SWARAGINI (The heart wants what it wants) CHAPTER 12 CONFRONTATIONS


Sorry guys for the very late update…..actually i was unwell….I am really sorry…if u want I will discontinue it…

The chapter starts with swara telling family that ragini is taking aarav back to Mumbai.Everyone is shocked
LAKSH:What the hell are u telling bhabhi???
SWARA:i am telling truth
She tells the whole family about aarav……Laksh is shocked and angry on ragini
LAKSH(thinks)how can ragini do like this….how can she separate me from my son and most importantly how can she leave me alone again…i love her
Laksh thoughts are intervened by sharmisthas voice
SHARMISTHA(crying):how can she leave her mother again
AP:My grandson is going too…..
LAKSH:pls stop crying….I promise I will bring ragini and our child back.With this he angrily storms out of the house
Ragini and aarav reach the railway station.Aarav is crying.
Ragini cups his face
RAGINI:why are u crying aarav….i know u will miss swara maa but don’t worry we will talk to her regularly
Ragini and aarav takes their seat
RAGINI:Aarav u sit here …i will go and bring water.With this she steps out of the train
Laksh on the other hand reached station and was searching for ragini and aarav.While searching aarav sees laksh passing by
Laksh turns and see his champ .Aarav comes out of the train and hugs Laksh
AARAV:Papa I don’t want to go
LAKSH:Dont worrybeta….i wont let urmom go away from me this time
Ragini was coming back and see aarav hugging a man.Ragini gently pats the man’s sholder and s shocked t find laksh and vice versa
RAGINI(trying to hide her emotions):Aarav why have u come out of the train…..and I told u not to talk to stranger
AARAV:but maa

RAGINI:stop it aarav…..comewith me
Aarav gets scared….this was the first time ragini have scolded her.Aarav agrees
Ragini was about to take aarav but Laksh stood up
LAKSH(holding her hand):pls ragini…listen to me once
Ragini jerks his hand off
RAGINI:Dont u dare to touch me
LAKSH:ragini pls don’t leave me again…..I really love u
RAGINI:haha….do u really think that I am such a fool that I will believe u or love u again
She was about to speak more but then saw Aarav and decides to keep mum
Ragin holded aarav hands and walked few steps `towards train but suddenly aarav leaves her hands
AARAV:Mom please I don’t want to leave dad.(ragini is astonished hearing the word dad…she understood that aarav knowa about them).mom u remember that i always wanted a big family and i got that one.You know everyone loves me-dad,maa,papa,dadi,dada,nani,nana,badi dadi …but mom I love u the most and u know that I am incomplete without u…..but mom pls stay …everyone loves u &i really want to see u and dad together .
With this he starts crying vigorously….raglak are distraughted to find their life in such a condition…
Ragini goes out silently from their palce and heads the train…..laksh and arrav are shocked…aarav also alks toward the train but are shocked to see something…..ragini has came out of the train with their luggage
RAGINI:Lets goto our family…they will be waiting for us
Laksh and aarav are overjoyed….Aarav hugs ragini
AARAV:mom u are the best

RAGINI:now stop buttering me…..lets go superhero
Raglak and aarav storms out of the station

Sharmistha slaps ragini….

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Credit to: ridhi

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  1. Awww, how sweet

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    1. she said because of Aarav…..

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    How cute,I love ragini very much.
    Could u plz say how to create off plz. I’m interest end:-)
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    1. thnx…u are right….write ur fiction,click on submit the article and fill the details

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    Talk BTW to lovers
    Male, if I leave u what would y do,
    Female reply, every one around me will cry but not me.
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    And plz . I myself created this qus

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