SWARAGINI (The heart wants what it wants) CHAPTER 16 HURDLES


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Here is an abstract of the previous chapter
Ragini ans Laksh and get intimiate….

Here is the next chapter
Laksh was sleeping …..ragini comes out of the washroom wearing a pink saree .She is looking angelic.Laksh opens his eyes and is mesmerised to see his beautiful wife.He goes towards her and hugs her fromback
LAKSH:i didn’t knew somebody could be so much beautiful
Raginiblushes and was about to go but laksh holds her
LAKSH:don’t go
RAGINI:Laksh pls leave me….i have to go to see aarav
LAKSH(Makes a puppy face):you have forgotten me , u love only aarav
Ragini gave him a quick peck on his check and they both go down
As they came down all the family members became silent.Dadi came towards her and hugged her.Aarav was playing in his room
DADI:Come …lets go home

RAGINI:Home…..but why…is everything fine
LAKSH:I cannot let u stay with that devil who tried to kidnap
Laksh was in shock not again, he won’t stay away from his ragini now not even a moment.
RAGINI:Ye dadi ….i have forgiven laksh
DADI:shut up ladoo….i wont let u and by grandson be in pain.Call aarav also…we all will go to baadi
RAGINI:But dadimaa…
Dadi maa stared at her
She was about to drag ragini when dadi felt a tug on her pallu when she looked back she was shocked to see laksh on knees with his hands joined as if he was asking for forgiveness. Ragini cried looking at laksh
LAKSH:Dadi please dont snatch ragini from me ….she is my life &aarav is our child.After many years i have got my world back,pls dont take it.Aarav needs a father and dadi maa I love Ragini unconditionally.I promise u I will always keep her happy.

He cried , dadi closed her eyes and left ragini’s hand, she made laksh stand
DADI:Laksh,my ladoo have already suffered alot,now its time to give her happiness.Laksh do not hurt her again
Raglak becomes happy and hug dadi
DADI:But I have a condition
DP:Yess,u must have forgot but they are divorce so they have to marry again
AP:U said right,my both kids should be married tomorrow
Aarav comes down and hugs dadi
AARAV:Badi dadi maa….whose marriage is happening
DADI:ur mom and dad
AARAV :YAY!!!!mom and dad are getting married
H begins to jump in excitement.Whole familyis apalled to see aarav happy
DADI:but annupurna ji..its too fast.How willthe preparations be done
SWARA:Dont worry…..dadi i and maa will handle
DADI:Swara…from which side are u ,bride or bridegroom
SWARA:Ofcourse …I am in my sisters side And hugs ragini
SANSKAAR:I am in bridegroom side

DADI:aarav in whose side are u????
Aarav is in total confusion….he looks at raglak in confusion
LAKSH;aarav is my champ…he will stay with papa
RAGINI:No….aarav is my kid,he will be in my side
LAKSH:No aarav will stay with his dad
RAGINI:No aarav wil stay with his mom
They both start arguing
AARAV:OMG…..both o u stopfighting.Fingers on ur lip.Raglak do as told.I will be on both sides as u are my mom and dad

But I will stay with moms as dad and sanskaar papa don’t know how to sleep properly.They sleeps even worse than a kid and also sometimes they snore
All the family laughs wheras sanlak are embarrassed
SANLAK:AARAV!!!!we are not going to leave u today
They both run after aarav
DADI:So I will take swaragini and aarav with me.Go pack ur bags

Swaragini goes to badi.

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Credit to: ridhi

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    1. thnx ruhani……glad that u are liking it

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    1. kritika ican understand ur concern .Its a swaragini ff and if u read further chapter u will come to know that its only about swaragini rather than raglak or swasan

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  6. Hw cute laksh is it would be nice laksh shows same love on ragini in real serial so

    1. Swaragni writers have gone mad.Raglak have good chemistry,they should utilise it instead of making them fight.I am sure it will increase trp

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    1. Indeed Aarav is the real charm of my story

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  20. I luv ure ff and sorry for not commenting at all from past few weeks….and make the marriage funny and romantic …..and u hope swasan gets a kid soon

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