SWARAGINI (The heart wants what it wants) CHAPTER 6 motherhood


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SCENE1:At guest house
Ragini:aarav go and get ready fast aarav…swara maasi is waiting for us at the hotel
Aarav:mom ,i want to eat the gulab jamuns
Ragini:aarav!!!first get ready
Aarav happily gets ready

SCENE 2 :At mall
Swara is waiting for aarav and ragini .Just then aarav and ragini comes there.Aarav happily hugs swara
Swara:how is my rockstar
Ragini:ur rockstar is getting naughty day by day…..
Aarav:no massi …….and he makes an innocent face
Swara:i know ragini is telling lie…..my rockstar is so sweet .You know aarav ur mum was so mischievous in childhood that everyone was fed up with her
Swarav gives highfive to each other
Ragini:you both have ganged upagainst me….i will not leave u
There was a competition organised in the mall “Rockstar mom”.in which mother have to sing and thw the mother who sings the best will win the competition
Aarav:mom…please lets take part in this competition and he hugs ragini .Ragini wasn’t able to decline her son request
The children were first supposed to introduce their mother.Children start introducing about their mother.Aarav came on stage.Aarav then comes down from the stage and holds ragini and swara hands and brings them on stage .swara is appalled …a feeling of motherhood spreads all over her body.She looks at aarav lovingly while ragini looks proudly at her son.He takes them on stage
Aarav:She is my mom ragini ,the best mom in the world.She is an angel .he goes towards ragini:mom i love alot

He kisses ragini.Tears of happiness fell from ragin’s eyes.Aazrav then goestowards swara she is my masimaa and she is the coolest mom &she is also my best friend and I love u alot swara maasi.Swara is appalled .They oth hug aarav lovingly
They sing moh moh ke dhaage.Everyone is awestruck.Just then laksh enters the mall.Ragini feels uneasy but continue singing.Laksh is awestruck listening ragini’s voice .He then sees swara and ragini singing.he thinks to confront them but suddenly aarav comes and hugs ragini.Laksh is shocked and hides behind a pillar.Judges announce swaragini as rockstar mom all three of them happy

Laksh is dumbfounded.He was unable to understand .Various questions floods his mind: when did swaragini reunite?why was aarav hugging ragini?is aarav ragini’s child?was she married?is this her new plan.He decides to confront swara
Laksh confronts swara


Credit to: ridhi

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