SWARAGINI (The heart wants what it wants) CHAPTER 18 marriage

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Ragini is getting ready.Swara and aaraav enter the room and are shocked to find all room messed
SWARA:What the hell is this
RAGINI:swara…..thank God u came!!!tell laksh and whole family that i am ot geting married
AARAV(Shocked):why mom????
RAGINI:I am confused.I really don’t know what to wear and these jewelleries are so heavy.I will drown in it
Swara and aarav left out a laugh
RAGINI(Angrily):i am tensed and u all are laughing.I am not going to talk to u mom
AARAV:mom…u look eautiful in every attire
SWARA:No doubt….my sister is very beautiful

Ragini hugs them
AARAV:Mom don’t worry and I and swara maa will make u ready
Aarav selects a a pink designer lehanga with silver sequins whereas swara select a simple yet beautiful diamond necklace for her .She goes to change.As she comes out swara and aarav are shocked.She is looking as if angel have come directly from the earth .Swara goes towards her and caress her face
SWARA:U are looking very beautiful
AARAV:Yes mom…u are looking like cindrella
Raginihugs them.She then give each of them a packet and tells them to get ready.Swara comes out wearing a red saree
RAGINI:U are looking very beautiful
Suddenly aarav comes out wearing a silver sherwani.Aarav and laksh have bought same sherwani of different sizes
RAGINI:As handsome as always
They three have a group hug

SCENE 2:Maheshwari mansion
Laksh is wearing a silver sherwani with pink beads embedded .
Sanskaar comes there he is wearing a rad sherwani.
SANSKAAR:U are looking veryhandsome.
LAKSH:Bhai not much than u.U are the best bhai
SANSKAAR:What do u want???

LAKSH:I want to meet ragini before marriage
SANSKAAR:No way lucky!!!!if badepapa gets to know that he will kill us .
LAKSH:Pls bhai…u cannot do this much for ur little brother and he makes a puppy face.
SANSKAAR:Ok go…but come soon
LAKSH :thnx bhai…u are the best

Ragini is sitting alone in her room.She sees laksh standing beside her
RAGINI:omg….again I am hallucinating
LAKSHcomes towards her and holds her by waist
LAKSH;U are looking very beautiful
RAGINI:U are real
RAGINI(Hyperly):what the hell are u doing here…if anybody sees u then we are gone
Laksh closes ragini mouth by his hand
LAKSH :Stop speaking and listen to me
RAGINI:Say fast

LAKSH(sits on his knees):Miss ragini i know i have that i have done much wrong deeds in future,I am really imperfect.But i promise that i will always keep u happy ad i would love u more than myself.So would u like to become my wife again
Ragini a tear skips from ragini eyes but nods yes as she is not able to speak anything at the moment .Laksh takes out ring from her pocket and make her wear it.They both hug
Laksh leaves from there

Soon the baraat comes there and raglak starts procedure of getting hitched.Aarav does the gatbandhan and they both take pheras.Swasan also reminisces their marriage
SWARA:Sanskaar i am really happy
. Laksh makes ragini wear mangalsutra and fill her maang.Finally they get married and take everyone blessing

PRECAP:Raglak and swasan sizzling romance

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