SWARAGINI (The heart wants what it wants) CHAPTER 10 BONDINGS



The episode starts with aarav telling laksh that he hates them…swasan and laksh are shocked … … laksh feels the ground slipping from his feet,it seemed to be the most painful thing for him…..laksh regaining little courage went to the aarav
LAKSH:never say this again beta….papa loves u alot
AARAV:u are not my papa…..u left me when i needed u the most,everyone teased me that i didn’t have a father….u never came in any of my ptm’s,never took me out on trip,never came to see me,never played with me like other boys playec with their father…..and most importantly u hurt my mother , she used to cry at night,she never told m but i know she missed u
Swasan and laksh were teary eyed and were dumbstruck to hear such a mature thing from a 5 years old boy

LAKSH(tears coming out from his eyes):pls forgive me beta….i luv u and ragini alot
SWARA:Aarav pls fogive ur papa…
Aarav looked towards laksh .He ran towards laksh and hugged him and started crying
AARAV:I love u papa and I missed u alot
Laksh hugged him back,he then broke the hug,wiped his tear and kissed his forehead
SWASAN;and what about us….
Aarav ran towards them and said u are the best bade papa and maa in the world…
Aarav:are their more members of the famly
SANSKAAR;yes u have a big family consisting of badi dadi and dada,chhoti dadi and dada,nana and nani,chacha and chichi,bua and badi nani and yes ur stubborn maasi
Swara hits him playfully.Aarav goes towards laksh
AARAV:Dad i want to meet my family
Laksh was appalled hearing the word dad…..
LAKSH:sure champ….lets go
Laksh forwarded his hand and aarav holded it happily

Maheswari and gadodias were sitting.Laksh had invited them and told them that he would give them a surprise.Suddenly swasanlak arrive with aarav
ANNAPURNA:laksh where were u and what surprise u want to give us…she suddenly looks towards the small cute boy
ANNAPURNA:and who is this boy

Laksh understood that various questions were flooded i everyone mind and it would be uncomfortable to answer them infront of aarav.He signed sanskaar to take him away
SANSKAAR:aarav would u like to seethe house
Aarav nods his head approvinglySanskaar takes aarav in his arms and move upstairs
LAKSH:he is aarav laksh maheshwari
DP:What are u telling……have u gone mad
LAKSH:Papa i am telling truth …..he is mine and ragini child
Everybody looks on shockingly.Laksh and swara tells them everything
Everyone is teary eyed .Dp slaps him
DP:How can u kidnap ur own wife……
LAKSH:I am really ashamed of my actions
SHARMISTHA:where is my child ragu….iwant to see her
Just then aarav comes there with sanskaar.Everybody looks at him happily
Swara,laksh and sanskaar introduces all the family members to aarav.Aarav bonds really well with them.
He makes dpand shekhar horses and rides the whole house with them
All the ladies cook something for him and aara compliments them and plays with them.Daditells him story.He plays ludoo with sanlak and he dances with swara
It was time for aarav to go.All were teary eyes .In just a few moments they were so attached to him that even dp was teary eyed….it was feeling like they were getting plunged to darkness again

Swara :Lets go aarav
Aarav holded swara hand and was about to leave just then he run an hugs laksh
LAKSH:Dont worry beta…..i promise i will make everything fine and u and ur mom will live here forever
Aarav then goes towards sanskaar and kisses him
AARAV:bye buddy
Aarav then waves bye to everyone…..and leaves with swara.Everyone looks on



Credit to: ridhi

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  3. It’s mind blowing ,Awesome, superb and I don’t have words to appreciate you plzz upload next part soon if u can upload it today itself eagerly waiting for it the moment when raglak meet 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 loved it

    1. thnx Riya….I will upload it as soon as I get time…….you are really very sweet

  4. Ridhi it’s tooooooooooooooo good but plz update soon


    1. thnx shanaya….I will try

  5. I’m a big fan of ur ff……… it is just awesome , I wish u were one of the writer’s of this dailysoap ….. then the show would have been a bang ☺

    1. thnx alot swinley ……u made my day

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    Soo emotional
    Waiting for next part
    Make it longer plz

    1. thnx nanthini…..I will try to make longer next time

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    1. thnx arshi…….its my pleasure that u liked it

  8. its superb best part aarav calling laksh as dad

    1. yes meghs….hearing the word dad is the best moment of a mans life

  9. Really very nice yaar…small children make everyone happy ? and they are more matured than sme elders …grt wrk yaar

    1. thnx…..I completely agree with u

  10. Really very nice yaar…small children make everyone happy ? and they are more matured than sme elders …grt wrk yaar?

  11. It’s toooooooooo good

  12. nice going .hope the writers followed this track in real swaragini.very cute moments.but if u could make it then please add few more dialogues rather than explaining the story in paragraph.its just my point of view so plz write according to your convinience.

    and for ragini meeting laksh u could add some twist like
    “aarav and sanlak fakes aaravs kidnapping and call ragini to some place.when ragini reaches there she thinks that laksh actually kidnapped aarav to give her pain.she slaps him and takes out all her frustration which laksh consumes without a word when aarav and san are absent.when swara knows about both point of view then she scolds all three and tries to convince ragini.but she refuses and laksh tries to propose ragini which she accept after many denials and effort made by all four.

    its just an idea.?thank u.

    1. thnx I am really depessed of the recent track in swaragini…..how can they make ragini so evil.By the way thnx for uu suggestion and I will add more dialogues in the next episode

  13. arrav with full family was just awesome..the best part was when he hug lucky tell i love u dad after his first convo..there were many good moments..i don’t find any wrost one..

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    1. I will update next part soon

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    1. swara cannot conceive a ay but an angel will later come to help her

  24. Who is that kid in picture

    1. basically in my story he is Aarav,raglak child

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  30. hii u make as after go home .. arav miss his dad so he call to lakh . also lakh miss rag and arav . but he don’t want come in front of her .but Arab call so he go at night to mid arav as he come . Arab come outside. to met him . .but after some wake up and see Arab is not there so she outside to find arav but as she go near both of them . . there was suddendly a notice start as there was accident happened so she cannot seethem and go to place where accident happened ad she see there that child w ho acciden t with bike was not a Arav she become relaxed and stop crying as when she know that the accident witb child .. suddenly she see the a man from a back who is witharav .then she quickly go and hug the arav but she not see the lak .. but after moving to wards that man .she get shocked . because he is a lakh .. then she shout on Arv as how he go with any man without tell her .and lakh want to ask something but she suddenly move from there …fell sort from arav as she first time shout on arav ….

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