SWARAGINI (The heart wants what it wants) CHAPTER 8 PLANNING


Sorry for not updating my ff from many days.I am really really sorry

Parenthood is a phase that changes a person completely.In just a few seconds ur life starts revolving around ur little one.U can bear anything but not ur little ones sadness.Same was the condition with Laksh ,Ragini ,Swara .Their whole life was revolving around a single person that was their angel”aarav”

Aarav was sleeping.He was looking very innocent.Ragini eyes him lovingly and goes towards him .She kisses his forehead..
A tear drops from her eyes
Ragini:thnx for coming into my life…..u are the reason for my existence
Flaskback is shown
After divorcing laksh she was very much distressed with her life.She started suffering from panic attacks.One day on her way to market she suddenly fainted…..people rush her to hospital.
Doctor:how can u be so much careless ???
Ragini:what happened doctor…..
Doctor:U are pregnant and u are not looking after ur baby well
Ragini life turned upside down after hearing this
Ragini (touching her womb):I am sorry baby…..but I promise i will never let anything happen to u.U are my life…
Flashback ends

Swara ran to her room and hugged sanskaar tightly.
Sanskaar:what happened shone
Swara told him everything her meeting with ragini and aarav,ragini’s past and the way aarav addressed her in competition,her confrontation with Laksh…..Sanskaar was appalled
Sanskaar:swara i have become a chachu…..
Swara:yes sanskaar.
Laksh who was watching all this steps from behind
Laksh:And I have become a father
Swasan looks at laksh
Laksh;swara I am really sorry for what I did with ragini…
Swara:its ok laksh…..sometimes misunderstanding can tear our lives
Laksh:swara but now what will I do….i have to bring backmy ragini and aarav
Sanskaar:lucky…but u know these sisters na they are very stubborn
Swara(angrily):what do u mean????
Sanskaar realises what he said I:swaraaa….i mean …i didn’t mean that….
Laksh senses that his brother was in a big danger now
Laksh tries to dose off the situation
Laksh:swara….u are so intelligent please tell some plan so that they forgive us
Swara murmurs in sanlak ears.
Sanlak:you are great….swara mata ki jai ho!!!!
Swara:now we are going to execute our plan u both stay silent…i am putting phone silent
She calls ragini
Ragini:hi swara

Laksh heart skipped a beat hearing her voce
Ragini:why are u calling so late…is everything is fine
Swara:omg u take so much tension….by the way where is my rockstar
Ragini:Ur rockstar is sleeping finally after doing lot of mischief
Swara:ragini i want to ask u something
Swara:can I spend the whole day with aarav alone tomorrow
Ragini:Swara u don’t need ton ask me this.U have equal rights on aarav as me
Swara is appalled.Ragini tells her address and they both cut the call
Screen freezes on sanlak and laksh smiling face

Laksh confronts aarav

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Credit to: ridhi

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