SWARAGINI (The heart wants what it wants) CHAPTER5 swaragini reunion


Thanks for liking my ff and no one will separate aarav and ragini as they both love each other unconditionally and i have tried to make this episode long.Hope u like it
Scene 1:At hotel
Ragini comes after giving meeting .Aarav is sitting on the sofa making a sad face
Ragini:what happened to my superhero
Aarav:I am not talking to u
Ragini: i was thinking to take u to shopping but since u are angry with me think my plan is cancelled
Aarav:really mom….u are the best!!!!
Ragini:go and get ready fast

SCENE2:At maheshwari mansion
Swara was bored so she decided to go for shopping.She takes rani with her

Both swara and ragini enter the same mall .Just as they enter the mall they fell something strange but they ignore that
Ragini:so what does my superhero wants…
Aarav:i want to buy something…..but its a secret.I will go with rani aunt ….you stay here
Aarav along with ragini goes from there.Ragini was walking suddenly she collided with someone………it was swara.Both swara and ragini were shocked.Before ragini could say something swara hugged her….ragini also hugged her back
Swara:how can u be so selfish….u didn’t even think about our family before leaving us & how dare u separate swaragini
Ragini:swara ..i am sorry
Swara puts ragini hands on her head and asks her the reason for all this

Flashback is shown
Ragini and laksh went to a party and some of his friends played a prank on them and they were drunk….they both consummated their marriage.Next day she heard laksh talking to Uttara and confessing her that he kidnapped ragini..FB ends
Swara is shocked.Just then aarav comes there
Aarav:mom seei have bought a bracelet for u…..
Swara and ragini turn back and see aarav standing there
Aarav:mom why are u crying….
Swara was appalled and she hugs aarav , aarav is taken aback but he hugs her back
Aarav:who are u
Swara:i am ur masi
Aarav is confused
Ragini:aarav this is ur masi maa…..and my sister
Aarav looks at swara innocently
Aarav:i missed u alot masi….why did u not meet me
Swara:i am sorry baby but i promise i will never leave u and ur mother alone.
Swaragini and aarav went to cafeteria where they bonded…
Ragini:aarav g and take ice cream from that counter
Aarav happily goes
Ragini:pls swara promise me that u will not tell the family about me or aarav
Swara:but ragini…
Ragini:after all that had happened I don’t want me or my son to become a burden on anybody
Swara is reuctant but finally agrees .aaran comes back
Swara;its getting late…i have to go now
Aarav makes a sad face
Swara:don’t worry rockstar…i will meet u soon


Guys pls suggest me how could I make laksh know that aarav is his son

Credit to: ridhi

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  1. Your story is nice but make the ff a bit long

    1. thnx and I will try

  2. Rags charecter was awesome yaar

    1. thnx…actually iam tejaswi fan

  3. Yes its cool ff ridhi
    I too agree with nandy make it long

  4. Awww That is so sweet. But plz make your FF a little long. Update fast plz. BTW are you on IF too. DO you post there too.

    1. thnx…..no iam not n if but I really like some fan fictions on if

  5. pls make more big ff because I liked ur friction more than others f f ..so plz

    1. THNX you made my day….actually I am going through a hectic schedule…..I hope u understand

  6. good one

  7. Let aarav take laksh to show his mom… By that way truth can b revealed… It’s just my opinion… Yaar… Go ahead with the best suggestions…

    1. thnx for ur suggestion

  8. Hey write abt Aarav & Ragini cute moments too. I hope you dont have any plan to snatch Aarav from Ragini. Plz dont do it.

    1. hey..thnx for ur advice.Can u please suggest some moments…

      1. Its a sunday and both mother-son go for a day- out they go to watch super hero movies, go in a park and go for a dinner and ragini pamper her son alot.

  9. Make him c both ragini & aarav….& make ur ff long dear

    1. thnx for your suggestion

  10. provide all links of this ff at one place in next episode please… nice ff..

    1. I don’t know how to do it…..can u tell me its pocedure

  11. what is meant by ff?

  12. Very nice

  13. Very nice episode

    1. thnx again Tania…

  14. make it longer…my doubt cleared now arav is raglak child
    unite raglak soon

    1. it will take time for ragini to aplogise laksh but raglak will unite some day

      1. hey wait why should Ragini apolozige to laksh. He was himself responsible.

      2. I mean to forgive laksh

  15. u can let laksh know that aarav is his son for eg( “while he was playing with aarav somebody pushed aarav and his knee got hurt so he would take aarav to ragini’s home as it is near to the park and when he ring the bell ragini would open the door” )

    1. thnx for ur suggestions

  16. U can tell like …. but both have same kind of allergies or he gets injured while playing or while roaming on the road …. I hope u liked my previous suggestion also ?

    1. Ur suggestions are really great…..

  17. Wow, such a sweet fan fiction. Finally, got to see Swaragini bond in your fan fiction.

  18. wow super going correct track continue dear

  19. Well for now you can grow the plot as laksh has started enjoying his life due to aarav and everyone is happy seeing that.. And you can show that swara comes to know about laksh and aarav but she doesn’t revile it for aarav and laksh’s sake. Laksh notices some similarities between him n aarav..

  20. One day aarav spots swara n run towards her in excitement shouting maasi ma…. And is suddenly hit by a car! Its laksh… They rush him into hospital swara is really tensed but laksh feels more weird and is very much worried about him and is restless. Then ragini enters and enquire about aarav…and laksh and ragini come face to face..

    1. thnx for suggestion

  21. Nice story line

  22. Nice episode you can write next that swara is pregnant and all are happy. And the baby is born on laksh birthday. Laksh is sad saying to himself when ragina doesn’t leave me than I had also a son. Like swasan. And then come ragini with aarav to see swara and laksh is suprise to see raging with aarav and thinks is raging Maried. And durgaparsad ask her where is her husband and she said he is not in town. And after that swara tells ragini to tell laksh that aarav is his son and she love him not someone else and she didn’t Mariedm

    1. And when she doesn’t say let’s swara tell the truth to everyone. And why ragini left laksh and go away

  23. nice update…

  24. laksh playing with his son he should feel similiar hibits and similiar character then after some days laksh cam ask about his mom and his house this way u to write ur story

    for swasan pls make them parents with any mircale or any new technology brthing

    im silent reader to read all ur and other ff i comment occassically so don’t hestitates to writes urs ff his to all writers how are writing ff

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