Swaragini : HEARTBEAT (Part 1)

” Tomorrow , she will get married and that’s final , ” My father roared ignoring my tears and that’s how today I’m standing beside my to be groom , signing the Marriage registration papers .

I was introduced to Laksh Maheshwari , my husband now , ten minutes ago and he seemed not to care abouT the introductions .

I don’t know why he’s getting married to me . For me it’s because my father decided so .

I’m a daughter of traditional Marwari household where speaking against elders is considered crime .

My biggest mistake for which I’m paying price today is because I wanT to pursue my degree rather getting married and having kids .

As I put forward my request of entering degree after my intermediate , my father fixed my alliance with Laksh Maheshwari . He also agreed that the Marriage will be held at the registration office with no family and friends rather than the traditional Marwari Marriage I’ve always dreamed of after my education .

” I don’t want any complaints from you . Do whatever jamaisa tells you and satisfy him keeping him both happy in bed as well as in life , ” my daadi whispers hugging me . For others it might look like she’s going to miss me but she will be the happiest person to send me away .

Why not ? I’ve been the bad luck to her and her family . Eating my mother as soon as I was born , Dad getting away from family to distract himself and importantly Dad dint remarry because of me depriving her of Kul Ka Deepak ( her grandson ) which she so desperately wanted .

I don’t know why , but not a single tear has dropped from my eyes contradictory to my broken heart and it’s reason abandonment by my own family .

I don’t speak anything and rest everything passes in blur . Dad and Daadi going in car and me left alone with Laksh .

Neither does he speak nor do I . After sometime a Benz car comes and stops in front of me .

” Anwesh will take you home while I go back to work , ” He tells me and before hearing my reply he goes away too in an Audi Car that was behind the Benz .

I keep looking at his disappearing car , for it to stop and come back . Him to atleast respect me and not impose his thoughts on me . For him to care enough , but it never happens and a tear drop slides down my face .

” Madam , we need to leave . ” The driver whose name is Anwesh tells me and I nod my hEad absentmindedly .

I take my seat behind and reminisce my childhood . A childhood without Mom’s love , Dad’s protection and only with Daadi ‘s control .

” Why am i so unlucky ? Do I deserve all this at this age of 18 ? Am i that bad mamma ? ”

My thoughts come to hault as we come in front of the front of the beautiful mansion I’ve ever seen in real apart from the times in movies .

” Mam we have reached , ” the driver says and I look confused .

Seeing my confused state he explains that this mansion was my Sasuraal .
” My Sasuraal ” I’ve always thought that I would have a grand welcome to my Sasuraal after Marriage but this place looks deprived of any decorations .

” You didn’t even have a proper wedding and now you’re thinking of a Welcome ? ” My mind mocks me .

I get out of caR slowly while Anwesh removes my bags from the car .

Taking my bags , I slowly go inside towards the front door . Taking my time admiring the house , I ring the bell .

On no response , I ring it back to hear a voice saying , ” Mein dekhu Jiji , ”

Hearing the elderly voice , I start hyperventilating . What you can’t blame me , if I’m at my in-law’s doorstep with a marriage certificate and not any sign of a married woman add to that without my husband .

I finally feel everything blacking out , and I give into my weakness fainting at the doorstep of my in-law’s .

The last thing I remember is someone holding me ………..


SO how’s the first part of HEARTBEAT . Tell me in your comments if you want it as SWALAK or RAGLAK fanfiction because your comments will decide it 🙂

Waiting for your reviews nd response 🙂

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