SWARAGINI (The heart wants what it wants) CHAPTER3


Aarav:mom I am getting bored……
Ragini:but baby…..i have to go for a meeting
Aarav makes a sad face….he is looking adorable.Ragini cannot see his son sad
Ragini:i have a plan
Ragini:Yes I will tell Rani Aunt(ragini’s friend)to take you to the park and u can enjoy there
Aarav runs to Ragini and hugs her
Aarav:u are the best mom…..
Ragini kisses aarav cheeks

Sanskaar is sleeping ,swara comes out of the washroom.She is wearing a red suit,her hairs are wet.She dries her hair ,while drying some splashes get on sanskaar….he opens his eyes and is mesmerised to see her wife
Sanskaar gets up from bed and hugs swara from back
Sanskaar:Swara sanskaar maheshwari i love you and kisses her neck
Swara:Ohh…..suddenly my boring husband has turned romantic…
Sanskaar:you find me boring……I will not talk to u(and he pouts)
Swara comes and hugs sanskaar
Swara:you are the best husband in the whole universe
They kiss each other

Scene 3
Rani takes aarav to the park.He is playing with a ball…suddenly his ball hits the tyres of a car….laksh comes out of the car and laksh is very angry
Laksh goes towards aarav but seeing hm something pinches in his heart.Aarav coes towards him
Aarav:i am sorry….
laksh comes towards aarav and caress his face
laksh:its ok beta
Aarav:My mom tells me whenever we commit a mistake we should apologise to that person…..
Laksh:Your mom morals are nice….where are ur friends
Aarav:I am new here so I don’t have any friends
And he makes a sad face.Laksh was totally broken to see his sad face but he did’nt knew why
Laksh:By the way i also don’t have friends….will u be my friends.Laksh forwards his hand.
Aarav holds his hand and smiles
Laksh:its getting late….i will meet u here next day and he goes towards his car.Aarave waves him bye .The screen freezes in their smiling face

Swasan secret and laksh and aarav bond

Credit to: ridhi

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