SWARAGINI (The heart wants what it wants) CHAPTER 14


Thnx for ur immense love and support.Here is the summary of the previous chapter:
Ragini reunites with family,Ragini tells laksh that she hates him,laksh decides to win her back
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SCENE1:raglak room
Laksh and aarav are sleeping…laksh gets up and find ragini is not there.he gets they starts searching for her.Just then a melodius voices enters his ears .He goes to the pooja room and find ragini doing aarti.She is wearing pink saree and is looking angelic.he finihes her aarti and starts giving Prasad.Laksh also spread his hands infront of ragini for Prasad.ragini comes to him and angrily gives him the prasad
DP:May god always keep u happy
AP:yes house without u was so dull…u have brought happiness in the house aand thnx for giving us aarav
Sujata:yes didi u are very lucky that u have seen ur grandsons face…some people cant even even see their grandson face and she looks towards swara .Swara eyes fill with tears
RAGINI:chhoti maa what are u telling????
SUJATA:chorri….ur sister cant bear a kid and due to her my son is bearing punishment
Ragini is shocked
SANSKAAR(angrily):Stop it maa!!!!
Swara stops sanskaarand runs to her room .Sanskaar also tries to follow but ragini stops him
RAGINI:I will handle her…
She goes behind swara….swara goes to her roomand emotionallybreaks down.Ragini sits beside her.Swara hugs her
SWARA:ragini….why is this happening to me….why cant have a child.I can never make sanskaar and my whole family
RAGINI(crying):swara don’t worry …everything will get fine.Whn Swaragini is together they can cross any obstacles
SWARA:but I want a child
Aarav suddenly comes there and is shocked to find swara crying
AARAV:swaramaa…why are u crying????
He comes towards swara and wipes her tears.Swara watches him emotionally
AARAV:and why u said u have no child….am i not ur child?ut usaid me that I am ur sweet kid
Swara hugs him
SWARA:I am sorry aarav….u are my child,my rockstar
AARAV:And u have one more child!!!
Swaragii looks on confused

AARAV(looks towards ragini):my mother…she is much smaller ,stubborn and naughty than me
Ragini makes a puppy face…
SWARA(laughing):u are right…I have two kids
RAGINI:iam not going to leave u too…u both always gang up against me!!!
Swara and aarav hugs ragini and smiles
Swaragini comes down.Sanlak are happy to se their loves smiling.Just then a s*xy lady enters mansion.She is tia(ritilka from meri aashiqui tumse hi).She is laksh personal assistant .She has a flirtatious nature.She comes towards laksh
Tia:sir…i have come to give u some files.She gives him file and deliberately touch laksh hand.Ragini looks on.Laksh was going to jerk off her hands but he thought of making her jealous…..he also holds her hand
LAKSH:Thnx alot….lets go to office together
.Ragini gets irritated.Swara senses this
SWARA:she is laksh assistant and everyone know that she is mad for Laksh
RAGI NI(angrily):I don’t care….
SWARA:as u wish

Ragini doesn’t show this but deep inside she is damn jealous and angry.Laksh is about to go
LAKSH(happily):did u called me
RAGINI;yes…ucant go to office right now
LAKSH:but why??
RAGINI(trying to make excuse):actually…i …i mean we have to go to…no we have to go for aarav admission
LAKSH:We will go tomorrow
RAGINI(Angriy):no i said na that we have to go today and we have to go today
Swasan and others suffocated a laugh
LAKSH:ok…as u say

Family time….

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