falls from Annapurna’s hand and she looks at the girl with an unknown emotion .

” What happened jiji ? ” Sujatha asks Annapurna looking at her emotionless face .

” This girl is Ragini and she’s our Bahu , ” Annapurna tells Sujatha .

” Bahu ? As in Laksh ‘s bindani ? Then where are her bridal signs ? ” Sujatha asks confused .

” Well ,Laksh is married and that’s enough for me , Sujatha ” Annapurna tells and Sujatha couldn’t agree more .

Well , it was shock for both of them . As Laksh always hated love and marriages seeing his parents . Though he never told it on face , everyone near him could know the disapproval he held for love .

Soon Doctor comes and checks Ragini .

” She ‘s fine . It’s just stress , Ample of rest would be sufficient . Nothing to worry , ” He says looking at worried faces of both women .

Though they just met Ragini , they felt connected to her . She looked so fragile and traditional just the one they would’ve chosen for Laksh .

” We had so much hopes from our Bahu ‘s Na Jiji . But look , our son’s didn’t let us choosE them . Neither Sanskaar let us choosE nor Laksh , ” Sujatha says sadly .

” More than our choice , their happiness is important Sujatha . May be we should not repeat our mistake with Ragini at least , ” Annapurna says and Sujatha nods remembering her son and daughter in-law : Sanskaar and Swara .

All this while they don’t notice is a pair of eyes looking at them confused .

Ragini had got conscious few moments back . Before she could speak , she heard the confession of both the ladies and her memory came back . Her registered marriage , her coming to Maheshwari mansion and her fainting .

HeR throat feels dry and she hisses when both the ladies attention turns towards Ragini .

Annapurna calmly hands over water to Ragini which she drinks greedily .

” Thank-you aunty she whispers , thinking what relation they held with Laksh .

” It’s maa for you bEta . How are you feeling now ? ” Annapurna asked softly overwhelming Ragini .

No one had become her mother . From childhood shE searched for mother in her daadi but shE was angry at Ragini for all wrong reasons and then when her anger reduced , Ragini was already teen and daadi started teaching and preparing her for Marriage discouraging her studies .

” I’m good m.. maa , ” Ragini says and a tear drops from her eyes .

” Kya hua chori ? ” Sujatha asks worried seeing Ragini cry .

Ragini nods in a no and Sujatha leaves the matter .

” Maa I’m …. How do you know about me ? ” Ragini asks confused .

” The papers in your hand told us , who you are beta . Now , have lunch and thEn we can speak , ” Annapurna says to which Sujatha ushers everyone outside to the dining tablE .

Lunch was uneventful with only silEnce around . The silEnce reminded
Ragini only of silence before storm .

” Now tell about yourself beta , ” Sujatha breaks the ice wanting to know about her Bahu .

” I’m Ragini Gadodia , I’m 18 years old . I’ve just completEd my intermediate . My family is of Dad , Daadi and Daada ji . I love painting and singing . I don’t know cooking and also I love studying . ”

Ragini keeps on speaking while the only thought in the mind of both ladies is that she’s really young for Marriage .

Though they both were also married at young age that time was different .
They get angry at Laksh and also her family for marrying hEr off at such young age .

” Why did you marry my son ? ” Annapurna ‘s this question makes Ragini realise that she has spoken all truth and friendly with her sasuma ‘s

She remembers her daadi telling that you should be well behaved and act matured to impress your in laws .

She gets scared thinking Annapurna didn’t like her .

Seeing her scared face , Sujatha assures that they were simply asking and if she doesn’t wish then she doesn’t have to answer .

Ragini feels at ease seeing their Caring nature .

” I wanted to continue my studies , but dad wanted me to marry and so he fixed my marriage with Laksh ji and so I married him , ” Ragini tells slowly .

Seeing her scared and so fragile both women vow to protect her .

Only time would tell their efforts ……


Next episode will be Laksh’s pov .

Are you guys excited ??

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