SWARAGINI (The heart wants what it wants) CHAPTER 19 romance


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Here is an abstract of the previous chapter
Raglak get married

Aarav went to sleep with ap and dp

Laksh enters the room but is shocked to find that she is not in the room.Laksh gets tensed and start searching for her.
LAKSH:Ragini….where are u????
He turns and Ragini scares him and he gets shocked…
LAKSH:Ragini ki bacchi…u scared me.
and runs after her. At a point Ragini is against a wall and Laksh blocks her from both the sides.Both of their heart were beating. They have an intense eyelock and Ragini pushes him away and runs towards balcony.It was raining.Ragini was drenched and so was laksh.Ragini was looking so beautiful in her bridal lehanga.Laksh holded ragini by her waist and pulled her closer.He kisses her hand, her shoulder Laksh holds her face from both sides and kisses her with passion… This lasts for 10 sec the Ragini gets shy and turns around… Laksh goes to her and kisses her neck from the back a couple of times on both sides while giving her a back hug….Ragini turns towards her

RAGINI:i love u alot alot.
She hugs laksh tightly
LAKSH:I love u too ragini…never leave me again
Laksh bends a little and swwops ragini inher arms and takes ragini to bed and they consumate

Swara was so happy.Finally everything was fine and all the members were happy.She entered her room and is shocked to find the whole rooms lit up with candles
Sanskaar hugged her from back
SANSKAAR:Yes my dear wife
Swara turns towards him
SWARA:What is this????/
SANSKAAR:Today i will speak and u will listen
Swara nodded
SANSKAAR:Swara sanskaar maheshwari,I am deeply in love with u.You made my life complete and i a sohappy that i got a chance to grow old with u .I love u
Swara eyes were moist.She hugged him tightly
SANSKAAR:I love u too
Sanskaar cupped swara face and kissed her lips passionately.It was a feeling of eternity for them.Sanskaar swoops swara inher arms and takes her to bed…..lights off

Both the couple were so complete together;swaragini were sleeping on sanlak arm respectively with blankets draped ver them……..they were madly in love with each other

Family picnic

Credit to: ridhi

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