SWARAGINI (The heart wants what it wants) CHAPTER 20 family picnic


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Here is an abstract of previous
Swasan and raglak sizzling romance

Next day all the ladies were busy in household task whereas all the men were going to house.Raglak noticed that aarav was sad
LAKSH:By the way what have happened to ur superhero ….??
RAGINI:Dont know hubby,let us talk to him
They both went towards him
LAKSH:What happened champ???

Aarav made a puppy face
AARAV:I am not talking to anyone???
RAGINI:But why superhero
AARAV:I want to go somewhere
RAGINI:But aarav

Suddenly whole family comes there
Dp:What my rajkumar wantshat nly will happen.Cancel all the meeting.We will go for a picnic
AARAV:Yipee….grandpa u are the best
Everyone get ready for picnic

Everone decided to play a cricket match.all boys were on one side whereas girls on the other whereas dp was the refree.It was boys batting first .They played well and earned a good score.Next was girls turn
First parineeta came in partnership with sujata.They both were bowled out in just two overs.Next was swaraini turn.First swara was batting
SANSKAAR:Swara i am a fast bowler.Nobody could withstand my bowling
SWARA:Just wait and watch

Sanskaar was about to throw the ball whe swara winked.Sanskaar lost his sense and throwed a slow ball.Swara hit it and the ball hit the boundary.Next was ragini turn
SANSKAAR:Ragin udont know but ur husband is a cricket champion
Ragini looked at laksh
RAGINI:Bring it on laksh maheshwari
Laksh threw the ball .Ragini hit it and theball bounced in air.Laksh was about to catch it suddenly ragini makes a puppy face.She was looking damn cute.Laksh deliberately missed the ball.In this way swaragii played and the girls team won
SWARA:Yippee….we won
RAGINI:Yaa…i am so happy
Aarav hugged them
AARAV:U both are superb moms
LAKSH :But this is cheating

SANSKAAR:Yes its cheating
They called dp
LAKSH:Papa they did cheating
SANSKAAR:Yes bade papa
Dp :what cheating???
They both were about o say but they both stopped as they both were embarrassed
RAGINI:Yes laksh what we did
She winked at laksh
SWARA:Bade papa they lost because of their selves and they are blaming us
SANLAK:But bade papa
DP:Shut up u both…..i don’t know when will u grow up
And he goes from there.Sanlak makes angry face .Swaragini laughs

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PRECAP:Tragedy happens in the mm family

Credit to: ridhi

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