SWARAGINI (The heart wants what it wants) CHAPTER2


Thnxfor liking my ff.Guys I hope u like it

Scene 1:At maheshwari company
Employee:sir ……congratulations we got the contract.Its very good for our company
A man wearing blue formal suit…..it is laksh
Laksh:thnx but i don’t want to talk to anybody so you may go now
The employee goes from there.Laksh takes a photo from cupboard
Laksh:i hate u ragini……u spoilt my life.First u were longing for me and wanted me to love u but when that happened u left me alone……a tear skipped from his eyes.
A lady is sitting infront of the mirror .She is wearing a red suit ,hair straightened,eyes beautiful as always.She is ragini but she was’nt wearing any sindoor or mangalsutra.
Ragini:god why did u brought me back to Kolkata(she was here for a business trip ….she had to stay here for two weeks).Please keep my past away from my present.Give me the power to handle all this
Suddenly a hand closed her eyes
Ragini :Aarav
It was aarav……Ragini’s five year old cute,naughty child and her reason to live
Aarav:mom!!!!how did you knew
Ragini:because i am ur mumma
Aarav hugged ragini .Ragini kissed his cheek
Ragini:please keep aarav away from sights of the maheswari family

PRECAP:sanlak meets aarav


Credit to: ridhi

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  1. Its very gud yr but no swasan nd plz give recap before starting nd show some swasan moments also

    1. Next episode there will be some swasan moments

  2. Raglak never consumated.Then how come aarav?

    1. that’s a mystery

  3. Nice epi…but ur ff are 2 short..

    Plz try 2 make them bit long…as intrest went seein such short epi..

    Try to follow my advice…may be ur readers increase…

    It was nice epi…is arnav laksh nd ragini’s son..

    🙂 🙂 ♥ ♥ 🙂 🙂

    1. Thnx…….that’s a mystery.

  4. Ragini’s son aarav???…Please update next part soon as I am very excited…

    1. Thanks and I will update next part soon

  5. Liked it..
    But it was bit short.. hoping for a long update nxt tym..

  6. Ragini in on her meeting and she left araav with dai jaan. Araav wants to go the parc so dai jaan brought him to the parc, there he playes with the ball and his ball hits sanlak`s car…..sanlak get out of the car and their intention was to scold the child but they couldn`t as they saw that araav is so sweet and cute

    1. its excellent idea……thanks

  7. Love ur f.f keep it up…upload the next part soon

  8. Obviously yaar usse milna chahiye

  9. Its too short… At least upade a little long.

  10. Good one waiting for your nect post.
    And i am also suggesting u to update little big one its too short

    1. thnx……and I will try

  11. Too goooooooooooood raglak ka son….. wao……. update soon

  12. Vry nice yaar…. Bt its toooo short pls… Update a bit lengthy episode

  13. good
    bt it tooo short. . 🙁

    1. I will update longer next time

  14. Nice but short

    But raglak never consummate their marriage then aarav how????

    1. Aarav is a mystery itself

  15. It’s nice..plz make it long…

    1. thnx or your advice

  16. relly nice update .
    looking forward for more updates

  17. Hi .. I life u ‘re ff .U can make it as aarav goes to the mall and order ice cream and at that time only sanlak comes … lucky and aarav order the same ice cream and it will be the last one so lucky gives that ice cream to him ..And they will be have a nice bonding and they will have nice bonding and ragini will not know about it

  18. I mean sanlak will be meeting him always after that incident
    Hope u like the idea

  19. May she is taking aarav care
    He may not her and lucky child

    1. maybe u are right

  20. I really wish it’s ragsan

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