SWARAGINI (The heart wants what it wants) CHAPTER 11 FEAR



Swara and aarav reach outside aarav
SWARA:aarav can u promise me something
AARAV:what maa
SWARA:Dont tell anything to ur mom and don’t mention anything about laksh or badepapa or anyone from the family
AARAV:why maa….why doesn’t mom dad stay together????
SWARA:Do u believe ur badi maa????
Aarav nods his head
SWARA:i promise my rockstar that i will make everything alright
Aarav hugs swara.They both ring the doorbell .Rags come out.She hugs aarav tightly.Tear fall from her eyes
AARAV:what happened mom???
RAGINI:i missed u……
AARAV;i missed u too mom…..
SWARA:if this mom son drama is finished can I enter the house
RAGINI:Ooops sorry….come in
Swara enters the house
RAGINI:By the way what did u do the whole day
Swara got nervous by this sudden question and started to cough.Raginipatted her back
AARAV:mom ,maa took me to the market
Swara is relieved…
SWARA:ok bye,i am getting late
Ragini and aarav waves her bye

1 week passes aarav bonds really well with the maheshwari and gadodia family…he has become the blue eyed boy of each and every member
AARAV:Mom I want chocolates
RAGINI:No aarav …..
AARAV:Pls mom….
Ragini goes to the grocery shop to buy chocolates for aarav.On coming back she sees laksh buying some toys.She is shocked sseing him but laksh doesntnotices ragini.She runs back to her house
RAGINI(thinking):laksh…..what was he doing here….why was he buying toys…..what if he knows about aarav….what if he is planning to harm him or snatch him away from me.NO,i wont let anyone snatch my son…he is my life
Tears fall from her eyes.Aarav comes there and is distraught to find her mother in such a condition
AARAV:what happened mom????
Ragini tightly hugs aarav
RAGINI:Aarav mom loves u alot
AARAV:me too mom
RAGINI:promise me u will never leave me
Aarav nods his head
RAGINI:go and get ready
AARAV:where are we going mom
RAGINI:we are going back to Mumbai
AARAV:but mum…
RAGINI:Just go aarav
Aarav does as her mother told her.He closes the room door and calls awara from telephone
SWARA:what happened rockstar…why are u cryig
AARAV:mom istaking me back to delhi ,I willmiss dad,papa and my whole family….Mom is crying alot
SWARA:Dont worry aarav,this time swaragini will not be separated !!!have faith on me
She cuts the call
She comes down .Whole maheshwari and gadodia family are talking
SWARA:Laksh ,ragini is taking aarav back to Mumbai
Whole family gets shocked…

PRECAP:Raglak confront

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Credit to: ridhi

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  1. Yara I am bit confused first you said Mumbai then you said Delhi and again you said mumbai

    1. sorry yaar …by mistake I wrote delhi….the are going to delhi

  2. I am just waiting for ur ff like anything and finally u made it thank u

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    1. I will try to update soon

    2. thnx….I will try

  5. Simply super pls update next part soon

    1. I will update nxt part soon

  6. In rags place she is correct yaar

    1. yes she is right as a mother

  7. Please don’t make raglak unite so soon.

    1. don’t worry many twists and turns are waiting…

  8. nice. .
    confused place delhi or Mumbai

    1. sorry…btake I wrote delhi

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  10. I desperately keep checking for you ff! I wish you could post daily….
    But your ff is so awesome that I can’t wait to read it.

    1. thnx….u made my day!!

  11. super yaar, rocking and don’t make raglak soon

    1. thnx…there are many more hurdles

  12. Wowwww! I love ur ff so much!! Waitingggg for the next one ?

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